"Vicente, you are here at last, just waiting for you to take pictures!" I just walked through the zigzag bridge in the middle of the lake, but I didn’t get to the center of the lawn when I heard a rough voice shouting at him.


Larry Ellision?’ Meyer exclaimed at this time, "Today is his wedding?"
"Of course, isn’t this friend old enough?" Chen bo a wink way
"Why didn’t you tell me earlier?"
"Would you still come if you had spoken earlier?"
The answer is obviouslyno. Who doesn’t know this old bastard’s notorious base in Silicon Valley? You can call the big Bss, but he’s notorious all over the place. But his business is declining and he can still make money even if he’s lying down.
Chen Bo walked quickly over and saw Ellison wearing a double-breasted black suit and a bow tie. She was pulling a young woman in a white wedding dress with a bright face, and her face value and temperament were all based on a typical big mouth. Western beauty visually observed that the age difference was at least thirty years old.
"Melanie Kraft, my fiancee will be called Melanie Ellison in the afternoon," the old bastard introduced to Chen Bo, and looked at his beloved wife with a happy face. "Vicente Chen, a Chinese guy with a bad temper, came to take pictures for us instead of Steve."
Hearing this comment, Chen Bo doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. No matter how smelly my temper is, it’s better than you bastard, right? However, I still have a smile on my face. "Thank you for your pertinent comments. I will record all your gaffes later!" "
"NO, I rarely get married once. You must make me look handsome. Remember it is certain! !” Ellison raised his arm and protested.
"As handsome as me?" Chen Bo asks.
Ellison speaks directly, but the bride and Mayer beside her laugh. Why don’t you two stay here and talk about the talk show? Why not pinch it!
"I’m sorry I forgot to introduce my date." Chen Bo remembered that he had just ignored Meyer around him.
"I know Ggle’s hot pepper Marisa". The old bastard has a pair of eyes, but his mouth is too poisonous. "How’s Peggy’s wicked guy recently?"
Everyone knows that Ggle’s corporate culture is not evil, but Ellison just said that you are evil. Why do you bite me? Page’s personality is the most, that is, drawing circles behind his back to curse him for not having corns. Page and Brin are the hardest to interview in the media list, right behind Jobs.
But Meyer is still an employee of Ggle after all. She accepted Ellison’s hug and veneer with embarrassment. Chen Bo looked at her eyes and said, Your uncle … It’s a good thing you didn’t bring my daughter-in-law!
"I remember that the bride and groom can’t seem to meet each other before the wedding. How did you …" Chen Bo had consulted some western-style wedding notices just now, and most of them were not very different from China.
Ordinary people or loyal believers will go to church, and rich people will invite priests to their homes. Just like in China, it is only on the wedding day that they can see the bride. It is mainly a sense of freshness and ceremony. Visitors to the wedding should pay attention to the fact that they need formal attire, but they can’t wear white clothes, which is the exclusive color of the bride and can’t steal the limelight.
"Who means? Let those damn rules go to hell. "Ellison obviously doesn’t take those red tape seriously.
You are an uncle, you are awesome!
"Give you a gift and wish you an early and expensive life!" Chen Bo handed the box in his hand and said, "Bring the camera, I have to work!"
Ellison weighed the heavy box with great interest and asked, "It can’t be so heavy, can it?"
The wrapping paper to be unpacked is an ancient carved sandalwood box. Just smelling this woody root is already very moistening, and I naturally look forward to what’s inside.
A few eyes were fixed on Ellison’s hand, and even the figure quietly appeared beside them was unaware.
"Wow …" When I was amazed at the wooden box, I issued that this is a set of Ruyao tea set. Its typical characteristics are blue as the sky, jade-like face and rare morning stars. If you have to express it, it is light and elegant.
