Now this black fog area has been exposed, and these three people have a rough look and then leave here.


They came in a hurry and left in the same hurry, which made them feel more surprised than surprised.
The three men left a brand-new area after they left, a mysterious area where their eyeballs never appeared.
In another part of this mysterious area, the ordinary cloth really turns into a thunder flash chasing the mini Zhu Xian Tower.
Dark without water curtain, the torrent becomes very quiet. The golden rainbow leaps to a place where generate shines and slowly stops.
Followed by the blue rainbow light, he also quietly slowed down and gradually stopped.
"Here? It seems to be true. "
Cloth ordinary slow down and look at the light beam ahead. generate is very soft. The softness of water blue makes people have a strange reverie.
He gradually pulled into the distance between the two sides and came to the back of the mini-Zhu Xian Tower without making a move, and carefully watched the softened and reverie beam.
Qiang Qiang!
That beam of light is making a strange sound. The golden light from the mini-Zhu Xianta generate resonates.
Cloth ordinary body at this time is no longer his own automation into a thunder flash before the past that soft beam together.
At the same time, the mini Zhu Xian Tower also flew to the beam surface.
In an instant, all the movements disappeared instantly, and even the original "David Tang" was completely silent at this moment.
The sound is silent, and those gorgeous lights are also converging around, except for the little glimmers that turn into darkness.
After about three hours, there was movement here, and the ordinary cloth returned to normal and became a fleshy body
"What’s the matter? Just now, I seemed to be sitting in the general feeling that the world is me and I am the world? "
Cloth ordinary delusion suddenly found in front of the Zhu Xian Tower has stood a water-blue groove, which is motionless and gives off a sacred breath.
He looked at everything in front of him and felt a little illusory. He felt that there were three special grooves where the mini-Zhu Xian Tower stood, all of which were automatically generated by the water-like method plate. Looking at this weird method plate, you can see that it was irregular.
There is still water-blue liquid flowing on the surface of the water-blue method. I don’t know if it is water or his mysterious liquid.
This dish is very strange. There are three grooves on the surface, all of which are in line with the size of the mini-Zhu Xian Tower. This mini-Zhu Xian Tower can be placed at will. In addition to the three special grooves, a large part of it is full of water-blue liquid. There are no grooves and no other strange shapes, just like ordinary chopping boards.
However, it is very appropriate that one end of this method plate was robbed of the limelight by the mini Zhu Xian Tower.
"Is it two seats short? We still need two such mini-Zhu Xian Pagoda? Where to find it? Then what does the latter part mean? "
Bu Pingfan couldn’t understand this strange dish, but he put it away and put it in the treasure bag in an instant.
The Fapan didn’t resist the mini-Zhu Xian Tower or the golden light of generate. These two things seemed to be silent and without spirituality.
After putting away the water-blue method plate, Bu Pingfan wandered around here. He found that the water curtain in it disappeared, but it seemed a bit faded.
He just thought that the water curtains were rushing up again, which made him feel a little strange.
"That’s right! This is the control of water power. It must be like this … "
Cloth ordinary unswerving horse urges the mind to think about the water flow, and it suddenly gushes out like crazy. These rivers are all evolved from that narrow water curtain and turned into large-scale water flow.
"Congratulations to the owner’s adult, you have got a kind of water control ability, which should belong to Han water as the thunder [ancestor] can control all the water in the world, but these control abilities are limited to the hidden true celestial world, the spiritual world and the human world! In today’s true celestial world, there must be a big situation that it is not the former true celestial world. "
Cloth ordinary stupid, but he also understood the meaning is very obvious, now the true fairy world must be a painting gourd rubbing out imitation, and the true fairy world has been hidden in the mini-Zhu fairy tower
A tower is a sky, and now he basically understands this meaning.
However, this tower is very funny, and now Bu Pingfan has just received a mini Zhu Xian Tower.
