The spiritual island in the sea area is allocated with the cultivation resources attached to these places.


However, there are still some important cultivation resources, which are difficult for a medium-sized power to occupy alone. All the Xiandao forces jointly occupy individual veins and even 36 small forces have a share.
This kind of vein is divided according to the strength of each force, and then the share is divided. The strength of the Ling family is suspected to be the strongest. Even the five large and medium-sized forces in the Tianqin sea area join hands with the monks in the then period, and the Ling family divides the share to the most.
After the division, the forces of Xiandao will develop steadily and can’t afford to dispute.
Although it is not credible, it is also bound at least, and whoever violates it then has reason to make trouble.
Although there are not many things, these things involve the interests of every force, so every force will spend a few days to settle down.
We got it without the outbreak of war. All the monks wanted to leave happily.
On his return, Ling Youdao invited Pei Yuanjing, the head of black dragon Gate, the patriarch of Tianyinzong, Miaoqin, Xiandan, and the owner of the pavilion, Biyunxian, Jinchan Island, to form an alliance to divide the medium-sized forces so as not to make the Ling family a target.
After hearing this, the three then real people agreed to go to Jinchan Island to discuss in detail.
Four forces and five then real people sit in the discussion hall of Jinchan Island.
Ling Youdao looked at the three men and said, "The three Taoist sects and those forces in the Ling League dare not be presumptuous to your sects. My family has such strength and confidence."
Moreover, the sea areas we manage are connected with each other, and if we are allied, we can travel to and from the four places without hindrance, which will greatly benefit the development of the four places in the future.
Three then reality seriously thinking about ling Youdao continue to talk about the benefits of alliance.
"Jinchan Island is the two islands with the strongest aura in the flying spirit sea area. We can build it into a city island of Xiuxian Square and build a large number of monks in the flying spirit sea area.
Ling’s society will send a monk in the golden elixir period to stay here, and the three Taoist sects can send a certain number of monks in the foundation period and in the practice period according to their own conditions.
Since it is to protect their own interests and to guard against those immortal forces in Tianqin waters. "
Pei Yuanjing said differently, "Are the nobles willing to give us 30% of the benefits of Jinchan Island?"
Ling Youdao said with a smile, "Of course, but in the future, the development of Jinchan Island is not just a matter of Ling’s family, but a common force of our four forces."
Upon hearing this, the three then real people immediately expressed their willingness to form an alliance with Ling.
Then, the specific details of the alliance between the four forces were worked out before the oath of heaven was made.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-nine Development of the eastern part of the flying sea area Ling Youjin returns to the meteorite sea area!
After all the immortal forces have carved up the flying spirit sea area, what they should consider is development.
Nowadays, the flying sea area is sparsely populated, which can be said to be close to
From this, we can also get a glimpse of how many monks killed mortals at the beginning.
Mortals are the foundation of the cultivation of immortals. Only with a large number of mortal groups can the cultivation of immortals continuously transport people with cultivation qualifications.
If you want the fairy road in Feiling sea area to prosper again, you must first solve the problem of lack of mortals in the sea area.
Of course, different forces think differently. Some forces want to obtain cultivation resources from Feiling sea area, such as veins, lingshi and spiritual materials.
This kind of resources don’t need to be developed there, but they need to be harvested and cut down by people. Therefore, these forces don’t pay attention to the development of Feiling sea area, or don’t pay attention to the development of Feiling sea area.
It can be said that the top leaders of this kind of power are short-sighted, whether it is a vein or a lingshi, it is a short-term interest after all, and it is not found that it is not found after mining.
And those with long-term vision pay more attention to controlling the development of sea areas when they pay attention to exploring the site and cultivating resources.
The former is a short-term interest, and the latter is a long-term interest source.
For example, Ling Youdao, the Ling family, plans to cultivate a large number of monks and nuns in the cave by relying on the rich aura of Jinchan Island, so as to collect some lingshi, and even build Jinchan Island into a place where a large number of monks gather to get more benefits.
However, there must be a premise, that is, there must be a large number of monks in the Feiling sea area, otherwise, Ling’s construction of Jinchan Island will be in vain, because not many monks will come to Wan Li for tens of thousands of miles to rent the abode of fairies and immortals, which will force Ling to restore the mortal community in the Feiling sea area.
This is a small example. If you look closely at the Ling family’s future plan for the Feiling sea area, you will find that most of the plans are inseparable from a large number of monks and a large number of mortals.
Now that the black dragon Gate, Tianyinzong and Danxinge of Ling have formed an alliance, the four power sites will be integrated and developed together.
Ling Youdao also got together with Pei Yuanjing to discuss the follow-up issues such as development for several days before finalizing the development tone.
Don’t worry, it takes a lot of manpower to make the cultivation resources of the site be harvested and cut down, even to pick them.
But now, the four forces have only experienced the magic chaos, and soon they have suffered heavy losses. People are needed everywhere, and there is no need to send people who are in short supply here to collect cultivation resources.
Anyway, these cultivation resources are on their own turf and can’t run, but they are just postponed.
Immediately set out to immigrate to Feiling sea area, and the initial planning of immigration is close to 100 million.
Of course, it is not to transfer nearly 100 million mortals to Feiling waters in one breath, but to complete the relocation and resettlement of 10 million mortals every year in ten years.

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