When the domain is derived from the domain, it is less necessary to repair the domain in the periodic way. It can control the surrounding environment and control the surrounding environment to obtain a steady stream of aura. Of course, the domain and domain mentioned here are still primary, and the scope of the domain and the degree of control will change with the increase of repair.


The domain is also big and small. Fiona Fang can be a hundred miles away in Fiona Fang. For example, the former Lin Luo was almost not attacked by the wind blade wolf, and there was a broken sword in Zheng Zhou’s four-person search. Because the soul of the instrument was damaged, there was no domain function. Fiona Fang’s ten miles was still no problem. This was the second time to understand Lin Luowei.
Another reason is that Lin Luo has just learned to hide, otherwise the root of the story can’t escape. Find out the feminine man who just learned to hide and saved Lin Luo’s life.
It stopped for a long time until the broken sword said that he couldn’t feel the breath. Lin Luocai emerged from the grass. He looked at the disappearing direction of Zheng Zhou with a chill on his face, and his eyes flashed with unspeakable cold light.
"Zheng Ye this beam we married you just wait! This revenge will not be reported to you! "
Lin Luo didn’t dare to shout, like some people, that he didn’t hold grudges and said that he had enemies. At that time, he reported that Lin Luo had no strength, so he only kept a low profile and crouched like a grass, waiting for the opportunity. But Lin Luo didn’t mean that he didn’t want revenge. Some hatred is suitable for remembering. Brother Xu Douluo broke his arm because of himself. This account should also be remembered by Zheng Yeshen.
To tell the truth, Lin Luo is angry. This is the worst anger since the death of his master. It shows how narrow this Zheng Ye’s heart is. Such a person Yunfu Zong is simply a stinking mouse in the fragrant soup.
Yunxiao seems to have sensed Lin Luo’s anger and said, "Lin Luo, let’s withdraw first. It looks very dangerous here. It’s not just monsters. Humans are sometimes more dangerous than monsters."
Lin Luo nodded and said, "You’re right, Lao Yun, sometimes people are worse than animals. If their number were less, I would be 100% sure to destroy them. It’s a pity that Zheng Zhoutou will send him a neck for the time being and have the opportunity to take care of their uncle and nephew together."
Yunxiao sighed and said, "Lin Luo, you’d better be prepared. Even the righteous sects have dark places, sometimes more than the light ones."
"This is the light black. I know it’s my strength …" Lin Luo sighed lightly. The difference between the gas refining period and the knot Dan period can hardly be compared. The metaphor between heaven and earth is inappropriate. Indeed, Lin Luo Zheng Ye is a worm in front of such a strong man. Lin Luo really dare not shout don’t mess with ants.
Lin Luo knows that Zheng Ye is inconvenient or disdainful because of his identity. This is the reason why Lin Luo has to survive, and his identity as the head brother is also an amulet.
Yunxiao said, "It’s worthwhile for you to have such an awareness. Besides, you also know the crisis you are facing."
Although there is comfort in Yunxiao’s words, Lin Luo’s anger has not subsided for a long time. This time, Lin Luo was deeply annoyed by a provocation. Together, the sins created by Zheng Ye Zheng Zhou and others are enough for Lin Luo to blacklist them.
Lin Luo stopped for a moment with a leaf in his mouth and a cold light in his eyes, and then walked outside the dark cloud forest. Although he killed a wind blade wolf, he got more and learned a lot. It’s time to go out, or it’s really dangerous for Zheng Zhou to find out.
Chapter 37 The ancient howling scar
When I returned to Qianzhangfeng, it was already sky full of stars. Lin Luo found that there was a big difference between here and past lives. The stars here were very blue even at night, and they were as bright as fists. There was also a star as big as a millstone. Although it was not like the moon, Lin Luo said that Yueyuehua was also very bright. It seems that the aura here is extremely abundant.
Lin Luo moved the stone to reveal Lingquan, and the purple blood carving immediately came along happily, and Lin Luo squeezed a straw mat to practice it. There are still some dislikes to squeeze the purple blood carving next to Lin Luo to see Lin Luo. I can’t help but be stunned. My God, what era is this? Pets even grab aura with their owners.
