Are they really afraid of mad wizards?


I am afraid it is not
They simply don’t want people to become "incorruptible" wizards … to protect themselves, to seize the power of the dream world without fear, and to make ordinary people easily gain extraordinary power!
Mind protection chip is like a key to lock the door.
Someone locked the door to explore the house after entering the big house; Someone locked the door when they were outside, and then they were not allowed to enter.
"Barber" slightly sideways and took a deep look at Tovatus before walking.
Thanks to his city saw "Torvatus", thanks to his airship met "Amirus"
These two words made Russell keenly guess the fears hidden by the elves.
This is a secret that can easily subvert the whole era and the whole world if it is reasonable and appropriate!
Chapter 34 Artificial Opposition
Although the food factory is automatic, it is not dark inside.
Whether it is to maintain the robot or monitor the production status, the camera needs sufficient light source-just as the AI ? ? image recognition error rate will be much higher if the brightness is not enough.
It is precisely because of this that the barber pushes up the night vision goggles after entering the factory area.
Narrowing his eyes, the blue-haired youth looked around with great interest.
Still roaring and running the three-dimensional assembly line, no one touched it.
They walk through the cracks in steel, just like scholars walking in the library frame.
No matter in the urban area or in the urban area, everyone’s food base is synthesized, produced and packaged in these food factories. Because of the patrol inspection by self-guarding robots, the alarm will be triggered if the production is not destroyed … Then even if the lights are on here, it is still the safest place.
Urban wage slaves still need income to buy food, but they live in the cracks of these huge factories. If they are hungry, they can come in and take some food directly-this will not trigger the alarm. The camera of the assembly line can detect the missing part immediately and make up the missing part at the first time.
Even the fiercest thugs will not destroy these factories, because everyone knows that life is not easy, and everyone will regard them as their own property … destroying them is tantamount to giving everyone a hard time.
If you are chased and enter the factory department, you will usually not pursue it again, which may destroy the machine-it is a trivial matter to attract the executive department to go back and be punished by the boss.
So we can see a very contradictory scene.
Those who look very rude and rude are afraid that they will accidentally touch something when they walk carefully and even tiptoe through the machine
"this is what they cherish’ life’."
Watching hairdressers focus on them, the discordant sighed, "Being caught between life and death every day can give them a strong feeling of being alive."
"And the strict precepts of various gangs belong to their’ death’, right?"
The barber glanced at the elves and said rudely, "But aren’t they living so hard because of you elves?"
"That’s not certain."
The corners of the mouth of those who disagree are slightly raised.
This looks like a seven-year-old child, but he said indifferently than a mature tone, "Is there an elf among the directors? Aren’t short-term directors also directors? Since they are all directors, what’s the difference between living longer and shorter?
"What’s worse … including them, including you, most people here are scum. No one wants to be driven out to kill people and commit crimes or repay their parents’ debts.
"If you live very hard, what about those people?
"Don’t let you live happily and make those who obey the rules, don’t cheat or hurt people, and don’t cause trouble to others unhappy?"