"Ayu, what the hell is this?" Dad played with the short black stick in his hand, and he exclaimed, "It’s so powerful."


"DIE is equipped with fencing as standard!" I simply said a sentence and immediately wondered, "Didn’t your future son-in-law introduce you?"
Dad smiled a little embarrassed and laughed. "I didn’t listen carefully … I heard the fog around this button."
After about five minutes, the two emperors recovered to their normal state. Their teeth trembled and said, "Don’t … Don’t me" and "I won’t fight!" Joke before eleven big head emperor is not a close enemy, then weigh their own strength, maybe stick to it is the meaning to send people to stay in the pool.
Dad ordered the two big emperors to "settle them down and cool them down"
After that, he didn’t look up and down and concentrate on fencing.
When the two big emperors will be comatose and injured, the big emperors will be carried back to their beds respectively. The cell in the 16th body will be quiet again. Without cold water, I can’t wake up the coma. I’m sorry to think about it.
Today is the third day of the poison king’s big move. I don’t know what’s going on there. If I move my mind, I will start the fencing communication function and call Lin Muxia’s number, and I will soon be connected to Ruoren. "Is there any good news from Lin Dajiao?"
"Yes," Lin Muxia said with a smile. "I didn’t dare to leave my mobile phone for a moment, just waiting for you to contact me. How are Ning Erhuo and Jiang Nanshen?"
"Er Ning, the idiot accidentally fainted by me." I smiled awkwardly and was angry. "The guards in Chengdong Detention Center are so bloody and scheming. It’s good that the big-headed emperors have drawn our swords against each other. The situation is now under control."
Lin Muxia asked suspiciously, "Does this have anything to do with dizzy goods?"
"I accidentally took it backwards …" I felt guilty and sighed. "Forget it, don’t say bad luck. I will plant this prison guard whole sooner or later. Tell me the good news quickly."
"The eldest grandson Ruyu and the star-picker have paralyzed all branches, municipal bureaus and street police stations in six major cities, such as Tiannan City, Tianbei City, Jingnan City and provincial capital." Lin Muxia stopped for a few seconds and said, "A poison disaster broke out one after another at noon today, and now the news is blocked. The poison king has contacted me. She said that every poison place has left the words" Change Ling "and said that it was only four hours before the drug was valid.
What a spectacular scene. I was shocked to say, "A poisonous king is angry and floats thousands of miles away."
"This sentence is really in line with her wind. The police system in six major cities has been paralyzed for a long time. The news has spread to the outside world and I don’t know what kind of turmoil will be set off." Lin Muxia mused, "I think toxicologists can take targeted remedies soon when they can’t help but search for an antidote."
"How is your mother?"
I didn’t tell the drug king that he had failed to control drugs, so as not to cause unnecessary worry.
"I didn’t let her class and stepfather go out to play these three days," Lin Muxia said cunningly.
Hunger stimulates my stomach juice and makes me weak. "I hope nothing will happen. I hope that the four mountains and three ridges can bow their heads as soon as possible. The guards here can simply look straight at you. You don’t know Sun’s art of war. I guess I just missed the honey trap … Oh, by the way, your family’s Ke Ke tried to assassinate my dad with chopsticks. He crushed his wrist with one hand and had a good time."
"Keke was profited again?" Lin Muxia was very surprised, but she quickly returned to normal, saying, "Everything is his own choice. I won’t care if I’m not dead."
Chapter four hundred The Raptors are out of prison!
After hanging up, I tucked my electric shock sword and looked at the frightened two emperors with a smile. "The prison guard will come again at six o’clock. What are you going to do?"
The cheekbones are high, and the big head emperor said, "I would rather die than surrender!"
"Now I’m dizzy," said the little Adam’s apple. He got up and rushed his head against the wall. "Bang!" He didn’t faint, so he grinned in pain. "Hey, hey, fuck! Watch M fake! "
"I’ll help you. You’re welcome." Pick up the ground fencing and I walked towards these two big emperors. Today, it’s a little cloudy and crackling like a wandering jack-o’-lantern. Their eyelids are beating wildly and curled up in the corner. The record of the former six big emperors is really shocking!
"zizi ~"
"zi ~!"
It seems that the resistance of the two emperors is extremely poor, and they fainted after a second of conflict. It is not excluded that there are psychological factors. I will return the injured but awake four emperors to the bed.
