It is said that Liu Yuwei didn’t take a written exam this year.


Liu Fang knew his daughter’s personality, and he didn’t intervene. He also knew that Liu Yuwei wouldn’t let him down!
Not before!
Not now!
"I hope you … better not be what I think! The surname is small! "
Turn your back on the old LiuLiuYuWei naturally feel that a flash of cold light.
Unlucky Zhailing didn’t know today that he had been missed by a teenage father.
Speaking of Liu Yuwei coming to the refining cabinet, on the one hand, she came to see her father Liu Fang, on the other hand, she came to exercise her skills.
But Liu Yuwei pouted and refused to admit that she had come to see Lao Liu and insisted that she had come to exercise the refining technique!
It is this carefully cultivated pharmaceutical soup that says everything!
Liu Yuwei, worried about her father’s overwork, specially cooked some medicine soup with her own hands.
Liu Yuwei wouldn’t be so angry and stubborn if she hadn’t just been teased by Lao Liu!
But Lao Liu didn’t discover it, and he didn’t dare to delay Liu Yuwei’s practice. Even though he was full, he was still happy to eat the medicine soup made by his daughter himself!
Liu Yuwei walked to the door and turned to Liu Fang to make faces, then ran away laughing.
In addition to the smell of medicinal herbs in the room, a father with a happy face prayed for his daughter’s happiness and happiness
Zhai Ling said goodbye to his father and Mo Shu and went to the refining cabinet alone.
He gave him the card playing with Mo Tian, sighing in his heart that the strength of the refining cabinet was good.
On the front of the card, there are three golden characters [Refiner Pavilion] with a string of codes. On the back of the card, there is a picture of birds and flowers. A winding river is accompanied by two rows of willows. At the end of the river, a towering mountain is faintly visible in the corner of the picture!
The card looks ordinary, but the spirit is unusual. Zhai Ling can clearly feel the atmosphere of law implied in it.
"It’s definitely not a low-level array!"
Come to the front of the refining cabinet Zhai Ling secretly sigh!
The refining cabinet is not a small attic, but is formed by connecting the middle ends of three hundred-story high-rise buildings. At a distance, it is a horizontal "king"
Guanghua around the building is full of sunshine! Obviously, the law is maintaining its characteristics.
It’s so enviable to think about it. Without some protective measures, the refining cabinet might be divided by some forces someday!
Zhailing just walked into the refining cabinet when a graceful beauty worker came over, but a pink flower mask covered her face.
However, the white and tender skin with fragrant jade skin can already attract the attention of the coming guests and … bursts of swallowing … saliva sounds.
However, Zhai Ling is a different kind. He is surprised in his heart and calmly looks at the mask of the workers.
I wonder in my heart that I have never heard of the need to wear a mask in the refining cabinet!
What’s going on?
At this time, the beauty worker said, "Hello, this distinguished guest! The store will start new activities from today! Every guest needs to choose a favorite mask and can participate in a lucky draw after seven days of continuous disappearance! The highest prize can get a bottle of human-level moon spirit liquid! "
Moon spirit liquid?
This is the favorite cultivation resource of the practitioners in the gathering period!
I heard that it can speed up the practice exponentially!
Zhai Ling looked around.
Sure enough, many workers who dress up as beautiful women say the same words, so it’s good to choose a mask
Zhai Ling’s face often nods and points "That’s it!"
Beauty students look forward to eyebrows, a bunch of ugly hearts, and a bunch of masks
The main reason is that Zhai Ling chose that generality.
Real Zhai Ling chose the nearest one with a star-limiting mask.
Beauty students reached for it and secretly looked at Zhai Ling’s face to prevent taking it wrong
"hmm? He didn’t object! Hmm! That’s it! "
The beauty gave a sigh of relief and handed the mask directly to Zhai Lingdao. "Please put on the mask, sir!" At the same time, the left hand led, "There is a channel to disappear. When the time comes, Mr. Wang should put his membership card in the slot of the array method and wait for it with peace of mind!"
Said the perfect girl pushed up the mask car and walked away to take care of a guest.
Zhai Ling looked at his hand … Pig mask heart don’t know where to fly!
"Come on! It’s just a mask! There is nothing to be true! " Zhai Ling comforted himself and quickly put on the mask.
However, his pace seems to be much faster than before!
People who come and go to fix the truth are rushing to do their own things, and they are free to Zhai Ling mask.
This also makes Zhai Ling feel better.
at this time
A seemingly seven-year-old boy pointed to Zhai Ling in his mother’s arms and smiled, "Mom! Mom! Look! There’s an uncle pig! Ha ha! Uncle Pig Wow! "
Pig head?
Give it back to uncle?
"I … you … poof! Hmm! I won’t be angry! I won’t be angry! Ah ah ah! " Zhai Ling’s heart is like this
A burst of grinding teeth sounded. Zhai Ling left her face and looked at others clutching her chest to resist vomiting blood and hurried away.
Quickly came to the channel pointed by the member, and Zhai Ling put the membership card in his hand into the notch.
Zhai Ling’s right hand just left the notch and suddenly the blue light at the notch flashed and a light curtain showed Zhai Ling’s fundus ringing at the same time.
Zhai Ling you see surface shows several options.
"Refining magic weapon, please press one! Please press two to repair the magic weapon! Press three to practice the refining technique! If you are not interested, please close the left path and turn right! "
The sound of the array is light and beautiful.
Also … Very personal!
Take the left path and turn right. Zhai Ling, if I remember correctly, that’s the route from the refining cabinet!
"Ha ha!"
With a kind chuckle, Zhai Ling pressed the third key!
Suddenly the notch shot a wave of light toward the road ahead of Zhai Ling.
The random light beam gradually expands until people can stop walking.
The crooked light beam passage made Zhai Ling guess where it would lead.
However, Zhai Ling knows that he can’t get in now because the front law has not stopped.
Listen to the sound of the array and the curtain will change at the same time!
"Dear you, it is a medium VIP membership card that can automatically search for rooms according to the priority function array! Di! Hey! "
Soon a sky-blue room card was suspended in front of Zhailing.
"No.1 area room 36! Please keep your membership card and room card! Follow the footsteps of the light path and step on the road of the refiner! "