Ryazan looked at me and Duan Yuwen with rather lazy and nai eyes and said, "I won’t say much about this …"


Liang Zan said as he went to see the mouse, but it had reached his mouth, and Duan Yuwen and I were curious and went to watch it.
I feel a little sick. After all, Ryazan’s stab made the mouse dirty, but the most eye-catching part of the mouse was his small eyes with faint green light.
The reflectivity of animals’ eyes will increase in the dark, so their eyes will appear bright in the dark, but this phenomenon will not happen in these animals’ eyes during the daytime, but obviously this mouse is an exception. Even though it is now in broad daylight, its eyes still emit green light, which makes people look very strange.
I had a faint premonition that something would happen, and it didn’t take long for a red maggot the size of a finger to emerge from the wound of the mouse with incomplete armor.
This kind of worm is exactly the same as those in Bujin’s box. I watched the tragic mouse and felt a strong sense of vomiting coming to me. It took me a lot of effort to suppress this disgusting feeling. At this time, I heard Ryazan shouting "Stay away from these bones."
Duan Yuwen and I didn’t dare not listen to Liang Zan’s words, but we found that there were small stone pillars and bones all around except the mountain forest and the big stone pillar, so we both hurried to the big stone pillar and left Liang Zan with Bujin and Tengyi to stay there with a simple spear.
At this time, Bu Jin also found something strange. She walked slowly to Ryazan’s side, patted him on the shoulder and nodded at Ryazan. Then they walked back to the front of the big stone column together.
I wonder in my heart how the two of them look like two old friends who have known each other for many years, but they don’t look like people who have just met recently.
After coming back to us, Liang Zan motioned us to lean aside, but we did it anyway.
We made a place around Bujin’s big stone pillar. Bujin actually touched a totem rune of a big stone pillar with his hand, and then suddenly there was a red light in his eyes, and a sad emotion was revealed in his eyebrows. After seeing her chanting two sentences in a low voice, he actually knelt down.
I asked Teng Yi if he could understand the mantra read by Bu Jin, but I was surprised by Teng Yi’s answer. He said that he couldn’t understand the mantra read by Bu Jin, but it didn’t seem to be a pure mantra just now. Those obscure mantras seemed to be mixed with a few indigenous words. I asked him what those words meant. He replied, "What she said was illogical. I heard a few words of thanks to these bones, but sometimes it seemed like complaining or resentment, but the main thing seemed to be forgiveness and redemption."
"Forgiveness and redemption?" I was a little surprised when I heard this word. Forgive who? Redeem who? Are these bones? But aren’t these bones all living sacrifices? Since they are sacrifices, they are gifts to God. How can we talk about forgiveness and redemption?
However, it didn’t take me a while to notice the strangeness around me. After seeing Bu Jinsong, I couldn’t afford to kneel down. Gradually, there was a strong wind blowing in the dead trees all around. Although the wind was very strong, it didn’t raise much dust and air through the trees, making a "whoop" wail, just like many people crying.
I felt very scared when I listened, and then I heard the "pa" and looked around, but I didn’t find the sound coming. When I hesitated, I kept counting "pa" and "pa". This time, I heard clearly that it was a skull fracture sound.
Soon, it was like raindrops, and the skulls of more than 200 bodies exploded. To our surprise, red maggots the size of little fingers were drilled from the inside of those fractured skulls. Although there were not many, they crawled towards us in an abnormal direction
I know that these insects are very powerful and I feel very scared. It is even harder for me to believe that as these insects get closer and closer to our great stone pillar, their size becomes bigger and bigger, and they seem to become adults as soon as they get there, that is, giant worms like lobsters with sharp claws and teeth. By the time they are less than three meters away from us, an individual has reached nearly twenty centimeters, which is even bigger than that in Bu Jin’s box.
Tengyi looked at him and quickly pulled out the long waist knife. Duan Yuwen and I also took out our weapons. Ning Shen was still kneeling there and stared at everything with expression.
Yu Liangzan, alas, I really don’t know how to shape his expression. He smiled and said to us, "Relax."
Chapter 41 Secret way
Chapter 41 Secret way
After a long period of time, Bu Jin still knelt there motionless, leaving us a few big men staring at each other and staring at each other, but Zhang Er and the monks were puzzled.
I looked at Ryazan, and my intuition told me that he was the only guy who might know what happened, but when I took a bite, he interrupted me and said, "Don’t ask me, I’m also a bystander."
I turned to look at Teng Yi and Duan Yuwen’s heart again. Is this the so-called reason and truth? Is this the great secret? I didn’t see anything. Teng Yi and Duan Yuwen also shrugged their shoulders at me, which means they don’t know.
We were depressed and didn’t know what to do next. When BuJin suddenly got up, a few of us looked at BuJin’s movement, and we couldn’t keep our eyes closed for a moment without staring at her every move curiously.
See BuJin slowly put the jade brand back in Bo Liangzan’s eyes. The thief seems to have found something wrong and said to me, "Lord Pei Xi, do you think your girlfriend’s jade brand has changed?"
I took a quick look at it. Unfortunately, Bu Jin had already taken back the jade brand in the collar. I shook my head and said to Liang Zan, "I didn’t see clearly. What’s wrong?"
Liang Zan said, "I didn’t see it if I didn’t see it clearly. Maybe I was dazzled."
Liang Zan dazzled? I wouldn’t believe such a thing happened even if I was killed. I was busy saying, "Hey, what are you like? Isn’t this torturing my curiosity?"
