Kou Tianxiao felt all eyes and thought about it, and finally stepped out firmly.


"If you want to reform the army, I quite agree that it is time for our army to be reformed!" Kou Tian Xiao’s voice ratio is firm
"What? Did I hear you right, Marshal? He is in favor of reform! "
"Oh my god, what’s going on today? Didn’t the marshal always oppose reform? Why did he suddenly agree today? "
"What’s the situation today? Am I going crazy or is the whole world crazy? Always the most determined conservative marshal, he actually supports reform! "
A group of military commanders stared at the marshal with a firm face, and they were very surprised. What did the marshal want to do?
Fang Yuanfu stared at Kou Tianxiao’s eyes tightly, trying to see the real thoughts in Kou Tianxiao’s heart, but no matter how he looked, he couldn’t see anything unusual in Kou Tianxiao’s look.
"What tricks does the old fox Kou Tianxiao want to play?"
Fang Yuanfu’s heart is tight. If Kou Tianxiao directly says that he has an opinion, he won’t feel strange, but Kou Tianxiao directly agrees, which is too strange! Naturally, he can’t really want to reform the army. He must have something to hide!
Kou Tianxiao is constantly looking at his heart by everyone, and he is not affected by the outside world at all. Now it is a very stupid move to refuse the emperor’s suspicion. After all, it is an emperor and he is a minister.
Although I say that if I oppose the emperor, I will also attach importance to my opinions, but it is really of little significance to directly oppose it today. It is better to follow the emperor’s wishes and then try to gain benefits myself. After all, the military is not monolithic. Besides its own military, there are real people such as generals and generals Liu who are more important than a surname. I don’t even know how many offices this three dynasties veteran military has installed.
It is also a good idea if we can expand our influence through the imperial reform. A few days ago, Ying Wuhou wrote that he hoped that he could find an opportunity to reform the army and expand his strength!
I have been hesitant to come, but I can take this opportunity today, so I promise to come!
It’s just that the reform can also cooperate with the children’s plan!
Kou Tianxiao looked at Chang Ganze without trace. Chang Ganze always laughed at himself, but he was doomed to never win himself. His son was a fool and his son was the first hero of the younger generation of the Daqi Dynasty. If it was not a letter from his son, he would never have thought that he would play such a big game!
Kou Tianxiao, the Grand Marshal of the Golden Temple, surprised everyone by his unexpected behavior.
He agreed to the emperor’s reform of the army. Isn’t he always the staunchest opposition? Even if this time it was because two generals were captured by Chang Sheng and then seized the opportunity by reformist civil servants, you can’t compromise like this, right?
Kou Tianxiao’s eyes moved from Chang Ganze to a surname.
Although Chang Ganze is the prime minister, he has a group of reformist supporters, and then some local officials support him. The military Chang Ganze has no power!
Without military strength, he will never be able to turn over any big waves!
But a surname is different!
Taishi is a veteran of the Three Dynasties. For many years, whether it is Beijing, China or the local government or the army, he doesn’t know how many people have been trained. Some of them are deeply hidden!
A surname is the real terrorist. This time, we must suppress a surname’s military snobbery through reform!
Kou Tianxiao respectfully kowtowed to the Dragon Chair Fang Yuanfu. "It is indeed time for our military to reform. I especially ask you to allow me to reform the military!"
"What? !”
"Kou Tianxiao said he was reforming!"
The military commanders reacted one by one when they heard the marshal’s words. The marshal was really powerful. This move retreated and played well!
Aren’t you going to reform? Well, then reform it, but you civil servants don’t know how to reform the army, and you have to reform it by the military commanders themselves!
The marshal has the final say on how to change the specific reform! Marshal is really English!
"Hum Kou Tian Xiao is really planning to reform by him. It’s a dream!" Fang Yuanfu sneered and waved his hand in his heart and said, "Kou Aiqing, you can recruit good soldiers even more if you run the army well. I know this, but when it comes to reforming Aiqing, do you understand it?"
Chapter 21 Pay back debts
"I have been thinking about how to reform the army. In fact, I played an army reform measure a few days ago!" Kou Tianxiao speaks amazingly again!