Looking at a purple blood carving on the left and a broken sword on the right, the three together absorb the spiritual spring, and everyone can share a piece of it. Lin Luo smiles slightly and then continues to practice.
I have to say that there is still a certain second day in Linluo Wuyun Forest. However, there are still just two months from the so-called Yunfu Zonglun Sword. To tell the truth, Linluo is almost desperate, and he just doesn’t dare to eat it.
On this day, Lin Luo was practicing, but he listened to the sound of the clouds, "Lin Luo, someone came to hide Lingquan."
Lin Luo also didn’t ask much. He quickly pressed the stone down to Lingquan, and then put more than ten pieces of stone in the cave to cover up the aura of cave fluctuation.
Just after all this, I heard a loud voice at the door, "Brother Lin?"
The flash of Lin Luo’s eyes is the master elder brother guxiao. What is he doing here … Lin Luo thinks freely and should say, "Master elder brother, please come in."
For a moment, Gu Xiao strode in and looked at the abode of fairies and immortals. "Teacher Lin, you are a good abode of fairies and immortals. Your aura is quite abundant! No wonder you practice so fast. "
Lin Luo chuckled, "It’s my fault that I’m not qualified enough to make up for the stupid birds flying first!"
Gu Xiao looked at Lin Luodao seriously. "No, your progress is far beyond my expectation. You, a five-element pseudo-spirit root, have reached the eleventh floor of the gas refining period in less than a year. Even the true spirit root may not be able to achieve such results. You are right. Diligence can make up for the heavens and reward the diligent. This is the fairness of the day."
Lin Luo said that he appreciated Lin Luo more in his heart. To be honest, Gu Xiao is a living example of a true spiritual root surpassing the spiritual root, so it is purely appreciated by the same kind of people for Lin Luo.
"It’s a pity …" GuXiao low sigh, there is no say anything.
Lin Luo looked at Gu Xiao and asked in amazement, "What’s the matter, big brother?"
Gu Xiao paused. "It shouldn’t be, but since you asked me, I will tell you that there may be some changes in the Yunfu Zonglun Sword Conference in October."
Lin Luo eyes flashing "what changes? Do we brothers have it? "
"It’s October Yunfu Zongbu Sword Conference, which may be attended by Xuan Ming Zongbu and Xuan Ming Zongbu furious. I’m afraid it will set off a bloody war in Xuanwu. If there is any change, the most affected is your junior brothers." The ancient whistling face is indifferent and mixed with this worry.
Lin Luo thought of his Tianbao Pavilion. When he met the so-called Xuan Ming Zongshao patriarch, his heart sank. "Master elder brother means that Xuan Ming Zonghui will take the opportunity to pick Yunfu Zongzhan."
Gu Xiao nodded and Lin Luo’s abode of fairies and immortals took a few steps and sighed, "Xuan Ming Sect is our old enemy. We have been fighting for resources and apprentices in Xuan Ming since the predecessors of the floating clouds, and we have not yet won a victory or defeat. In these two thousand years, several battles were fought by Yunfu Sect, especially in a war of more than 600 years. If it weren’t for my sudden outburst at the last moment, Dan Yunfu Sect would have died. This time, compared with Xuan Ming Sect, I think this October is the strength of Xuan Ming Sect when Yunfu Sect died."
Lin Luo looked at GuXiao waiting for his face.
Gu Xiao looked calm and touched the scar on his forehead. "You don’t know the origin of this scar!"
Lin Luo shook his head as he watched Gu Xiao’s cheek slash across the scar with a shocking breath.
"I know the origin of my scar. There are only a few people. This scar has been on my face for seven years. Although the scar has not felt pain for seven years, the memory has always been in my mind. This scar is like scratching my heart. I will never forget it!"
Gu Xiao doesn’t know why he will be so defensive when facing Lin Luo. He said everything. Lin Luo seems to be a friend of Gu Xiao for many years. Generally, this feeling can be understood or not.
