"You should know that the Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, which has caused a sensation in the whole summer country in the past two months, was founded by this flying teacher younger brother."


Upon hearing this, Taiwanese scholars suddenly broke into an exclamation.
It took a long time to get a little quiet.
Baiyun Tower went on to say, "Now the inferno is earthly, but the fix-true world has also appeared. It seems that this is chaos, but it is also the opportunity for the rise and development of our Terran."
"Now Daxia needs not only more monks, but also all kinds of talented people."
It is said that the royal sword of Baiyun Tower is drawn from its sheath, and suddenly Yi Long’s scale sword bursts with dazzling golden light, and its fingers look like the rising sun.
Langdao: "Now is the golden age. Would you like to study hard with your brothers to create a brilliant future?"
At that time, the scholars were excited and shouted.
Xia Shifu, a half-flying boat, was stunned and said, "Why didn’t I see Bai’s nephew have such a good eloquence before?"
The mountain elder smiled with a smile. "The cloud tower is extremely powerful, and it seems that the Yuan God is high and natural. In the long run, there are more words from the cloud tower than we said."
"Yuan god? If it’s true, it’s really a big summer blessing, "said Xia Shigu in some disbelief.
Later, Baiyun Tower announced that it had set up its own temporary president, Vice President Nangong Feiyangdan, and specialized scholars to solve personal problems and study doubts.
This school is like meeting a street lamp in the dark, and everything has a direction to go.
This was discussed by four people in the small courtyard last night. Sister Xia and Sister Dongfang both wanted to have a retreat recently, so they pushed Xiao Pang to the front desk.
When the exchange meeting ended successfully in the morning, Baiyun Louxue saw a figure, so she asked the Eastern pool to stay with the help of Yinru Mi Jiang.
After saluting, the younger brothers and sisters were all very orderly, but they left two children in the field. The woodcutter was the Baiyun Tower, and another girl about the same size stayed.
The little girl is nine years old, wearing two small buns on her head. She looks very cute in childhood, but her little face is a little tight and she is very serious.
Four people in Baiyun Tower walked slowly to the high platform, and Xiaopang walked to the side of Baiyun Tower to introduce the little girl. She said crisply, "Junior sister Nangong Xiaojing visited Brother Bai and two senior sisters."
"It turns out that Feiyang’s younger sister is not so polite." At the sound of this name, Baiyunlou knew the girl’s identity.
As soon as I recognized it, I suddenly found that the little girl was somewhat similar to the three-or four-year-old girl I saw in Xia Shimei’s dreamland.
"Small mirror, you also came to the hospital, and we sisters finally got it together." Xia Chaoyang took the little girl’s hand in front of her and was very sincere
Aside from Baiyun Tower, the strong little boy also followed suit in the first two steps, devoting himself to a gift of "Shi Qingshan meets all the brothers and sisters"
"Not bad, not bad," said Baiyun Tower, helping Xiao Qingshan. "Are you two used to coming to the hospital?"
The Nangong Xiaojing is very accustomed to saying that "the teachers and sisters in the school are very accustomed to it."
Xiao Qingshan was a little stiff and said, "Food and shelter are very good. My dad also asked me to thank Brother Bai for saying that I came to the hospital and also recommended it by Brother Bai, and I also presented three pulp washing pills."
Patted Xiao Qingshan’s shoulder, Baiyun Tower said with a smile, "That’s still Qingshan’s own talent. Listen to the martial arts seniors of the martial arts college talking about your high martial arts talent."
"Although you can still bleed air, you can concentrate on practicing martial arts first, but you can also practice martial arts to the extreme. If you have anything, you can also find this Nangong senior."
"Come to brother anytime" Xiao Pang patted his chest and said it was very generous tunnel.
Xiao Qingshan felt that the two brothers were close and there was no sense of formality. Nodding should be repeated.
Looked at the Nangong small mirror Baiyun Building and was surprised. "Small mirror is also very powerful, and it has already entered the condensation period."
Aside from the Nangong mirror, he said crisply, "I heard from my brother that the pulp washing Dandan Fang was a big brother who went a long way to get it from the desert. Thank you, brother."
With the wave, Baiyun Tower pointed to Xiao Pang and two school sisters and said, "This is not my own credit. Your brother and your two school sisters have helped a lot."
After talking for a few words, Nangong Xiaojing bowed down and left, saying that there were lessons to be returned to the mountain courtyard in the afternoon, and Xiao Qingshan followed suit and left.
Looking at the Baiyun Building with two small backs leaving, I asked, "Does the small mirror live in the women’s hospital?"
"It’s Xiao Jing’s own request that he wants to experience a real learning life," Xiao Pang replied in a general way.
Xia Chaoyang answered, "Xiao Jing has been so opinionated since she was a child that she doesn’t need our help when she falls down. Why have she entered the condensation period these days?"
Xiao Pang replied, "Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, my little sister came to Jiangnan Mansion with her master, and I brought it back to wash the marrow Dan, so I got through the meridians and directly sucked air into the body."
"I also took her to the hospital to check the pulse condition. It turned out that 90% of the Shui Mu pulse was alienated and the water mist transpiration in the pulse phase was endless."
Baiyun Corridor "Flying just now, I have carefully seen the talent of the small mirror, which is very extraordinary. Anyway, the small mirror is not an outsider, so we will go to Qingyun Gate together and be the horizon."
"That’s good. Let’s talk to Xiao Jing today." I love this little sister Xiao Pang, but I will think of her if there are any good things.