"This is the porcelain-making process of Ruyao porcelain in China, which has been in existence for thousands of years. But I asked UPS to send it by express mail. Your Japanese-style building is to learn from the legacy of Tang and Song Dynasties and match this tea set in Song Dynasty. It is the most suitable place to cook a pot of green tea in the drizzle and setting sun. There is a lot of artistic conception in the mountains and flowing water." Chen Bo gave them these days without knowing that Chinese people were broadcasting a motherland culture by the way.
"You mean this tea set has been around for a thousand years?" There was a sudden sound beside me.
Chapter seventy-nine keyhle background
Chen Bo turned his head to see who it was. Jobs just arrived with a family and happened to see them opening presents, so he surrounded the mobile phone to save the most traffic. Eve, who was wearing a white princess dress, stood on tiptoe and stretched his neck around him, but he didn’t see that the adults were watching.
"Of course not. I’m not as rich as you are. This is a modern master craftsmanship. If it is a thousand years old, such a set will not be less than 10,000 US dollars. In ancient times, it belonged to the imperial kiln and royal family to burn porcelain, and the people were absolutely unqualified."
Chen Bo picked Eve up from the ground and let her have an eye addiction, by the way, he explained
"Perfect Art" Jobs took a teacup in his hand and admired his natural sensitivity to product design and pursuit of the ultimate. From his leading role in Apple production, we can see the clue that each model leads the industrial design revolution.
This is probably what Shan Pu said about the artist’s heart. Porcelain runs through China for thousands of years. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the English name of porcelain. Ellison was deeply influenced by the local culture when he stayed for a while in his early years, and Chen Bo, like Jobs, was addicted to Zen Buddhism. Only then would he think of giving him a tea set.
Japanese porcelain is mostly plain-colored, and it is best to need the environment to set off the beauty of porcelain. Many Chinese porcelain bodies are just a picture scroll, not only porcelain-making technology but also painting art, but Chinese painting, which emphasizes artistic conception over realism, is hard for foreigners to understand.
I’ll get you a blue-and-white bottle of Ghost Valley Mountain Map Shanzhai Yuan. You can’t see it for a year. This kind of porcelain is more in line with the minimalist style popular in the west.
"It’s nothing. You will find that it will be more beautiful if something magical happens in a few days," added Chen Bo.
"What magical thing?"
"Let’s talk about it later. The longer it takes, the more beautiful it will be." He sold one on purpose, which is a major feature of porcelain, and Ru kiln occupies a unique piece.
The film sounds familiar and simple, that is, the surface cracks are divided into two situations. One is the natural film, that is, the glaze will collapse after being fired at high temperature, and it will be defective. The other is the man-made film. The ancient craftsmen mastered the law of film and buried the pen when they could make slurry. Ru kiln and Ge kiln are both kings in the film.
Ge kiln is a small piece that can make you thin and broken. The regular grain presents irregular shapes.
Ruyao’s patterns are finer, such as crab claw pattern, fish pattern, sesame flower and so on, as well as typical orange peel glaze, borneol glaze and tea foam, and it is sliced every day, even if you find the official kiln in Song Dynasty, which is quite amazing.
If you want Ellison’s porcelain, you will find that this rule is fresh every day, just like the first lover, but it is boring to say it.
"Chen, you are really too eccentric. Why is it not so good to give it to me?" Jobs looked straight in the eyes and couldn’t put it down.
"Why don’t you get married again? I promise to send you a set! " Chen Bo teased
"Yes, yes, I want to be flower girl!" Eve clapped her hands and cheered. Children are all playing with their hearts. Where do they know the importance of marriage? However, the taboo words of children’s words also attracted a burst of laughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellison are quite satisfied with this gift, and there is money abroad. It is not a national characteristic, but this local tyrant obviously does not lack these gifts, and no matter how much money he gives, others will not pay attention to it. This gift is not high in value but innovative, but it is more popular with its owner.
Chen Bo’s explanation of teapot and teacup has also become a beautiful meaning representing a perfect family. Of course, he won’t say that teapot represents men and teacups represent women. Feminists should not spray them to death if they want to know. The concept of stealing represents family members, and he happens to have a son and a daughter with his ex-wife. This explanation is just right
The total cost of this teapot is only 10,000 RMB, and it is only more than 10,000 US dollars, and everyone is happy.
