The ancient monk looked up and seemed to feel something. He said, "I didn’t expect that I sealed it for ten thousand years, but you lived for ten thousand years. It’s a pity that I didn’t have much time to stay in this world. Otherwise, I really want to go out and see what changes have taken place outside. I think it must have changed a lot. I really want to go back to my hometown to see it … but I envy your long life."


Chapter three hundred and fourteen The punch line
The ancient monk spoke to the empty voice, and everyone held their breath and wondered if it had something to do with the mysterious voice before.
But it turns out that this is really the case. The second awakened ancient monk really knew the mysterious sound master.
"Long life is like staying here and not getting out. Tens of thousands of you volunteered to seal the crystal of life to guard against this accident. But now almost ten thousand years have passed, and many monks have already died. There are more than one hundred of you left here. Didn’t you say that if the tomb was blocked, you asked me to help you? Now that I have done it, it is not a breach of trust. "
Hearing this ancient monk envy his long life, the sound was faint and he replied.
The ancient monk smiled. "It’s very kind of you to wait for these people. It’s an expression that I didn’t expect you to take it seriously, but I still have to thank you for giving me a chance to stay. It seems that they made the right decision to keep you guarding the ancient tomb."
"You humans all like this? It’s a little late to thank you for everything you’ve done, "said the mysterious voice, but it can be inferred from this sentence that the owner of this mysterious voice is not human."
Since it is not human, it is very likely that it is a monster beast. When it is cultivated to a certain extent, the monster beast can reshape the flesh and become an adult. It is not surprising for monks that not only the monster beast, but also the vegetation will be born after a long time, and the spiritual wisdom will be transformed into an adult after being cultivated.
"Your temper has remained the same for so long, but now I’m out of time, so you can say here today … there is no future." The ancient monk only flicked a little light into the eyebrows of Red Cloud. "He can get so many things from me by refining his mind."
Chiyun screamed like Han Chuang before, twisted and groaned in pain, and seemed to be trying his best to be in great pain.
The ancient monk also walked very insipid, without leaving a superfluous word, the smoke disappeared, and there was no fear, relief and serenity in heaven and earth. It seems that there is a big gap between the ancient monk and the present monk, which is fear and avoidance for death, and these two consecutive ancient monks are quiet in the face of death as if they were doing a trivial thing.
It’s true that all ancient monks value kindness over life and death.
With the death of the ancient monk, the quiet scene has resumed its excitement. Every monk tries his best to break this spar as quickly as possible to revive the ancient monk inside. Maybe he can also give the ancient monk a good word. This is important for his own strength progress.
Red cloud was one of the stronger in the same level, but it was still not enough before the ancient monk. It was still his limit just now, otherwise it would not be painful to roll over his head. Li Yan looked at this man so miserably, and there were some doubts in his heart that this man would die here like this.
However, it is obvious that the red cloud survived, and he was not overwhelmed by the ancient monk’s strength, but even so, his state is not good now. "A powerful force almost dispersed my fascination, and this strength is only the ancient monk’s body and nine Niu Yi hairs. It seems that I have to digest it for a while, and it will take me less than a month to fully integrate this memory."
He has felt a memory that doesn’t belong to him, and it keeps coming to his mind. These memories are all based on the cultivation method. If we can integrate them, maybe we can learn the magical power of the ancient monk.
When Chiyun was thinking, other people’s eyes had already moved away from him, and Li Yan continued to chop down the spar in front of him. Although it was not sharp enough, it was not enough. However, after swinging the sword many times, the cracks in this spar became more and more. I believe it will be smashed soon.
"Keng ~!" Li Yan’s arm was hurt by the shock again. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This work is really not done by people, but others are even worse. Many people have not shaken the spar until now."
Not everyone is lucky enough to find a piece of spar that is about to be broken and then hit most of it without blowing off dust. It is still very hard, and some of it is even harder than Li Yan’s piece, while other animals barely chop at others without cutting the mysterious gold and firm shock wave, but it is not so lucky.
Up to now, many people have tried to find a more successful way to fight it in front of spar.
"Brother Li, can you do my sister a favor?" At this time, too amen. Two female monks came to Li Yan with a face of earnest and delicate appearance as if they had been bullied.
Li Yan eyebrows move "two is? ?”
"My name is punch line, and this is my sister Lian Zhu. We are twin sisters."
"The punch line? The name is quite interesting, and twin sisters are really rare. It’s really rare for twins to share the same realm with the monks. I think you are the only one in the Amen. Tell me what can I do for you. "Li Yan’s tone is very dull. He can practice to refine the gods and come in here. None of the monks save oil lamps. If this pair of pretty women neglect their guard, they will be guaranteed to suffer a big loss.
"Brother Li is really nothing. We two sisters are too weak to blast the spar. Please ask Brother Li to help us. You also know that if our sisters don’t smash two pieces of spar in three days, our sisters will be killed by the mysterious man. They won’t help us to trouble Brother Li. Brother Li is powerful. This should be a breeze for the elder brother." Then the two women looked at Li Yan’s side. This piece has been smashed almost. At this moment, a monk will be able to smash it with more efforts.
Li Yan is waiting for the elite to see at a glance that what these two women are trying to do is to pick up a bargain and let themselves be suckers.
