Qin Qin glanced at the corner of his eyes and held the number plate high. It must be true that this Chengmo bid again.


I don’t know if he really wants to buy medicinal materials this time or if he is against the people of Yingwuhou! If it’s a dialogue, it’s too expensive
Shi Rui looked at the man holding up the number plate with a murderous look rushing out of the body and rushing out of the window to sweep away the building man.
This man has bid for the same thing with him many times! It’s okay to say that the things in front are not affected much, but this thousand hearts grass
This is a rare and precious medicinal material. Lord Ying Wuhou must have something great about this medicinal material. Lord Ying Wuhou has been searching all over the world for precious medicinal materials!
How dare this man rob Ying Wuhou? It’s a death wish!
A surge of killing gushed out and instantly fell to an area of Changshengsuo on the first floor.
Competitive murderous look is far from releasing murderous look, which fails to make this guy competitive!
Instantly, I often feel that the surrounding gas is suddenly crazy.
Several people who participated in the auction nearby shivered and fell to the ground.
Qin Qin is also a shrinking body, always lying in her arms. "It’s so cold to be a Mogong …" Qin Qin said, hugging Chang Sheng’s arm directly with both hands, and at the same time, an unchecked inhalation jumped into Chang Sheng’s body along the place where she contacted Chang Sheng.
Chapter 395 Really rich
"Chang Sheng, be careful that this woman tempts you!" Ancient monty suddenly appeared from Changsheng’s mind, awake and Changsheng.
Chang Sheng has been paying attention to Shi Rui’s murderous look. Suddenly, he heard the ancient monty wake up and be frightened. He quickly converged his mind. He immediately found that a delicate breath was escaping from Qin’s fingers and entering his own body.
This woman is so secretive! If the ancient monty hadn’t woken up, he wouldn’t have found this smell.
Chang Sheng’s back was instantly soaked, his eyes were soaked, a cold body and a surging breath rushed out and rushed straight for the gas. Shi Rui released murderous look and unconsciously forced Zhang Qin into his body breath.
Now the situation is that he knows that Qin Qin is very mysterious, but Qin Qin doesn’t know it and has been testing him. In this case, he has no reason to pierce it.
It is the best choice to force Zhang Qin out by dealing with Shi Rui’s murderous look.
Instantaneous Shi Rui murderous look and Chang Sheng breath collided in the air, giving out a hunting sound. The two smells gradually dissipated in the air, and the breath released by Qin Qin disappeared.
"This guy’s strength is good!"
Shi Ruilou looked down at the man with ordinary face but extraordinary strength and clenched his fist hard.
Since the murderous method forces the other side to retreat, you can lose money!
Hesitated a stone in my heart and shouted "100 million gold!" to Fang Gaoda.
"Wow …"
"100 million gold!"
"The auction has finally seen a single 100 million gold!"
"It’s really necessary to add 100 million Jin Shirui generals at a time!"
"What general Shi Rui he doesn’t need to increase so much money at a time? It’s just a wave! Add it a little bit! He’s such a wave. I estimate that if he doesn’t increase it to a high level and add another 12 million gold, the beard on the first floor will not stay up. "Some people have different opinions on Shi Rui’s fare increase.
"A little bit to add your general Shi Rui are you so have no energy? In my opinion, it is a real man to add 100 million gold at a time. That’s what domineering can do! "
When a few people discussed it, Chang Sheng sneered and raised his number plate again and again.
See him move all frightened again.
"No way, he raised his card again. Is he crazy?"
"This guy will add money? How much money does he have? Is he a small vault himself? "
Chang Sheng defiantly looked at the third floor and shouted "110 million taels of gold!"
Xie Shiwen’s auction table watched Fang keep increasing the price. The man suddenly remembered that when he first met him when he was still in Mengcheng auction house, the situation was suddenly tight, and more than 100 million yuan was already in his heart. Does this guy add money to make him have that much money?
As far as I’m concerned, Cheng Mo is rich, but he spends more money. When he came to Mengcheng, he bought things and had no money, so he just auctioned them off. Then he had to take out a Dan medicine to pay off debts.
This time he won’t want to play like this again!