"Prepare for war investigation", said the Chinese enemy directly to his guild players.


Name Shi Fu Guan No.5
At the beginning of the spiritual order
Grade 6
Qi and blood value 2
Physical attack 6
Spell attack 2
Physical defense 5
Spell defense 3
The active skill, the cloak-throwing knife method, makes the long knife in the back waving at the enemy chop out more than a dozen knives at a very fast speed, which can cause multi-level continuous blows to the enemy and cause great damage, and will also cause the enemy to be bleeding with the cutting effect.
Take the initiative to hit the Shi Fu’s manager with all one’s strength, and then slam the enemy at a super-fast speed, causing massive damage to the enemy and having a certain chance of cutting off the damage. After being released, there will be a minute of weakness.
The active skill, fire and wind chop, instantly increases its speed by 100%, and unexpectedly releases the attack to the enemy. The explosive fire energy contained in the attack will cause great damage to the enemy and will also repel the enemy.
Active skills
Achilles heel, head, heart
Passive skill research is extremely aggressive, greatly improving the attack power, defense power, movement speed and attack speed of the deputy general manager.
The deputy general manager Shi is the most capable person of the owner of the king’s tomb. They are in charge of the operation of the whole three-story king’s tomb and shoulder the responsibility of defending the king’s tomb. At the same time, it is also the core force of the three-story king’s tomb. The force value is absolutely beyond your imagination.
"How can I play with nine spiritual bss?" Zhao Bohao saw the N attribute posted by scouts and was depressed. This nima is going to beat the rhythm.
"Let’s meet each other. Everyone must cooperate with each other to kill their witch gods." The Chinese enemy roared and rushed out to see the witch shield in his hand, releasing a golden light, and then a huge shadow of the ancestors floated to the middle.
After the golden light flashed from the sky, the virtual shadow of the soil directly melted into the Chinese enemy’s body. After the possession of the Chinese enemy, the whole person became a mixed loess color, and the whole person skyrocketed, and a powerful force emanated from the Chinese enemy.
"Zuwuli" Chinese enemy will shield fiercely split out and see a yellow light flashing, a mass of energy like a fist directly crashed into the investigation Shi Fu manager just now.
"Ding-dong player Huaxia hostile assistant vice president Guan No.5 released Zuwu Li, Zuwu Li has hit, triggered critical strike effect, triggered critical damage effect, triggered Zuwu Li passive real damage"
"You first, I’ll solve this little shrimp first." The former Shi Fu manager stopped clutching his chest and then the lotus flower in his eyes flashed directly at the Chinese enemy.
"Who will solve who is not necessarily?" Huaxia drafty came out directly, waved the lion bone wooden shield and rushed out. The Chinese enemy also stood up with Wu Aegis and rushed out.
"Old four young man let’s hold a first," Tianyu first saw that the Chinese enemy had fought and turned to rush behind them. Two people said that they rushed to the front one by one.
"Drink and watch the sword" The first long sword in the sky suddenly appeared with a thick sword, which stabbed the head of Shi Fuguan, but he took a sword with a long knife, and then he stopped to look at the first in the sky.
"My opponent is here. You just have to kill me." The attacked deputy general manager directly rushed forward and then rushed to the first place in the sky.
"If you want to hurt my boss, ask my hand first, fine steel Shield. Cut it." Tianyu’s fourth suddenly rushed over, and the big shield hit the enemy with the power of Lun Bi.
"Ding-dong player Tian Yu’s fourth deputy general manager No.3 released the shield, and it has been hit."
Shi, the deputy general manager, was cut to the body with a shield. The horse turned into a blood-red hand, and the sword slammed into his shield directly.
"Ding-dong, the fourth player has blocked the sky, and the block has been successfully blocked. The attack on the third manager has been offset by the player’s loss."
"Be careful with this cargo, boss." Although Tianyu’s fourth block was successful, Shi Fuzong’s strong strength repelled him with one blow and retreated to Tianyu’s first side before a sudden stop stopped the retreat.
"Nothing, take your time. 2 blood volume is a protracted war." If bss is not abnormal, is it still called bss?
"Rose tulip, I went, and you are ready to attack at any time." Not to be outdone, the thorny rose rushed out with her two strongest sisters.
"I’ll leave this to my brothers. Go on, hey hey." A deputy general manager saw three female players rushing to lock their attention directly, and then he rushed at the thorny rose with a grimace of a grin.
"Hum, dare to look down upon us for being shot by cold inflammation." The thorny rose heard the man’s dialogue and was stronger in her life. She hated people who looked down on women the most, or she wouldn’t have pulled out such a behemoth as the top ten guilds by herself. Seeing her pike flashing with intense light, she stabbed the deputy general manager in front of her.
"Little Niang is quite strong." Shi, the deputy manager, didn’t mean to see the cold inflammation shooting of the thorny rose coming, but the thorny rose was so easy to deal with. Seeing her shake a gun and shoot it directly into the chest of the decorative manager.
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= = = Chapter one hundred and forty A woman wins a man = = =
Chapter one hundred and forty A woman wins a man
"Ding-dong player’s thorny rose released the cold inflammation shooting on the ninth deputy manager of Shi, and the cold inflammation shooting has hit, triggering critical strike effect, triggering critical damage effect and triggering fire and water two-day effect."
Vice-president Shi directly covered his chest and stepped backwards. The seemingly weak and thorny rose gave him a vivid education lesson. The name is that women hold up half the sky.
"Ha ha, so I like it." Although Shi’s deputy manager was hit by a thorny rose, he did not have a trace of panic but raised a ferocious expression.
All of a sudden, the assistant general manager rushed at the thorny rose with an acceleration, and the red knife in his hand also rolled at the thorny rose with a discerning blade.
"If you want to hurt my elder sister, it depends on whether I agree or not to spend the sea burial place." The thorny tulip sticks directly, and when I saw a colorful light flying out of it, I went straight into the thorny rose feet.
Suddenly, a flower emerged from the foot of the thorny rose, then withered quickly, then two flowers withered again, and then four withered. In a blink of an eye, a thick sea of flowers directly covered the Fiona Fang part of the thorny rose one meter away.
In the sea of flowers, a vigorous rise will directly block the deputy general manager.
"Flower ha ha woman stuff give me a broken cloak knife method" Shi, deputy general manager, saw that his attack was resisted and sent a powerful attack directly.
I saw his red knife light up with a thick light, and the red knife spit directly, and then I saw the red knife bombarding the flowers and seas like a high wind to form an air cover.
"Ding Dong, the deputy general manager of No.9, released the chaotic cloak knife technique to the player’s thorny rose, because the chaotic cloak knife technique of No.9, the deputy general manager of Huahai Tibetan Gas Mask, has been offset by the player’s loss."
"Ding Dong, the deputy general manager of No.9, released the chaotic cloak knife technique to the player’s thorny rose, because the chaotic cloak knife technique of No.9, the deputy general manager of Huahai Tibetan Gas Mask, has been offset by the player’s loss."