If the knife sings softly, if the knife screams suddenly, there will be a sense of coldness, and the ghosting of the long knife will emerge.


Not far from the front, the thick solid wood stake of the adult thigh suddenly burst.
Breakthrough of chopping wind knife method!
Proficient (1/1)
Zhou Yi held a knife with his eyes closed and his chest fluctuated rapidly for a long time. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the long knife in his hand.
An obliteration appeared in my eyes.
After a pause, he took out a bag of powder from his body and sprinkled it on the ground carefully.
A layer of fluorescence slowly emerges when the powder falls in some places.
The fluorescence is pale yellow, which is not very eye-catching, but if you look carefully, you can still tell that it is a person’s footprint.
Goose yellow mushroom!
The powder on the surface of a mushroom with weak toxicity has strong adhesion, which can react with the powder of firefly at certain time.
It’s getting dark and the streets are sparsely populated.
Jimin Lane is full of vagrants who make money without effort. At night, everyone closes the door to thank guests and prepare for the day.
It’s just that Brother Qian’s family has people coming and going from time to time.
after midnight
Even the sound of money sister-in-law is getting lower and lower
Zhou Yi sprinkled powder from time to time to identify the whereabouts of footprints.
The fluorescence is not so good. The man is closer. Just a few steps later, he saw a large piece of fluorescent powder react.
Look up at the house in front of you.
The person who went into his room to invest money was Qishan.
Zhou Yi is not surprised by this result. After all, Qishan has been idle, and it is very suspicious that he is a habitual thief in his population.
Plus this time, being so chic must have something else to gain.
It’s hard to restrain Zhou Yi’s anger at the thought that he has worked so hard to save a lot of money and put it in other people’s pockets.
He pressed the door and took out a medicine bag from his body. He waved it in his hand and blew it in through the sash.
Red pleated mushrooms!
A small amount of this poisonous mushroom can make people tired, and excessive sleepiness will cause nausea and vomiting, which will lead to hallucinations and lead to the decay of five internal organs and death.
Zhou Yi’s treatment method is very rough, and he is not sure how big it can be if he directly grinds the red mushroom into powder.
After waiting for a long time to listen to the heavy breathing in the room, I covered my mouth with a wet cloth and carefully pried the door lock.
The house here is exactly the same in shape, and the door lock is even more simple. Since Qishan can easily touch his room, Zhou Yi can naturally do so.