It can be said that more than half of the credit should go to the refining body.


People who look at Zhang Yang’s face and shadow already know that the other party believes their words and can’t help but say with smile.
"how about it? It seems that Xiaoyou is interested in the achievement of the old lady? "
This series of names have been changed to "Little Friends"
Zhang Yang calm a face way
"yes! I am interested in this skill, but you won’t give it to me for no reason, old ghost? "
An "old ghost" makes the shadow man’s face change again, but it is cold and indifferent.
"Are you a bad old man? This achievement method will not be given to you in vain, but it is to let you help the old man to do one thing. "
"oh? I don’t know what else can help you in this place? "
"Hum!" In a huff, the shadow man grunted a few words with a cold hum and turned his eyes. "Old Fucang somehow calls you Fupredecessors."
"FuCang? Never heard of it! " Zhang Yang shook his head.
FuCang face miss expression quickly a flash.
"I will not only give you this part of the achievement method of" refining things ",but also wish you a relief. You can forge a body afterwards."
Fucang has a dignified tone.
Chapter one hundred and ninety The god body big incision
"Can you help me out?" Zhang Yang was excited.
But before FuCang answer has some not letter tone way
"Impossible! If you have such a thing, old ghost, do you need my help if you don’t get yourself out of trouble? This is a contradiction! "
"Hum!" FuCang cold hum a "little knowledge! This Tianyuan trapped fairy array is aimed at the old man. If he wants to get out of trouble, it will immediately cause a strong counterattack. The power of this trapped fairy array will not have the slightest chance. Of course, if he has a body, he is at least 50% sure that he can get out of trouble. If he is to send you out, even the old man is assured. "
Zhang Yang heart move face is skeptical expression.
This FuCang is angered again.
"Why? How dare you doubt the old man? I think the old man was also a famous figure in the whole mainland. Even those guys in the celestial world dare not look at the old man like this. How dare you doubt the old man with a small black head? "
"Stop! Stop! Stop! I don’t want to hear about your past glory. No matter how powerful you used to be, you are still trapped here and you have no body? " Zhang Yang impatiently waved for this FuCang he really don’t catch a cold.
Zhang Yang this sentence clearly poked FuCang pain point is not a cold face.
"Are you afraid to kill you?"
"Hey, hey, this is not a question of whether you dare or not, but whether you can question the old ghost and not scare the zombie uncle. It’s not like you haven’t done anything just now!" Zhang Yang slightly disdain sneer at two.
He really doesn’t have much fear for this shadow man. He knows that there is a "lunar refinement". The other party can’t bear to scold each other. It is also called that if the other party is sure to kill himself, even if he kneels down to call his grandfather, the other party will not hesitate to kill himself and occupy his body.
This is the reality that strength determines everything.
"Ha ha ha good! Ok! I like it when I have a little backbone! " Sure enough, Fucang’s anger and anti-smile are not too entangled in this aspect. "Now you put God’s knowledge, don’t resist, let the old man ban your soul, and then the old man will give you all the refined things in his hand and send you out of this large array immediately."
Zhang Yang refused without hesitation, "This is impossible!"
The tone is firm and there is no room for discussion.
FuCang is also a cold expression of eyes "small you don’t want to take up all the cheap? I’ll give you the skills to send you out of this big array. If there are no restrictions at all, if you never come back, you’ll never come to rescue me again. Isn’t that why I shouldn’t call the ground ineffective every day? "
"Hey hey old ghost, you have to know that this transaction is for you, not for me. First of all, I’m not sure whether you can really send me out. Even if I’m sure, I can’t give my life to you. You just want to kill me. If you take the opportunity to take possession of my uncle, I’m not supposed to call it ineffective every day! If you really want to get along, you must choose to trust me conditionally. "Zhang Yang is always that non-negotiable tone.
FuCang a gas knot is really seen shameless, never seen so shameless.
However, after waiting for several years, it was hard to wait for such a candidate. Of course, he did not give up. He may say after a little hesitation
"Then let’s take this plan and sign the soul contract."
Then he took a picture of the blue jade slips in the past.
This time, it took more than half a cup of tea for the gods to portray important people, and then they threw the jade slips away with a sigh of relief.
"Separate a trace of spirit and burn it in this jade slip."
Zhang Yang explored the recording protocol in a jade slip, and felt that there was no problem before she recorded it in her mind.
Jade Jane back after Zhang Yang always feel FuCang this old man with a strange expression like a smile can’t help secretly uncomfortable is not in the old guy’s trick?
Who cares? Anyway, if the other party can really send themselves out of this large array to help him forge a body, it’s nothing.
"This is the art of" lunar refining ".I have so many things in my hand and your original ones should be almost complete." Fucang seems to be in a good mood and throws a jade slip with a smiling expression.
Zhang Yang’s exploration of God’s knowledge found that there was no problem. This refined article contains a wonderful comparison of refining biological body techniques.
This refining method requires many kinds of materials, such as the strong body. Although these materials are precious, they are nothing for Zhang Yang with deep pockets now.
Breathe a sigh of relief Zhang Yang secretly relieved. It seems that it is not as difficult as you think. What is more important is that Fucang has done so many things that it should not be playing with himself.
The thought of getting out of here soon makes Zhang Yang feel light.
Just then FuCang that annoying sound rang again.
"Small see this method of refining the body? But the old need is a godsworn human body. "
"What? Deification period? You are not crazy, old ghost? " Zhang Yang immediately shouted, "According to this method, one of the most indispensable materials for refining the body of the deification period is that the flesh and blood of the godsworn in the deification period is always black and stiff. Where do you want me to get a godsworn’s flesh and blood?"