Chixiao stared at the black cat, although Ding Ke was a good friend.


But let’s get rid of this kind of thing!
"You cry a lot before this guy."
"Jie among each other, right? That’s not how you used to call your sister. "
Xu Le saw that they uncovered each other and dared not cut in at this time.
Play dead when eating.
One person and one cat fought each other for a while, which completely solved the embarrassing atmosphere before and made Chixiao eat normally.
Then Xu Le found that … Chixiao’s appetite was amazing.
Hot and sour rice noodles are just like not eating them, and then eating his share.
What to eat has never stopped
He didn’t dare to cheep silently, and then called here to give a few copies to Chixiao.
Xu Le glanced at the blindfold of Chixiao and she slightly raised her mouth.
I suddenly feel that this meal is at least a good meal for a successful friend, which is quite good.
"These foods … taste quite rich," said Chixiao suddenly.
After saying this, she also relaxed her eating. I wonder if it was because she realized that Xu Le had been observing her.
"That must be much more delicious, but you have no knowledge." Ding Ke is very angry with Chixiao.
I can see that it is very interested in the fact that it lost to Chixiao, and it has become somewhat targeted.
Compared with Ding Ke, there are more than a dozen minds in honest and frank.
"I know too little about eating. After all, I spend most of my time practicing and fighting."
Ding ke …
"It’s better to eat my chicken leg and just happy water."
The topic of one woman and one cat is over. Chixiao has turned his attention to Xu Le, who hasn’t been cheeping much.
"Why don’t you talk? Is it embarrassing to have dinner with me?"
"It was awkward before, but now it’s gone."
"That’s good" ChiXiao nodded his head.
Xu Le’s eyes here are a little complicated.
He knows very well that Chixiao is definitely not the kind of silly sweet girl who has never been wet behind the ears. She is not stupid or sweet at all.
On the contrary, she is very clever, and she is absolutely rich in IQ, which can be seen from the performance of the lighthouse in the past
And kill without blinking an eye … No exaggeration means kill without blinking an eye.
The contrast between Chixiao and the woman in front of me is too great. This is where Xu Le is not used to it.
"You always look at me strangely, Xu Le. Don’t treat me as an alien, although I am disabled …"
"Never. Absolutely not."
"Tell me about your research to cultivate the ancient sound and multi-tree substitution … do you want to replace it?"
If there is anyone in this world who knows the ancient sound of the mother tree, the two most profound suspicions besides the ancient sound are Xu Le and Chixiao.
The boundary time of Chixiao mother tree is far more than that of Xu Le.
She knows the secret of the mother tree as much as Xu Le, and she can see through Xu Le’s ideas at a glance.
Xu Le knew that the real conversation was from now on, and he got serious.
"It’s the current situation of the mother tree … do you understand?"
"Chaos, corruption and pollution. Do you mean these?"
"That’s probably it. There is too little contact place and time. I don’t know whether it is like this before the mother tree or after it changes.
I infer that after it is separated from too many rules, it becomes brainless after the ancient sound is separated. "
There may be one person in the world who can talk to himself about the ancient sound of the mother tree.
Xu Le was very interested in this conversation and inferred from his heart.
The situation here in Chixiao is similar.
She has a lot of contact with the ancient sound mother tree, even more than Xu Le, and she is also full of worries about the situation of the ancient sound mother tree.
Xu Le is also very special for Chixiao.
In addition to choosing the right fruit, Xu Leren is also the only person who can communicate with many ancient trees.
"What do you think is right? The situation is not so bad before the mother tree.
When it gets worse … it seems that it is these two years. "
"These two years …" Xu Le frowned slightly.
"It is from the time when you appeared in the mother tree world that the Red Crescent robbed the Red Crescent and sent out a howling. Something should attack it.
I can’t get close to the Red Crescent with God’s care, and I don’t know much about the specific situation. "
Chixiao’s words made Xu Le frown deeper.
He is special, which he can be sure of.
The soul tree and the ancient mother tree are inextricably linked.
From a certain point of view, the characteristics of the soul tree are too similar to those of the mother tree, and they are similar to the extent that they can be replaced.
Xu Le himself came up with the idea of replacing it because of the persecution of the mother tree.
"Mother tree has become impatient since I appeared?"
"But that was the first time I heard the red crescent howling. Since then, the Kuroshio has become more violent than before."
"Then do you think it is possible that something has made the mother tree of Guyindo urgent?"
Xu Le didn’t put the words too full. He tentatively looked at Chixiao.
Chixiao pondered for a moment and then nodded his head.
"It is urgent, and it is very eager to kill the world affected by the Red Crescent."