"It’s less …"


"It’s like this. If you don’t want to do it, it’s not. I believe you should have a lot of people staring at this position, right? There should be a lot of oil and water in the general manager of Shenzhen International Hotel? "
Body shaking violently again.
The middle-aged bald man took a deep breath.
"I’m white, but-"
"I also hope that you can give me a little face later because the other party is my master."
After saying this sentence, the middle-aged bald man hurried away.
And the ending face also has an intriguing expression. Before he saw the middle-aged bald man’s face showing reluctance, he had guessed that this person was definitely not simple, but he didn’t expect this person to be such a source.
And this time the party wants to wait for people to come around.
"If I can’t do it, forget it. Anyway, I can’t choose the business suite."
If Fang wants to say that finish, people such as water, bare love and tired heart have also expressed their views.
And lazy Xiaotian and wangyi said.
"Yeah, no room is so-called, otherwise, wangyi and I can have a couple suite."
Looking at all the people to throw their own steps ended but shook his head.
"I’ll take care of this matter. No matter who it is, I have to spit it out."
"Even if the other party is the owner of this store, so what? If you want to do business, you have to draw a path. If you told me before that there was no room, I wouldn’t do it. "
When I heard the ending, I thought that everyone knew that the ending was determined to get the presidential suite back, so several people stopped talking.
Waiting for nearly ten minutes or so.
The vip ladder once again hit the middle-aged bald man with a flattering face before the end of the previous curtain, and he also bowed with a young man, and the young man’s face also showed an impatient expression.
Coming towards the end of this side when mouth still pour out a way
"Mom, this little thing can’t be done well. I don’t care about his identity. Does my hotel count?"
Said the young man followed the middle-aged bald man came to the curtain and others.
He glanced at the curtain and others with cold eyes.
Before he could speak, his eyes fell on Fang Xiang.
And this time just want to also see the man.
Two eyes like a fierce spark collision in the gas.
Everyone felt the sudden cold air around them.
One second-
A sarcastic smile appeared on the young face beside the middle-aged bald man.
"Ah, isn’t this Fang Xiang?"
"How to think you are not out of the dream? Come back to muddy water again? "
"If I remember correctly, your new urk seems to have dissolved?"
Words here.
Fang Xiang’s fist has been tightly clenched.
And the curtain and others are also shocked at this time.
They naturally knew that this young man was the young master of this Shenzhen International Hotel, but they didn’t expect that it was this young man who wanted to know Fang.
But from the youth’s mouth, they seem to hear a little different feeling.
The young man is not so good at showing peace and thinking.
It can even be said that from what they just said, they heard that the young people wanted to be sarcastic.
Because I don’t know what grievances Fang wants to have with this young man, whether it’s the end or Han Xuanxuan, everyone has no mouth.
At this time, Fang Xiang’s eyes are also cold and aimed at the former
"Hu Zhipeng, you still can’t change * * * *, right?"
"Is your mouth still so smelly?"