Zhu Rong controlled the head clock to suddenly break the virtual clock, rolling to the best of his position, and directly enveloped the past clock and wiped out everything.


Raytheon’s universal face changed and he shouted, "Bad Zhu Rong will do it."
"I have been waiting for him for a long time!"
Three too eyes flashing cold color control head exquisite pagoda light directly hit the past.
The two treasures collided and gave off a devastating breath, turning the sun and the moon upside down. This area was directly swept into chaos and turned into emptiness forever.
The two treasures were directly absorbed at the moment of impact, and they were rolling towards all directions, and the surrounding mountains and emptiness were all rocked and exploded.
"Ha ha ha ha “`"
Zhu Rong’s huge body rose directly into the sky from a valley, laughing wildly, burning with a raging flame, lifting a huge flame and patting his palm directly at Santai and others.
"Santaizun will send you the way!"
He covered one side with a palm of his hand, and the flame country evolved several times, and the flames, creatures and stars whirled and roared towards the other side.
Santai and others LiXiao all cast their magical powers towards the flame palm in high school as soon as they grow up.
A face-to-face turned upside down than the terrible flame breath wiped out the chaos around for miles. Thor’s universal Buddha and djinn’s honour person were all shocked and vomited blood and flew out directly.
"What? His strength has not been affected! "
Djinn venerable man growled.
Barefoot fairy statue suddenly roar loud, and its body quickly becomes taller and bigger. Fairy light is rolling, and a statue of tens of thousands of feet tall giant raises a sole and directly steps on Zhu Rong.
Zhu Rong and Bai Di suddenly thundered and exploded, and their vitality suddenly became chaotic. In a huge whirlpool, one foot was trampled wildly, and the horror seemed to be that they would be trampled to death as ants.
"barefoot fairy!"
Zhu Rong growled, and suddenly his mouth was open, and the flame spewed out from his mouth, turning a head of fire dragon into a high spray.
Bai Di’s hands are sealed. At the moment, the sky and the earth are covered with black light, and the green dots emerge. They are all terrible ghosts flying and screaming and rushing towards the strong in Xiandian.
The two sides immediately started fighting here. Chaos is rolling more than terror.
Ten places away from here, Yu Wanli Xiao Yupan is sitting in that ancient tripod, ups and downs, covered with several black gases, and the rolling of yin is more terrible.
A series of mysterious magic tracks keep moving. He has absorbed Yin Qi here for several days, and the whole person’s physique has undergone earth-shaking changes.
In the ancient tripod, black gas billows with bursts of golden light, and chaos is more terrible than terror, like something brewing than the devil of terror.
In the end, the whole ancient tripod was boiling up, and more dark light poured out from the inside, and the sound of cooing and tooting was unfathomable, and an unimaginable breath burst out directly from the inside.
Chapter one thousand two hundred Xiao Yu out
Xiao Yupan sat in the ancient tripod, and the whole tripod was covered with a layer of black light. Dark clouds rolled out constantly, and the filthy and terrible smell became stronger and stronger, and finally covered the whole area.
Moreover, several root-penetrating whiskers have been drilled out of this ancient tripod, flying wildly towards the ground and surrounding buildings.
Thick powerful forces were sucked out of the ground and walls by Xiao Yu, and his body became bigger and bigger, and it was like being inflated.
Hoo hoo hoo!
Xiao Yu’s body became round and fat at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the end, the whole ancient tripod was almost unbearable, and it was cracked by him.
Suddenly, this ancient tripod directly blows up fragments and flies everywhere.
Xiao Yu’s body finally emerged and became round and fat, up to ten meters tall, with a big waist, a round belly and a bulging waist, almost seven meters wide, and his arms and thighs were thick like huge columns.
Moreover, there are several fine black and gold scales on his body, three sharp horns on his forehead, cold light and dense elbows and knees with barbs.
The whole person becomes extremely fat and more horrible than ferocious!
As soon as he went there, there was a more horrible smell coming out of him.
Xiao Yu moved his arms, felt the surging power of his body, and felt that every inch of blood and flesh became stronger than ever before. He also climbed again from the second day of Hinayana to the second step of Hinayana.
He smashed the wall around him with one punch, directly tearing the ancient temple apart and flying wildly on the spot, and a gangfeng swept out from his fist, rumbling like the sea rushing and roaring endlessly.
"How strong!"
Xiao Yu secretly surprised.
Suddenly, he looked at his body and saw that his arms and belly were bulging than obesity, and the whole person turned into a meat ball, which was not a surprise.
"How did I become like this? Not good. This is an incomplete second form. After absorbing the evil source, it becomes extremely thin. It seems that it will not become the most complete second form until it absorbs the yang source. Don’t be like this. "
If he is still so fat by then, he might as well die
However, although this body is obese, it is hard to imagine that it is more than ten times stronger than before.
Xiao Yu’s eyes shone with golden light. He walked here and looked around. broken walls is a broken ancient building.
He had always been an illusion, but now it seems that it is all true.
The bones on the ground are everywhere, and the flags have collapsed. Some of them are broken and unclear, and some of them can still see the handwriting clearly.
Xiao Yu reached out and grabbed a black flag. The font distortion has long been eliminated for several years, but it is still filled with a weak fluctuation of spirit.
"King Qin Guang"
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed, "Qin Guangwang said that it was cloudy for ten days since ancient times. Is it so-called cloudy for ten days?"
He walked towards the distance.
There is a huge river ahead, rolling and surging, and the river is a dirty color, rumbling and filled with a monstrous resentment, full of bones, dense and thrilling.
There is a black stone tablet on the bank of the river, and the tablet body is shining, and a fluctuation of the spirit is constantly spreading from that tablet body qR1.
"This is the real world of the dead."
Xiao Yu’s eyes showed surprise. This river is far wider than the vastness, which is far from what he met in the universe.
Being here, I can feel a force of imagination coming out of this river, and it’s creepy, like an unimaginable creature hiding inside.
Xiao Yu, a few broken buildings across the river, has a sense of familiarity at first glance, as if he had seen this scene before
In several broken buildings, a huge iron pillar reached the ground, and the black light rolled and covered a very heavy layer of yin and qi, and mysterious runes flashed faintly.
Through these yin qi, you can see the outside of two iron pillars with huge fonts.
Xiao Yu was frowned.
What do you mean by "Dinghai"? What’s the way of this iron column? Is it a anchorage? But half of this font is buried in the soil. I don’t know what the remaining handwriting is? "
He quietly watched for a moment here and looked back. Suddenly he woke up and his eyes shrank.
"No, I have to rescue my poor ethnic group. He won’t be killed after such a long time!"
Xiao Yucang hurried back and ran away in the distance.
Although his speed and strength are better than obesity, he is still terrible and unpredictable, rumbling all the way like a burning meteor.
He didn’t remember coming, knowing that he was constantly hiding at that time, and then he flew away.