There are only three people who can move in cell No.16, including me, dad and Jiang Tianci. Now we can open our hearts and chat at will.
"Dad," I hesitated for a few seconds and decided, "The poison king has made moves, and the police system in six major cities has been paralyzed. Many toxicologists are studying it."
"alas!" He shook his head and sighed, "Marrying a girl, throwing out water and so on."
I didn’t say anything more. My face was as heavy as water, like I was worried.
"Lao Jiang" I smiled at Jiang Tianci to step back a little. I hugged my father’s arm and said, "Now you’re not going to call the only woman in front of our house?"
"I won’t call. If something happens to me, she will be more sad if she is happy." Dad stared at my facial features and he felt a little guilty. "I was too busy to take care of you before you were so old."
"you are my role model!" I clenched my fist and was excited. "I didn’t know that my father was so tough and promoted to the rank but didn’t get promoted because I didn’t care to control the seven-point lifeline of the southern Chinese organization!" Even I followed the boss Pei and saw that you and the little girl were great. "
"A hero is not brave in those days, and he doesn’t love me." Dad is like an abandoned dissatisfied housewife. He cheerfully said, "Xiao Pei has a strong ability. I don’t compare with DIE. I am relieved to have him with me."
"How long has it been since the news was updated?" I rolled my eyes and said, "Boss Pei has been leaving for a long time. I am the reserve minister. Now DIE seems to lack a cohesive force."
"Xiao Pei actually became a deserter?" Dad’s eyes were a little surprised. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I was going to talk to him about something the other day."
"He did go to Hebashan that day, but you were taken back to Tiannan first." I was curious. "Dad, can you tell me something now?"
"Not yet." Dad yawned. He lay in bed and said, "Ayu’s future son-in-law, you two have a good rest and not only don’t consume too much."
Six o’clock arrived, and we waited for another hour, but the prison guard didn’t come.
It’s dark, there’s a thunderbolt, and the rainstorm is falling rapidly!
It’s been less than half a day since the drug disaster broke out in the police, and the eldest grandson Ruyu left behind the message of "changing Ling". What she said is very clear. If you don’t look at the four mountains and three ridges blindly, you will know what’s going on. I guess the prison guard may have received something similar to "Don’t respond to Ling for a while?" Make a move "level instructions.
“P!” The thunder burst the sky. Ning Shuying woke up in a daze and scratched his hair for a long time. His eyes stared at me like a sword. "Ling Yu is you and me?"
"ah! Forgive me, I really didn’t mean it. "
I took out the second-generation fencing weakness and said, "Why don’t you and me once?"
"Pit" Ning Shuying looked at Dad. He disdained, "Look at Ling Bobo when no one is there."
"Oh … don’t forget that." I’m depressed. Ning Erhuo has a grudge. I can’t hide from fifteen men on the first day. I have to get one in my life.
Early morning rainstorm
The door of cell 16 was ringing, and we all looked at the door with our eyes open. Six armed prison guards guarded the No.2 corridor of the provincial police department.
The prison guard sank word by word, "Please come out with the number D765."
"Wait a minute"
When dad put on his shoes and passed by my bed, he said in a dumb voice, "Ayu, if I don’t come back later, please contact Lin Muxia as soon as possible to give you three away."
The prison guard pointed a gun at his head and said, "Less ink and faster!"
Dad walked to the corridor with his head held high. "Ah … that’s good."
The prison door is dead, and the messy footsteps gradually disappear …
I told my father Lao Jiang and Ning Shuying that both of them showed puzzled look.
Lao Jiang shoulder muscles tied up and he analyzed, "I guess I’m afraid there are two possibilities. First, many toxicologists studied the poison king and it broke! This incident caused anger in four mountains and three mountains because of my father, and the punishment was aggravated! The second toxicologist, Menke Nai, although there are still * * hours left from the day, four mountains and three mountains are in a hurry. One thousand floating corpses are comparable to the national disaster, and the top of China will be furious. Many southern police bosses have to suffer. "
"That depends on whether the poison king can bear the king’s name and can withstand scrutiny …" Ning Shuying’s eyebrows are tight. This is the first time I have seen him worried.
My heart thumped as if I was about to jump out of my chest, so I calmly said, "Give the poison king some confidence and give ourselves some confidence."