According to the fact that he found the aquamarine chart, it is inferred that there are two tower-shaped grooves left, which means that the chart can’t be opened, so the real celestial world may not be restored.
"And the blue plate can hold a few more such towers, but there is no such standing groove …"
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Hijacking
Through a series of guesses, Bu Pingfan is really cold to that true celestial world.
However, he didn’t think about it. He now has the ability to control two attributes. From the deep heart, he is still very happy.
He gently waved his hand in the opposite direction and shook his mind. The crazy gushing water stopped flowing out instantly.
"It’s a good ability to control this water property. Everything is true. I don’t know if it’s really replaced or something else. These can kill the dragon and tiger creatures after the fall of the twelve Lingshan in the spiritual world."
It is true that Bu Pingfan was inferred by hiding a piece of heaven in the mini-Zhu Xian Tower. As a result, he has no strength and leisure to verify that he can act according to the original plan.
Bu Pingfan collected the piece of blue liquid flowing water and left this place.
"Shrink to navigation! Objective Qin Kunzong’s portrait is like … "
He navigated quickly out of this mystery with the help of shrinking navigation.
Qin Kun Zong Xiaguang Wandao frequently sprinted to the whole Qin Kun Zong, and gradually a crack appeared and a person was drilled from the crack.
This man is Bu Pingfan. He has a mouth-watering mysterious power to control the two attributes of thunder and water, and he can control the thunder and water at any time without telling the truth.
"I don’t know whether Tong Jun’s inference is correct or not, and what the true celestial world is like. If it is really replaced, the old man will definitely hide this ancient pagoda and find the true celestial world at last."
With the rippling clouds, the ordinary cloth has appeared in Qin Kunzong. This time, he came directly into the area of the fairy neon fog and Xia array, and the Qin Kunzong field appeared.
Qin Kunzong suddenly all the younger brothers in the frying pan came out to watch this vision and the appearance of the Elder Department here.
Cheng Juehan and Shi Yiyi rose and looked at the place where the sunlight rippled far away. The former looked horrified because she first discovered the abnormal andao.
"Cloth ordinary? Is this what he made? Is that black fog area also his place? "
She couldn’t believe her eyes, but she could see the figure clearly. She was very familiar with it.
Not far away, Mu Qianqian, who was dug out somewhere in the abode of fairies and immortals, was also stunned by the help of two maids.
"Cloth ordinary? If that’s the case, it must be the movement in his black fog area. What opportunities should you get inside before you swear to come out here! Ahem … "
Mu Qian turned pale and said that in the end, the injury affected her and she coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.
She gnashed her teeth, and this kind of injury has been good since she was thousands of miles away from the mountains behind Qingyuemen.
Now Mu Qianqian has been seriously injured by ordinary boxing, which makes her feel wronged.
High school cloth ordinary glanced at Fang’s situation in a hurry and then ignored it and galloped in the direction of absolutely cold.
"Want to go to lingshan [xuan blood] no one to lead the way should be difficult to find? Or ask her to go … "
The spiritual world is vast and vast, and it is easy to find this Lingshan [Xuanxue]. First, he is extremely fast, and second, he has a shrinking navigation aid.
In this case, he can quickly find this Lingshan [Xuanxue]. Besides, this Lingshan is also very vast and can be found casually.
He wants to get rid of the cold zone, and he really wants to know more about the situation of Lingshan [Xuanxue]. He vaguely feels that this Lingshan is not simple.
In the eyes of the public, the ordinary figure of cloth came to Cheng Juehan like a ghostly phantom and directly took Cheng Juehan’s hands and then rose.
"What do you want? Let me go … "
Cheng absolutely cold struggled to get rid of the ordinary clutches of cloth, but she was indifferent to how she struggled
Behind her, Shiyi was stunned by this scene.
"Master …"
Shiyi gave a folded roar and immediately chased him out.
"In accordance with the son …"
Cheng absolutely cold can’t get rid of the ordinary clutches of cloth, and his eyes are full of despair and indignation.