See Li Yan didn’t directly refuse to answer the punch line. The two sisters gave me a hint of joy in their beautiful eyes, which means it’s possible.
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Refiner Han Chuang
Li Yan is well aware of the quip that two women want to take advantage of each other. It’s hard for them to get this spar, but there are only a few left. These two people just want to take advantage of it. How can there be such a good thing in this world, even if they are a pair of pretty enchanting sisters?
Li Yan immediately said, "since you two don’t join hands with your sisters, it shouldn’t be difficult to break a spar. Okay, please let me go. I have things to do."
The punch line is that instead of letting one of the two sisters grab Li Yan’s arm, she pleaded softly, "Brother, please kindly help us. We are really not strong enough and we can’t break the spar. My sister and I have tried several pieces before, but it didn’t help. Brother has to be able to easily break a spar. This favor is also a lift a finger. Our two sisters’ lives are all pinned on brother."
Brother left, brother right, brother makes people’s bones brittle. If you were a monk with poor concentration, you would definitely say yes without saying anything, but Li Yan is different. He is not soft-hearted
"Well, you’re right. I have a way to break a spar, but what can we do to help you? Although you are too noble brothers, you should also know that I, Li Yan, have killed people in the criminal court, but I have not been forgiven by too Amen today. To say offensive words, I am just too Amen now, and it is only a matter of time before I leave. "Li Yan’s divine power shocked these two women from the side."
The punch line Lian Zhu didn’t expect herself to be so pleading with this Li Yan, but she didn’t agree with her heart of stone and even shocked her two delicate beauties. Is this person’s concentration really so strong?
"Well, don’t bother me. If you have this, you might as well try it more. Maybe if you find a piece of spar that is easy to break, it will be easy to fight." Li Yan waved his marching orders.
Instead of being driven away, the two women cried and said, "Brother Li, if you don’t help us in two days, we will be wiped out by that mysterious man."
Li Yan said, "It’s your business that you are obliterated. Do I have to help others if they have difficulties? I’m not a bad guy. You two leave quickly. Don’t bother me. Otherwise, don’t blame me. "
"Brother Li will be so rude. We two sisters just want to ask Brother Li for a favor."
"rude? Hehe, it seems that we don’t have any friendship. Since there is no friendship, let’s talk about it. Don’t importune me here. Although my temper is better, it is also neat to kill people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t openly kill people in the criminal court at the beginning. "Li Yan’s eyes flashed with murder.
The two sisters’ hearts jumped. They were very clear about the murder of Li Yan’s criminal court. At that time, when they heard the news, they could hardly believe that anyone dared to commit murder among the Amen, and it was a majestic place like the criminal court
"That … that doesn’t bother Brother Li." Finally, the two women dared not importune and hurried away.
Look at the two men leave Li Yan is not frowned "arguably, the two women can get places to come in here strength should not be weak and two people together words can’t be a spar boom but also want to find me don’t have any plot? Is that I have nothing to plot for them. "
Li Yanke doesn’t believe that these two women are looking at themselves pleasing to the eye or trying to get close to themselves before finding themselves.
However, since the two women have left, there is no need to put this matter on and continue to work harder to break this spar. But this just waved a sword and saw the punch line just now. The two sisters strode with the body refiner Han Chuang.
"What’s the matter again?" Li Yan is wrinkly to knit, not in the mood, really bad.
Han Chuang said coldly, "Li Yan, you are so bold that you dare to threaten the two female monks in the same school. I want to ask you for help. You should help each other, but you ignore it with a little repair. I ask you if you want to rebel from the clan and make a big mistake?"
The harsh tone of the words is like reprimanding the younger generation.
If it’s normal, Li Yan will kill him directly, which meeting will listen to this guy’s fart, but he has to be afraid at the moment. There is also a monk in Nuoxing’s territory hidden among the Amen, and up to now, this monk in Nuoxing’s territory has hidden extremely well, and there is no trace left in Li Yan. I have been unable to determine this monk in Nuoxing’s territory.
"Listening to people’s tone is somewhat elder posture. This time, too Amen came in. The friar is a total of people even in me, and among this person, Yao Shi Li’s night mark and I both know each other. It can’t be the friar of Nuoxing’s territory. The rest is the refiner Han Chuang’s quip, two sisters Duanmu Yan and another alchemist, that is to say, the friar of Nuoxing’s territory is among these five people."
It’s easy for a Godsworn to try to refine the hidden repair among Godsworn, but Li Yan seems to be the most likely one, Han Chuang, because this man was the first to break SPAR and get the ancient Godsworn.
It is much easier for Godsworn to smash SPAR than to refine Godsworn. This is the key.
"Don’t hide the team’s monk is this Han Chuang? If so, then I can bear this tone. "
Li Yan is not unappreciative, and he is still dead on the words of the Godsworn in the realm of Nova.
See Li Yan don’t talk Han Chuang also he was afraid of his continued, "I know your name is Li Yan and I know that you are too Amen to do things, but since the owners don’t pursue it, I can’t say much, but just now you spoke to slay my roommate, but I have to ignore that both of them are weak women and hate bullying women the most. I want you to hand over this spar to make amends. You can leave me and let bygones be bygones."