Chen Bo didn’t forget that he took over the camera. He took part-time photography. Fortunately, it was a sunny day in fair weather. Otherwise, he needed to adjust the sensitivity and aperture size with the help of reflector and fill light and the beautiful scenery of the manor, and then he gradually came to the state.
"Meg and your dad get closer …"
"David, it’s cooler if you don’t laugh …"
"Melanie skirt horn slightly up a …"
Chen Bo is holding a Leica camera in his hand to shoot people’s images. It is best to use a fixed-focus lens because of the method of zooming. He has to constantly change the lens and give it to Meyer, the assistant beside him. At this time, everyone has to listen to his command.
"Lower the sensitivity, bigger the aperture." Jobs, a photography consultant, always had to direct one to try to achieve perfection.
“nnn! Chen Bo is also unambiguous. There are often some small disputes in the whole process, although they are not to the point of blushing and being thick-necked, but they are all fighting for better photos, which does not affect anything.
Fortunately, the old bastard offended many guests, and his fame was not directly proportional, but he was not so tired. After taking some main photos, he gave them to a professional photographer. A guest can’t always do such rough work, can he?
Ellison’s wedding ended successfully, and Chen Bo also ended the day’s trip. The guests are all old, and there is not much common topic. I want to get news from Meyer’s set, but this woman is better than a monkey, and she can always avoid the important easily.
I’m very satisfied with the gifts and photos. Thank you very much for inviting you to my yacht another day. Ellison and Melanie greeted him cheerfully at the gate of the manor. The Rising Sun is much bigger than Paul Octopus and will definitely make you glad you came!
"No problem. I’ll bring you a bottle of good wine to congratulate you."
This old guy never forgets to compare his opponent. Paul Allen is the second shareholder of Microsoft, and his personal wealth is second only to Bill Gates. Anyway, whoever he catches will care if you have money or not, just like Bill’s mansion Jianhua, which was built on the lakeside of Washington, spent $30,000, and he came directly to Japan. The palace building cost more than the richest man.
"Thank you for coming to Sunnyvale for coffee." Chen Bo sent Meyer back to her residence and said before leaving, "Your perfume is very feminine today."
"You mean I didn’t have enough women before?" Meyer eyebrows a pick asks.
"Are female engineers women?"
"Would you like to come in and have a taste of Mountain View coffee?" Meyer suddenly way
This signal is not very good. Seeing her sly smile, who knows if it has dug a hole for him to jump? Although it is like jelly lips full of temptation, Chen Bo firmly stepped on the gas pedal and left a sentence "I still prefer the smell of Sunnyvale"
Meyer looked at the taillights disappear at the end of the road at sunset before shaking his head and going home.
"What about keyhle?" The next morning, Chen Bo came to the company and asked Hoffman directly, "Is Ggle already involved?"
"The fact is far more complicated than this," Hoffman said with a wry smile. "The background of this company is not simple."
"Let’s see."
"His predecessor was a military spy satellite. From six years to the end of the Cold War, he launched a total of more than a dozen satellites, all named after KH, to detect the former Soviet Union and other countries. Although keyhle apparently had three employees since the company was established alone in one year, it is still controlled by a CIA non-profit fund. It is impossible to bypass the review."
Hoffman didn’t say which country his country specifically refers to, but the American urine can’t wait to keep an eye on every corner of the ball. This is mainly natural for anyone who moves his toes in eastern bloc to figure it out
"That is to say, we can give up."
"But we can get satellite image data through DigialGlbe Digital Earth Company. They are not only military maps, but also commercial information, and the photo resolution is higher than that of keyhle. It costs 3 dollars per square kilometer. If it needs to be updated, it will have to be paid."
"Why don’t I rely on them to grab it?" Chen Bo can’t help but blurt out a way