"It’s not a bet, it’s an inevitable result," Gnaros replied with a vibrating voice.


"Considering your habit, it is an inevitable choice for you to devour me in your current state."
"But I underestimated you. I didn’t expect most of my strength to destroy you, but I finally figured out your rebirth."
Sadiga laughed. "You should insist that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself, I will become ashes now."
"It’s a pity that you still dare not bet everything."
"So you lost the bet and I won’t step on the same trap again."
Gnaros vibrates the airway. "This is the second time that you still have forgetfulness."
Sadiga knew what he meant.
But this time is different.
Second, he did know that there was an element incarnation in his sphere of chaos.
This time, I was really cheated by Gnaros.
Just now, the element incarnation is almost the same as the real’ element god’
Bra Dijia concluded that this trap should have been laid when Gennaros showed his’ true god posture’
The otherness conceptualizes the shimmer and leaves an element incarnation with the help of the’ true god posture’ cover.
If you don’t look at it for a while, you will become one.
Now being mocked by Gennaros, Brake Dijia is not angry. He stretched out his hand and tore the wormhole backwards.
That is to limit the "curtain" of the brake emperor. As early as Gennaros separated an avatar with most of his strength, he had already maintained it.
Gnaros didn’t pursue it, and he didn’t stop it
Because he knows that he is in a bad state, although there seems to be nothing on the surface, he is weak on the outside.
At this time, it is not good to make moves, but it may be swallowed up by the brake emperor
Gnaros didn’t want to leave until the wormhole was closed, but suddenly he felt locked.
Then an arrow formed by the condensation of green light and complex symbols crosses the time and will hit Gnaros!
This arrow breaks out from behind the’ Elemental God’, leaving a hole the size of a bowl in Gnaros’ chest!
Chapter 159 Leverage
There is a fortress somewhere in Donglu.
This large fortress has a beautiful scenery with mountains, lakes and hills. It used to be rich.
But no matter how beautiful the scenery is now, it was destroyed by the black people because of the war
Just like now.
Continuous explosions are heard, and the earth vibrates violently. Some steep peaks have accumulated many cracks, as if they would crack and collapse at any time.
The huge amount of dust in the battlefield is rising with the violent explosion.
Battlefield in front of fort
There is a figure constantly adjusting and moving regularly.
Along the track of this figure, arrows and rain burst out constantly, often covering an area and beating countless black people
That is a day order "hunter", otherwise if you dare to venture into the enemy group.
His confidence seems to come from a piece of equipment besides his own strength.
It is more appropriate to say that it is equipment than a weapon.
This day order has a strange armor, which keeps shooting missiles the size of pens.
They went deep into the enemy group and bombed violently, which can make a black people fall down every time.
And missiles like this seem to have a lot in their armor.
When the day order wandered around and returned to the defense line, he hit the missile in the armor.
Tarshish took off his hot armor and threw it on the ground and rushed into the battlefield again.
There is a distance from the battlefield, overlooking the battlefield from the height of Sulie on the hillside