Princess Xufeng looked at Astor’s pretty face and showed dignified color. "What’s wrong with him?"


"Understanding the Secret of the Emperor" Guo Yi revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth, and then he struggled to get up. He was a peacock with ancestral blood in his body and recovered quite quickly. At this time, he was able to suppress the injury and walk.
Guo Yi gave the Secret of the Emperor to Astor. This is premeditated. You know, Guo Yi only realized the Secret of the Emperor for the first time, and it took a whole night outside.
This "The Secret of the Emperor" is too vast and unpredictable. Once Astor probes into the holy knowledge, it is impossible to get out of it in a short time. This is the time when Guo Yi wants to fight for it.
Xu Feng infanta and other Cong coldly caught a glimpse of Guo Yi and whispered, "You are a little Cong. Now chop him up while he realizes."
Guo Yi didn’t want to kill Astor, but now he has a hard time walking. It is estimated that he hasn’t walked into Astor in three steps, but he will be awakened. Then he will really lose his wife and lose his soldiers.
Guo Yigen ignored Xu Feng’s infanta and walked over and grabbed her slender legs with one hand and pressed her back with one hand to hold her up directly.
"What are you doing?" Princess Xufeng was startled. She was once hugged like this. This rogue is too bold. What does he want?
Guo Yin thief’s name is too bad. Xufeng monarch is very afraid that this guy will take advantage of someone’s danger, and his chest will keep fluctuating, and his heartbeat will double.
"If it weren’t for the thousands of slaves Dan, I wouldn’t care about you." Guo Yi held her in both hands and bowed her head to hold down the chest of Xu Feng’s monarch for fear that she would jump out of her own hands and wake Astor.
However, he pressed the Xu Feng monarch’s sore spot and was hit by two ducks. Now he is pressed by Guo Yi. She was so angry that she bit Guo Yi’s ear. This bite is very malicious. Blood beads are flowing out of her mouth. It seems that Guo Yi’s whole ear will be bitten.
Guo Yilai wanted to be a good person once, but he ended up like this. He could clearly feel the warm blood flowing in his ears, and the cartilage in his ears seemed to be bitten.
"Mama bitch always fights with you." Guo Yi is now seriously injured and can pick up a person. It is not easy to have the strength to fight back. But how did he swallow this tone and moved his teeth? At this time, he was holding his head down on the chest of Xu Feng’s monarch, but he felt that it was soft and some teeth fell out.
Guo Yi suddenly froze. Where did Mom bite?
Princess Xufeng suddenly felt a shock and bent into a bow. When her teeth were loose, she let go of Guo Yi’s ears. She was ashamed and angry and cursed, "Do you dare to be ashamed again, Guo rogue?"
Guo Yi hurriedly let go and wanted to explain, but then he saw that Astor had already settled behind him and was awakened by the roar of Xu Feng’s monarch, who had already chased him up.
"Ha ha! Do you still want to escape now that you have the Secret of the Emperor? " Astor’s striding meteor is ten feet away at every step, and the ground vibrates with it.
"Mom call continue to call! It’s over. "Guo Yi spat at Xu Feng’s monarch face, but her feet are half-unambiguous, and she gave all her strength to come out and run towards the exit.
Xu Feng infanta lay in Guo Yi’s arms and wiped her face with spit. A pair of eyes Dengyuan bit her teeth and stared at Guo Yi mercilessly, as if she wanted to bite again.
Astor behind him is getting closer and closer, and soon he has reached Guo Yi Baizhang’s place. The big gun in his hand flies out like an oolong and hits Guo Yi’s vest.
Guo Yi naturally felt the sharp wind behind him, but at this time, the two off-peak exports had been looking at the root and kept on. When he stepped out of the two peak exports, the big gun also crashed into his back.
This gun is a statue of a saint, the fourth realm, the super strong flies out of power, and so on. At the same time, Guo Yi and Xu Feng’s monarch fly out and fly thousands of miles away, falling into the marginal sea of bones and falling all the way down the seam.
Two people to have been seriously injured at this time again by gun strength to bombardment suddenly lost consciousness and fell into the bottom of the bone.
I don’t know how many years this sea of bones has accumulated, and I don’t know how many bones have been deposited. Even here, there are hundreds of thousands of meters of thick bones, as well as corpse water and blood water deposits, which constitute a filthy and dead Jedi.
Anyone who falls into the bottom of the bone will be corroded into bones by the blood and blood of the corpse deposited for hundreds of millions of years.
Astor with pike bone seaside corners of the mouth a gloomy smile "what xu wind infanta also said that the quasi-emperor level of the strong is simply vulnerable, so you die without even slag left"
Xufeng infanta is a quasi-emperor level super strong, and she can almost reach the emperor’s territory. Ten thousand Astor are not her opponents if she is not wounded by an old woman.
Anyone who falls into Haiti can’t survive. Now that Astor has got the Secret of the Emperor, how can he have the mind to see if Guo Yi and the princess Xufeng are really dead? Holding the Secret of the Emperor, he happily returned to the forbidden area.
The ups and downs of the bones are like a pile of bones piled up into an ocean.
During the day, the blood is boiling, dark and gloomy here. However, after the frightening night, the ghosts are running around, and the jack-o’-lantern is flying everywhere. Even some bones are up to devour other bones and make bone chewing sounds.
A few thousand meters away from the thick bones, Guo Yi’s body is framed by a huge biological rib, which is bigger than just a rib as thick as a column. Guo Yi’s lying on a bone is as comfortable as lying in a bed.
And Xu Feng infanta is quite annoyed at this time. Guo Yi presses her body and holds out her hand from time to time. She rubs her mouth and dreams "Su E … Xianer … Xianer …"
Hearing this, Xu Feng’s monarch is even more angry. The rogue turned out to be having a dream of spring and took himself as his lover.
Xu Feng’s monarch doesn’t know where Guo Yi is having a spring dream. He forced Su E, Yun Xianer and others to look because of drinking "wine with one heart". But recently, a part of his body was forced out of his mind with a glass with one heart, and he already had a vague impression. Just now, he just wanted to catch what they had to do to Xu Feng’s monarch.
Suddenly Guo Yi’s eyes were wide open and he gasped, just staring at the princess Xufeng’s round eyes. My heart suddenly felt bad, and I found that my hand had actually touched her skirt with the other hand.
My hands are warm, but my heart is cold
"How does it feel?" Xu wind infanta bite a tooth malicious way
Guo Yi had a quick laugh for two times and then quickly gave back his hand and gently rubbed his fingers. His face turned crazy and he quickly flew back and jumped to a bone next to him.