"Old Nie is atmospheric enough" Sun Zhuxiao prospered.


On the left side of the first floor is a high-level martial arts training hall rented to students separately, so that on the right side is a famous oil pool to trade various "oil for crying" and "energy recovery potions"
Now the students in the martial arts school not only have a lot of money, but also have excellent talents, so they are willing to exchange some materials for their immediate relatives at home, such as "energy recovery potion". If it is given to young people in the college entrance examination or national examination, it will be equivalent to increasing their study progress by%
Of course, the "energy recovery potion" is not mainly for students, so it is expensive, and only those students with six or seven levels of body skills can afford it.
Bao Xin is not the first time to come to the oil pool. His most profitable job now is to help people buy some students who go abroad, so they often find some low-level students who are familiar with it to exchange potions for them or buy potions for their families.
In this way, it is very easy for workers to earn money, and it can also make Bao Xin make about one more bottle of weeping oil every week. Otherwise, he will have negative assets when exercising in the martial arts school
He was thinking about how to persuade this group of people to leave, and Sun Zhu and others were very reluctant to leave.
A thousand square meters oil pool is much bigger than the city god temple postal market.
"What is this drink? It’s a nice bottle. Give me a bottle. "Sun Zhu suddenly said, pointing to a second-class oil with a price tag of" 15 ".
It seems to him that the oil pool is almost the same as the crystal clear glass bottle in the building supermarket, but it is very beautiful
Students without nameplates are advanced students, but students around the age of 4 are rare.
The young man who sold the oil smiled and asked, "Is the senior a former student?" Chenghui 150,000 yuan bank ticket or gold ticket? "
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Investment (3)
A bottle of water, 150 thousand, Sun Zhu’s first reaction was blackmail
His Tibetan workers often hear about fraud stories, but he has never met them. He thought of Jiangning coming, but he was angry for a moment but calmly didn’t speak.
Just Bao Xin arrived breathless and said, "This eldest brother is not a martial arts school."
"no? No wonder I said why there are the first ten students who want to buy low-grade oil. "This one has arranged a table of oil and put it on it, which means it is no longer for sale."
Sun Zhu laughed angrily and asked in a pure and upright tone, "Don’t you also pay attention to killing?"
"This is not an ordinary drink," Bao Xinnai explained. "Because of the relatively large amount, it is customary not to write ten thousand words. 15 means 151 means 10 thousand, but you are not allowed to buy it if you have money."
"10,000 is not for sale?" Sun Zhugen doesn’t believe it
"If outsiders buy Divine Oil, there won’t be enough martial arts school students." The young people don’t know their identity, so they explained a sentence for the purpose of safeguarding their own interests.
This answer makes Sun Zhu even more confused and can’t help frowning. "If you are afraid that the students are not enough, you will sell them again?" And then the martial arts school should also be responsible for educating people. Isn’t it ridiculous to ask tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands for a small bottle of water? "
His voice grew louder and louder, and he made a conclusion with righteousness and sternness.
Several officials who wanted to help him turned away and didn’t want to get involved in this matter.
Spreading young talents, no matter where Sun Zhu is or what the deputy director or the guests disdain to pout, "The curator said that the demand problem can be solved by the market. The trainees said that he needed the magic oil more than those who bid 10 thousand yuan, and he paid more. What else should I do?"
A rhetorical question made Sun Zhu naturally answer "distribution"
Bao Xindu said happily, "What standard distribution?"
"All things considered, otherwise, it’s not that many people take advantage of money and few people suffer."
"Less money means nothing."
Bao Xin almost choked to death with a word.
The latter shouted angrily, "how do you call it okay to have less money?" I pay back less. "
"Nobody said you had something to do." The young man selling divine oil was happy.
Sun Zhuqi turned away.
On the way, I met a few guys who were still looking at ferns. The deputy director had a half nose and "hum" and strongly expressed his dissatisfaction.
In an instant, they agreed that the second orchid plant became the background, and everyone rushed to ask, "What happened to Liu Zhu?"
"Lord Liu is here. We are waiting for you."
"Go back!" Liu Zhu’s black face looks like a red rose dyed black on Valentine’s Day.
Liu Fei exquisite see liu not grumpy immediately grab everyone in front to press the ladder.
"Ding" rang inside but out of the three people.
"President Gao?" Liu Fei tentatively asked 1.
"It’s me. And you are?" It is Gao Qiu who comes out.
Seeing that he is wearing a tailor-made western straight dark red tie, a foreigner’s big class is also very energetic.
"I’m governor Liu Zilai of Tibet’s office in Jiangning, and I’m accompanying him." Liu Fei introduced himself quickly. "This is Sun Shangzhu, the general office of our provincial government, and this is President Gao of Jiangning Bank."
In the previous sentence, Sun Shangzhu was introduced with the word "vice-president", while President Gao Qiu was not added with the word, so he was the top leader.
Sun Shang and Gao Qiu instantly understood that the former was enthusiastic while the latter was indifferent.
The chief of staff says it’s the governor’s confidant, but it’s not necessarily what it is