"Seven years ago, when I entered the early days of Tsukiji, I met a woman when I went to the basalt cave for experience. At that time, I was an ordinary brother of Yunfu Sect, and I didn’t know the female identity, while my external identity was an ordinary practice. I fell in love with that woman in the process of experience, but I didn’t expect that the woman turned out to be a concubine of Wang Shi, an elder of Xuan Ming Sect. Because of this, I was chased by several brothers of Wang Shi of Xuan Ming Sect, and Wang Shi made a face scratched, and he said that he would hunt me down to the ends of the earth, so I hid in Yunf Practice day and night soon came to the end of Tsukiji, and his brother was chosen by the cloud leader to inherit the identity of the leader’s brother, so I dared to show my face and walk in Xuanwu country, but I was careful lest the king and lion would assassinate me. Of course, I was rounded up in this period, but with my help, Gao Jiangxiu was able to escape. Although this matter gradually faded and the scar gradually healed, the humiliating memory always broke into my heart every dead of night. I can transfer my pain by continuous practice. Xuan Ming was involved in this October sword fight, and I will definitely take part in it. "
"No, big brother, you can’t attend!" Lin Luo hurriedly said that for the first time, he found that the rough and heroic master elder brother still had such an emotional side and the taste was heavy. He actually loved the elders and concubines. Lin Luo was moved by the big brother’s heartfelt words, but as soon as he heard that Gu Xiao was going to attend the sword conference, he immediately stopped him.
"Master Brother, since this sword conference is so dangerous, Xuan Ming Sect must be prepared, and you don’t need to attend it. There will never be any public opinion unless you attend an outsider."
GuXiao smiled and looked at the eye Lin Luo way "teacher younger brother Lin this October sword I will certainly do this scar on my face, I will definitely return it, but what if you younger brothers are besieged and killed …"
Seeing the ancient whistling at this point, I am still worried about my teacher younger brother Lin Luo’s feelings. I wish I could immediately become a baby Johnson and kill the master elder brother in Xuan Ming to snatch the concubine back.
"Ha ha, let’s digress. I’m here to ask you if there is anything you don’t understand. Don’t hesitate to ask me," said Gu Xiao, changing the subject.
Lin Luo scratched his head and said, "I really don’t need to consult anyone because I have a thousand-year-old monster in the sky." Thank you, big brother. I will definitely consult my brother if I have any questions for the time being. "
"Well," Gu Xiao nodded and then turned his eyes to the table. "Oh, is this your scribble? Look spirit force is not weak "GuXiao dug out a fire blade operator hand pinched feel the surface fire.
Lin Luo moved in his heart and said, "Big Brother, I have a deep study of calligraphy. I have many charms here. Maybe I can surprise you at the sword meeting."
Say that finish Lin Luo bag turned up to pick out a few pieces of fire blade operators inside.
GuXiao ha ha smiled. "Teacher Lin, you don’t care if I have a precious charm, which has little influence on the foundation period. Worse, I may meet Godsworn Jiedan. I have my own magic weapon to deal with it."
To GuXiao is casually said suddenly see Lin Luo took out a handful of precious charm to himself suddenly a consternation hesitated to pick up suddenly surprised way "this teacher younger brother Lin you this is your own painting? So much? Huh? This charm is still very strange? "
GuXiao face serious will this more than ten zhangs spirit operator put the table and watch carefully.
"Why are these two fire blade symbols so different in shape?"
Lin Luo said, "This is my study of Yin and Yang fire blade symbols. Throwing and releasing two fire blade symbols together will form two full moon fire blades, one on the left and the other on the right, and it is extremely difficult to defend against each other. If you cooperate with your attack, it will definitely cause great lethality. I think even the Johnson in the Dan period can’t be underestimated!"
GuXiao smell speech stare big eyes looking at Lin Luo as if it were the first time I met Lin Luo, then GuXiao picked up two precious symbols, one big and one small. "What about these two? How is the difference so big? "
Lin Luo smiled and a face of rich and arrogant expression said, "This is my mother charm and two talismans. Throw the big talisman together and wrap the small talisman up and suddenly cause a sudden attack when the enemy is not paying attention. I think it will definitely avoid the construction period, even if it is the Dan period, it will cause panic."
This charm was occasionally remembered when Lin Luo dressed up as a pig to eat tiger and attacked people to release the ghosting charm of Jin Ge a few months ago. After studying it for some time, it was actually successful, and it was quite powerful.
