Should be ice blue eyes looked at the light beam suddenly flashed slightly, and then Lin moved to see her whole body filled with cold and suddenly she was strong back to the body.


Flash Lin eye building shrank one by one an ominous feeling chung mind immediately nasty drink a way.
The front should seem to have heard him drink a little ice blue eyes and stared at Lin Dong. Immediately, the cold cheek suddenly emerged with a smile.
Just as she laughed, that beam of light was already slamming her body blood. At this moment, the slender figure was splashed with blood, and the flowers were filled with sadness.
Lin looked at the upside-down and slender figure, his eyes were splitting, and his red eyes were still bleeding. For a moment, his body was quickly swept away in the middle, and he hugged the shadow-guessing stretch and the mighty force penetrated into his body. Even when the bones broke and the sound sounded, he held the girl’s arm trembling in his arms without saying a word, but it was not loose at all.
What are you doing?
Lin looked down at her arms, and the ice blue in her eyes quickly faded away. The girl angrily shouted that she should have been able to avoid that attack before, but in the end she gave up.
I am no match for him.
Should be looking at Lin move that angry face pale little face with a sad smile.
Only in this way can dad be forced to show up. I know that this may lead to two wars, but I don’t want to see you die at their hands.
On the contrary, you are all used to my sex, so let me have sex again
Lin froze his face and his anger froze at the moment. He looked at the beautiful girl smiling at him in his arms and couldn’t help shivering slightly.
This girl who was angry at herself when she first met him because she gave up the Temple of Heaven and joined the talent of wild waves.
This girl, who was once able to bring back immortal and ancient species by sects, left her life alone to stop the enemy.
This once put sects in the first girl.
I should have done such a thing to force Xuan to appear when this would trigger two wars.
This is all because I don’t want to see him die.
Lin move tightly hug the bosom girl hoarse way rest assured that I won’t die easily.
Ren Yuan looked at this scene with a slight frown, but his voice just fell and his face suddenly changed. When he saw Lin Dongying, he suddenly twisted behind him at this moment, and then a man in a gray and white robe came along. At the same time, his faint angry voice echoed through heaven and earth.
People yuan you have gone too far. Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Top strong clouds
The sky is torn, and the man in the gray gown looks gloomy and angry, but as he now hangs over the city, the pressure suddenly fades away and goes to qi.
Ying Xuandao Zhang Jiao also appeared.
Several people in the city looked at the sky now, and suddenly the figure was shocked, and then it was faintly excited. It is not always possible to see this kind of big man touching.
Welcome to Zhang Jiaochen, four people, and many Taoist brothers are also ready and shouted at this moment.
They all know very well that people have their hands on things today. If they should be mysterious, that person can stop them.
Hehe, Ying Xuan, you are finally willing to show up. Yuan Yuan looked at Ying Xuan’s eyes slightly narrowed and immediately light way
Ying Xuan’s line of sight first looked at the two people holding Ying Lin and looked at them as injuries. In his deep eye pupil, there was also a bit of ice. cool colour sounded low and Taoist Yuan. You are also a palm teacher who is willing to pull your face in front of so many people facing my brother’s hand. You really don’t treat your face like a face.
People yuan frowned slightly less immediately, saying that my younger brother was slaughtered by all your Taoist priests this time. It was not the same, but it was also done too much.
The sectarian contest is governed by the rules of the sectarian contest. Has the loss of my Taoist Sect in these sessions been lighter? Everyone knows what my Taoist Sect has done in these sectarian contests. Have you ever pursued anything? Don’t you dare to fight for your life? Ying Xuan sneered.
There are also some hisses in the city where Xuanyin falls. Most people here know the loss of Daozong in these sectarian competitions, but now Yuanmen’s excuse is obviously that even some passers-by can’t see the past.
People’s eyes flashed a gloomy color. He stared at Ying Xuan and said slowly, this forest must go to my Yuanmen to atone. If you really want to stop me, Yuanmen will never let it go.
There are some threats in people’s vowels. He has always been cautious and calm after he knows Xuan quite well. Generally, he tries to avoid this sectarian war. Although he lost his followers in that year, he finally suppressed the sectarian main battle. He believes that this time he will choose to retreat when he meets Xuan.
Ying Xuan obviously listened to the overtones of the human element, and the eyes were deep. Even with a touch of sen’s cold, he slowly gripped his palm, and then he felt a look at his line of sight. The girl in Lin’s arms bit her lip and stared at him with some pleading.
make a din
People yuan said smile palm ling a grasp is a black and white hand directly to the forest to grasp.
Palm teach dust really and others looked at immediately color change nasty way
Ying Xuan’s eyes were gloomy. After he stared at the young figure covered in blood, he quietly held the girl in his arms and didn’t say anything for help. He was stubborn and persistent.
The girl’s bright eyes are still staring at him intensely. It’s the deep red blood seeping through her teeth and her lips, which is mournful and gorgeous.
A sigh is always ringing in Ying Xuan’s heart, and soon his eyes are suddenly sharp, and the sleeve robe is suddenly twisted with a wave of his hand, which is directly to shock and explode the black and white hand.
Your eyes sank
I once told this little guy that I want him to stay with Daozong for a day, and Daozong is his patron. If you want to touch him today, Daozong will accompany you in the first world war of Yuanmen. The deep voice of Yuan Yuan is still thundering, which makes the world tremble.
People’s face is finally getting ugly at this moment. Obviously, he didn’t expect to say these words when he was always striving for stability.
The super sectarian war is obviously terrible. Although the strength of Yuanmen is stronger than that of Daozong, people know that they will pay a huge price for this war even if they win.
Ying Xuan, it’s unwise of you to do so. People are cold.
I don’t have a dispute with Taoist Sect. In those days, Zhou Tong killed Yuanmen recklessly. I can say anything. But this time, although Lin Dong killed all your Yuanmen in different magic realms, he was wrong in the rules. If I tolerate you again, my Taoist Sect can still unite and be cold-eyed.
Should be in the big eyes at the moment with a bright color coming to her, knowing that Ying Xuan said these words, even people dare not make a move.
People’s face is uncertain for a while, but it’s something to say about sectarian war. Even he dare not start it easily, and it’s really not the time yet