Continuously lean out the index finger point to connect the ground.


Yutian immediately led Long Ling himself to the large array, and Long Ling was a little strange. "This is cracked!"
The Imperial Heaven only ordered a few times to stop the operation of this large array and slowly break up.
Yutian himself walked into the park and saw an amazing picture …
A treasure rotates in half.
Long Ling looked at Bao and said disdainfully, "What? Just a broken ball is not beautiful at all. "
Knowing Lingbao, Longling likes those shining Lingbao.
Imperial day ignored these just weird said "earth … isn’t this the earth? Although it is a broken earth, there is no doubt that this is the earth. "
Hongjun refined the earth, but it was nourished by the first generation Terran and the second generation Terran, but in the end, many fragments were scattered. I didn’t expect to find an earth fragment. Although it is no longer a chaotic treasure after tomorrow, it now has a taste of the first treasure.
Yutian went to the front and glanced at it. "I didn’t expect terrans to be born!"
There are many terrans sleeping on the earth, and these terrans have chosen a special way to live. When the earth exploded, a soul stone also broke into this earth.
Therefore, these terran soul stones build a special game to make sleeping souls enter the game, so they come alive slowly in the universe, especially in the wild, with aura to nourish their flesh.
The Imperial Heaven looked strange and muttered, "What a strange fate it is to meet the original Terran here."
Imperial heaven came from the earth, and now it is always a touch to see the earth.
Gaze at the sleeping flesh of Terran in the sleeping game.
With a gentle stroke, the decomposition and creation force in the instant decomposition aura of the flesh slowly melts into the soul stone to nourish those human souls. These are the first generation Terran and the second generation Terran, and they have experienced so many hardships and are all good seedlings.
The imperial heaven will melt into its own heavenly decree with a gentle throw.
Yu broken earth was rejected by Long Ling and said, "It’s not good at all. I’m still so excited!"
Chapter 131 Avenue blood
"Feed … take me, ok …"
The little crystal dragon is pestering and beating, and its sparkling eyes are full of this expectation.
Yu Tian shook his head. This dragon spirit is really a wonderful work. It has the magical power of treasure hunting, but it doesn’t have enough strength. Yu Tian has to take him to treasure hunting. According to Yu Tian, since the strength is poor, go to practice. Wait until the practice is strong and then go to treasure hunting.
Who knows this dragon spirit won’t think so? How can you find those shiny things when you practice according to the meaning of dragon spirit for such a long time? When the time comes, they will all be taken away by others.
Imperial heaven is amused by this, and few of those beautiful and unreal things really look at it, especially the innate spiritual treasure, which is nothing at all for this era.
First Tianbao has a hand, and a small first celestial fiend has a chaotic treasure.
Congenital Lingbao really won’t be taken if you don’t throw it away.
Look at Long Ling and say, "Follow me and don’t talk nonsense. Follow me in the future!"
Imperial heaven is very serious, and her eyes are full of caution. This little girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, since she sent the door herself, has to ignore it. Although she is a little small, she is enough.
Long Ling eyes a bit confused greatly "follow you? Um … is there anything shiny? "
Imperial day chuckle "there are … not only a lot? You can have as much as you want! "
"Really … then I’ll follow you." Long Ling instantly said that her eyes were shining.
Imperial heaven immediately took Long Lingyu’s hand and flew to a secret place in the East China Sea.
Although it’s wrong to cheat a little girl like this, Yutian took out some diamonds in an instant, and the little girl really didn’t know that these diamonds without aura were so lethal to a dragon spirit that they could be easily obtained by burning the road.
Yutian shook his head and stared at a mountain range and said, "Here it is!"
Longling also showed a trace of fear when playing with gems. "Why here … I can feel that there is treasure here, but it’s too dangerous for me to come here!" "
Yu Tiandao "Don’t worry … I should be the safest place in the wild!"
Firm words carry an invisible pride. Speaking of it, Imperial Heaven has the qualification to be proud. It is already a loss for the foreign strong to come to this wilderness. If it is not necessary to accumulate now and choose a good opportunity to enter the foreign world, Imperial Heaven would have chosen to be detached.
Although detachment also needs to be accumulated, there are many ways to accumulate energy in the sky.
Long Ling doesn’t know these things, but he just feels secure. He doesn’t know what the name Yutian stands for, just that Yutian is very powerful.
Yutian walked into this mountain range by himself, and it was still strong in the East China Sea explosion. The mountain range is naturally treasured.
Imperial heaven think impassability reincarnation fiend how can put things here, after all, this is his chaos slay but is reasonable.
Imperial heaven is full of breath of reincarnation avenue, and this breath has a touch of fiend breath, which makes the large array here avoid as if Imperial heaven is the master here.
Suddenly an old saying came, "You’re here!"
Imperial heaven gazes at the cave stone tablet, the jade casting palace, where is a reincarnation idol.
Yutian’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, "reincarnation fiend!"
Yes, this proves that the reincarnation fiend has seen the reincarnation fiend once. I didn’t expect to see the reincarnation fiend once. Speaking of these fiends, even if they are dead, they will leave their own bearings. For example, God finds the fate and gets the fate. The fiend bearing also involves some old grievances!
So is the reincarnation fiend. His enemy is the light fiend, but now the light fiend belongs to the destiny fiend, and it is not the time of war, so he did not make moves in peace.
The reincarnation fiend looked at Yu Tiandao. "It’s been a long time since you finally came here. If it’s later, it’s estimated that this drop of jingxie will be damaged!"
Imperial Heaven stares at the jade statue, the shining red JingXie.
This JingXie flows slowly and gathers all the avenues.
Yutian’s eyes showed a strange way. "This is the purest avenue blood, not the blessing avenue blood you said!"
Samsara fiend once said that he would slay the blood of Zhong Dao and hide it. Imperial Heaven came to look for the blood of Zhong Dao fiend, which contains this blessing avenue. If it is refined, it will be able to raise the blessing avenue to the heaven realm. Once it enters the heaven realm, Imperial Heaven will be able to raise the opposing curse avenue to the heaven realm.
This minister avenue will naturally strengthen and the imperial heaven will grow when it rises to the Emperor Avenue.
Who knows that the blood in front of me doesn’t contain the blood in the avenue, which seems to be the blood in leisure time?
Samsara fiend nodded. "After all these years, my chaotic jade refinement has dissipated Zhongfu Avenue, which is to get this drop of pure avenue blood. You need to inject Samsara Avenue into it to turn this drop of avenue blood into Samsara Avenue blood, which will be of great help to you to achieve the body of the fiend and understand the chaotic Yuan God in the future!"
Royal day chuckle "it seems that your mind is still a lot? This arrangement is very good, but reincarnation avenue is not a major avenue! "
The Samsara Devil laughed when he heard this. "Haha … there are several kinds of Samsara Avenue that can be compared with Samsara Avenue. You have obtained my commitment to practice Samsara Avenue and it is perfect!"
Imperial day eyes slightly narrowed to the distant avenue blood a jilt.
However, I saw that the blood on this avenue slowly took off and fell into the palm of the royal heaven. "Compared with the major avenue, the reincarnation avenue is just slag. Seeing that you have helped the emperor so much, I will give you a chance to be reborn."
Words are presented by a soul.
The reincarnation fiend saw this soul and said, "What soul is this!"
Yu Tiandao: "The human soul is still a way for a generation of Terrans to integrate into the Chinese Terran. Living in a seat will take you into a foreign country!"

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