Sun Hao, a small fire, turned over on her shoulder and was very happy. At the same time, a picture that she would never forget in her mind flooded in.


In the thunder of heaven, I shivered and hid my brother from the wings of Taikoo Lei Shou.
Taikoo Lei Shou was covered with silver and covered himself up. Thunder kept falling and bombarding his huge body
A harsh silver light through feather eyes.
Lei Guang’s brother’s body was smashed by thunder and burst into deep red blood.
afflicted with wounds of all descriptions
The thunder bombarded relentlessly.
My brother didn’t flinch in the long whistle.
At that time, I was so moved, and now I want to have a warm side.
At that time, my tears rolled down my heart and I solemnly promised that "the elder brother and the younger generation will follow you …"
Involuntarily, a small fire hugged Corleone’s neck and moved affectionately.
As the memory gradually wakes up
More warmth, more stories, more past events.
Small fire in my heart really wants to know what I have experienced with my brother. Every time I think of something, I am so impressed and moved.
Sun Hao stretched out his hand and touched the warm fur of a small fire, but his eyes looked unblinkingly at the black dragon’s true inflammation, Du Jie.
Sun Hao doesn’t have the black dragon phlogistic molding forehand, which is because Sun Hao also needs the black dragon phlogistic completion type.
However, after the formation of the black dragon phlogistic disease, Sun Hao drove the rust water to completely destroy the metal of the white bone dragon boat, so that the black dragon phlogistic disease really faced the formation disaster.
What we have done is based on two considerations: naturally, we need the black dragon to support the small fire through the robbery of Yuan Ying; Second, it is also because the black dragon’s true inflammation needs to go through the catastrophe of heaven before it can really take shape and come into the world, and then it can really meet the requirements of Sun Hao’s "unique taste"
The black dragon is really inflamed and swims in the white clouds, actively trying to deal with the lightning disaster.
This thunderbolt has come, and he has been locked by heaven. He must be robbed if he can hide.
And this is what he must go through after he is born, and he can’t hide.
Although he was shocked by the thunder intensity of Heaven, it is now the strongest time after his birth. Baiyun has many descendants of the true dragon blood.
More importantly, this place is the sea where the real dragon fell, and it is also the birthplace of him. The huge Black Dragon Island is the source of his true fire of life, and it can continuously gain and expand the true fire.
It can be said that if you can’t Du Jie at this time, there may be fewer opportunities in Du Jie in the future.
What’s more, Baiyun Jinlong Banner has been destroyed, and he has no escape route to hard connect.
The rift of Longpan Baiyun is getting bigger and bigger.
Black clouds accumulate and thunder rumbles like the end of the world.
And black clouds are flying in pieces, and a huge black dragon in the white clouds is roaring to the sky as if to borrow life from heaven to fight against fate.
In the roar, the black dragon flew and roared, and the second thunder crashed.
After getting the dragon’s illegal jingxie, the strength of the black dragon plate increased greatly, and the golden column was slightly shocked and the second thunder was followed.
The black dragon’s dragon head stands upright, and the heavenly thunder is "just angry". The dragon must fly with its claws flying, and the black dragon buzzes all over the sky. "No one can stop the heavenly thunder from resisting me today?"
The dark clouds are rolling, the heaven is majestic, but it can’t stop the black dragon plate from completely igniting the flame and coming into the world with great ambition.
Provoked by the black dragon plate, the heavenly thunder flew into a rage.
It combines the double disasters of the black dragon plate and the small fire advanced, and the cloud of heaven robs the black dragon plate as a robber without mercy.
19, 29 … Until 69 LeiJie.
Disaster keeps falling.
Thunder and thunder, conan the destroyer
The black dragon, which is extinct and furious, keeps roaring, unwilling but not retreating.
When the thunder and lightning energy is almost exhausted, the black dragon will pounce on the dragon boat and eat the descendants of the real dragon to supplement the consumption.
It’s the first three thunder and black dragon plates, and it can be resisted by swallowing the descendants of the real dragon raw.
But after the fourth thunder, it was huge enough for Sun Haodu to be frightened, but the thunder made the black dragon plate feel creepy
This damn mine robbery is more powerful than expected!
The more the black dragon plate picks up, the more I wonder if this damn robbery is wrong. According to the truth, he should never be so strong when the black dragon is really infected.
But the thunder is beyond the conventional fierce.
Forced to roar, the black dragon plate opened its mouth and sucked at the dragon island.
The mountains of Longdao seem to be alive, and the white clouds meander around. A huge mountain rushes out of the sea and blocks the black dragon disk.
A thunderbolt struck the island and mountains, and huge pieces of rubble fell like rain in the sky.
Knocking down the sea water made a huge splash.
A lot of rubble was splashed and fell to the ship array, but it was pushed by the green light of the ship array and the fighting spirit around Sun Hao and crashed into the sea in front of the ship array.
The island and mountain were scattered, but the ability to rob Leiwei was greatly reduced.
The black dragon roared through with a thunder.
One robbery is better than the other.
However, the level of the fallen dragon was far higher than that of the black dragon today.