At this time, Ryazan took out the tone of adult educating children and touched my head. Then he smiled and said to me, "I am curious but it will kill people."
After listening to it, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but think of the rotting corpse. Now I think about it carefully and find that my personality has really changed a lot since I came to Yunnan. The most important change is that my curiosity has increased, but I said that it can’t be my fault. If it is a riddle or a story, I certainly won’t have such a strong curiosity, but when these strange experiences happen around you, you can’t be curious, because sometimes curiosity is also a means to protect yourself. If you don’t have a curiosity, you may never get close to the truth.
I was just thinking about Bujin’s new move over there. I saw her faint and walked to the front of a small stone pillar and touched it. It seemed to be looking for something. Soon, as her hand kept groping behind those bones, her eyebrows suddenly jumped. I knew it must be something.
Sure enough, she touched a stone ring in the small stone pillar and then pulled it to listen to "Ding Long". As soon as the stone ring was pulled out, the small stone pillar department was pulled out with a thick wrist chain, and then a "click" audio-visual was issued. Bujincai let go and sent the stone ring back.
"It’s a machine," Duan Yuwen said with great excitement. "These are altar machines. Haha, I have long said that the people of ancient Yunnan are smart as I expected."
"Sir, don’t sigh here and get ready to help," said Ryazan, who had already run to the front of another small stone pillar to pull the stone ring. Then Tengyi and I quickly came to help Yu Duan Yuwen, the old guy, and he sighed with emotion for a while before coming to help us.
In this way, the five of us pulled all the hidden stone rings of the 40 or 50 small stone pillars one by one. It happened that I pulled the last stone ring. At that time, I really felt that the more I pulled the stone ring in the back, the more difficult it was, and this last one took me a long time to pull it.
Bujin and others looked at me, especially Bujin. Her calm eyes seemed to ask me why I still couldn’t pull. I blushed and said that it was too shameful, but Nai was that no matter how hard I tried to suppress the veins stood out in my temples, the stone ring just didn’t move.
Duan Yuwen and Teng Yi came to help me, but even the three of us couldn’t pull the stone ring, which made Liang Zan happy. I think he was almost kneeling and laughing while clutching his belly, and he couldn’t help but get angry. "Liang Zan, why don’t you laugh a fart and come and help?"
Liang Zan threw away his simple spear while clutching his stomach, and said, "Hey, hey, hey, okay, okay, I’m Empress Pei Xi. You three are really strong."
"Don’t bullshit! If I am strong, I will kill you first! " I shouted, "Are you so happy to see us working hard here?"
Ryazan replied, "No, no, no, I’m not laughing that you didn’t pull the stone ring. I’m laughing at your posture."
Posture? What posture? I don’t understand in my heart. Looking back, I found that the posture of the three of us is really funny. I crouched in the front half to pull the stone ring section Yuwen, and behind me I crouched half to pull my waist. So did Teng Yi. At first glance, this posture looks like frog mating.
"Don’t talk nonsense!" I was a little anxious and said, "Come and help!"
Liang Zan trotted to my side. I looked up and saw him pull my hand away from the stone ring and then pulled it at the front.
Nothing happened. Ryazan scratched his head back and smiled and said, "Oh, it’s really hard to pull."
The three of us didn’t have the strength behind him, so we gave him a hand before. I don’t know whether Ryazan’s strength was too strong or the strength of the three of us just reached saturation. At that moment, the stone ring was finally pulled out and the rusty chain slowly appeared.
I heard a click when I was about twenty centimeters away, and my heart exulted and finally succeeded.
After the success, several of us quickly held our breath and looked around. Bu Jin also showed a rare look of expectation. After a while, we suddenly felt a violent shaking of the foot slab, and then we heard a deafening "rumble" noise ringing around us.
"Fuck the earthquake?" I lowered my center of gravity and stabilized my body so as not to fall.
"No, it’s not an earthquake," Duan Yuwen roared. Then he raised his right hand and pointed to the huge stone pillar and shouted at us, "Look there."
A few of us looked at each other in unison, and a surprising scene appeared in front of us. At this moment, the huge stone pillar was spinning slowly and sinking into the ground along the winding direction of the giant snake on the stone pillar surface.
I shouted, "my god, what is this? Is the ground collapsing?"
No one answered me, because everyone’s attention was deeply attracted by the scene before me, and I saw that the huge stone pillar was slowly inserted like a key. After about three or five minutes, the sample stone pillar had completely disappeared into the ground, and the huge green flag was paved into a circular altar, leaving a hole with a diameter of more than two meters.
Duan Yuwen has been stunned by the scene before him. He stammered and said, "Wisdom. In ancient times, people alas, this is really a great discovery. The most holy place of the altar is the most suitable for hiding …"
I don’t think his thinking logic can be adjusted for a while, so he didn’t pay any attention to what he said, and after a while, the ground returned to calm.
BuJin want to also don’t want to directly ran to the entrance of the cave Liang Zan to pick up the simple spear to Duan Yuwen said, "Sir, don’t sigh with emotion, maybe there is a bigger discovery."
Duan Yuwen glanced at Ryazan and said, "Young people, you don’t understand this. This is the wisdom of the ancients …"
Tengyi aside also listen to impatient, pushing Duan Yuwen said "come on, come on, let’s go"
Let’s take a look at BuJin again. Her figure is already walking towards the cave surface. Teng Yi and Duan Yuwen quickly waved at me in front of Ryazan and said, "Come on!
Chapter 42 Bronze Mirror
Chapter 42 Bronze Mirror