"Yin and Yang operator mother operator … oh my god, what are these strange talismans? I’ve never heard of it before. Is this your "guxiao expression?"
If there is a convex stone, Lin Luo really wants to step on the road. Yes, I am, I am, and I am Cong Xiaolin Luo …
But Lin Luo guxiao performance has always been modest before nodded slightly shy.
Chapter 3 swallowing Dan
Gu Xiao’s hld can’t live any longer. Although Gu Xiao thinks he is hardworking, hardworking and hardworking, all these words in front of Lin Luo seem to be synonymous with Lin Luo as a different protagonist.
"You … how did you do this?" Gu Xiao seems to be a hundred thousand what?
Lin Luo knew that his repeated modesty would be recognized as a pack to force, so he said, "Hehe, it’s all his own thinking. It’s not just these. I’m also going to study the’ rainstorm pear flower operator’ and the serial operator. If they are moderately successful, they will definitely show the big brother the power." Lin Luo is full of confidence.
Of course, these are not like Lin Luo’s saying that he thought about it. It was only after Lin Luo understood the "Painting Symbols" that he learned to draw symbols, including yellow paper cutting, which must conform to the layout of the five elements of wonders. It also needs to be based on a certain proportion, including the thickness of the pen. Lin Luo relies on past lives to coordinate macroeconomics, but he can quickly understand it and make a few symbols that are decent.
Gu Xiao looked at Lin Luo with a shudder. This guy said he was a genius. It’s really a pseudo-spirit root. He said he was a loser. It happened that this little guy can always surprise people. Gu Xiao has been wandering the rivers and lakes for some time, and he has never heard of such a charm. Gu Xiao can be sure that this is Lin Luo’s original work.
Gu Xiao has no doubt that such a charm will definitely cause a sensation when it is taken out. Thought of this, Gu Xiao said, "Don’t leak such a charm, Teacher Lin, or something unnecessary will happen."
Lin Luo was slightly moved. Big Brother always thinks for himself, so he said, "Thank you for waking up. I will be careful to tell the truth. Big Brother was the first to get Lin Luo’s exclusive secret charm …"
Gu Xiao also chuckled and patted Lin Luo on the shoulder and said, "Brother, thank you for your charm. Oh, by the way, do you need a lingshi?"
Lin Luo shook his head and said, "I still have Lingshi. If I have nothing to say, I will definitely ask the master elder brother for it."
"Well," GuXiao nodded his head and said, "Ok, Teacher Lin, you can retreat."
Lin Luo sent Gu Xiao out of the abode of fairies and immortals and breathed a sigh of relief. What does it matter that the master elder brother Lin Luo naturally doesn’t want to hide his own life because the master elder brother saves this secret?
Before Lin Luo entered the pranayama state, he listened to the broken sword and shouted, "Come! Your cousin! "
Lin Luo hasn’t got the meaning of the modal particle’ yi’ in Baiyun. When the door of the abode of fairies and immortals filled with a burst of footsteps, a white man came in. It was Li Mengyao.
"Hum, you’re still here. I’m still here. Where the hell have you been!" Li Mengyao wrinkled nose jiao drink a way
Lin Luo changed his smirk and said, "Cousin, you don’t say hello when you come in here. If I’m not dressed, you’ll see my pure male body. You are responsible for me!"
Li Mengyao snorted lightly, but her face was covered with blush. Indeed, she took Lin Luo’s hole as her home and didn’t say hello. Besides, she didn’t see Lin Luo for a day a few days ago. This time, she also came with a tentative mind. "It’s really a dog’s mouth that can’t spit ivory!" Li Mengyao found that Lin Luo’s face and shame were rooted in his world.
Lin Luo was waiting to continue to flirt with this little beauty. Suddenly, she found that Li Mengyao’s breath became a little strange. Suddenly, she was stunned and opened her mouth. "Did you reach the preconditions?"
Lin Luo’s words can’t say that he was surprised that Li Mengyao didn’t take part in the lecture given by the head of YunWan Li some time ago, which was a closed breakthrough. I didn’t expect that it would be a genius to succeed in building a foundation in less than a year.