"Ha, ha, ha, artifact chaos clock started. Even if the nine babies have earth-shaking ability, they can’t escape today."
"I didn’t expect Yao Johnson to be willing to take out chaos clock, the mountain artifact of Nanzifu Town."
"Hum! Eventually, Nanzi Mansion is located in the south of the mainland to fix the truth, and the defense line of Maiji Town fails. They will eventually be the first to sacrifice the Zhenshan artifact. If we can kill Jiuying, this beast tide will not become a climate once and for all. "
"Yao Johnson, Yu Johnson and Chu Johnson are the three masters, and the six of us help me, and the Terran elite is almost gathered here. Plus chaos clock, this artifact, Jiuying, died without cause."
"Do you think it is possible for the nine babies to escape from chaos clock?" Some people expressed concern.
"No, if it’s Nine Babies, there’s still this possibility, but this is a busy place. The other day, the island owner Chu Johnson once tried to know that this is Nine Babies’ busy strength. Although we waited, it was impossible to break the artifact." Someone immediately denied it
As they spoke, the six old men definitely injected mana into chaos clock by pinching method. Their expressions were not much nervous. Obviously, it seems that once the artifact was started, there would be no luck.
"Hey? What is this? "
When the shadow shot, chaos clock’s vision immediately attracted the attention of six people
"What’s going on? Is it the Nine Babies? "
"no! I think the problem comes from Yao Laoguai. What the hell is going on there? How can they have problems there when they have been planning for so long? "
"Mao Johnson Huang Laoguai, let’s go and have a look at the Johnson here, so we’ll trouble you three."
An old man seems to have a certain prestige in the crowd. When he was about to leave, he saw that the chaotic gas around him rolled and swept through the chaotic gas surge, forming six small chaos clock pockets and covering them for six people.
Six old men greeted each other, and some people even tried to control chaos clock.
However, the strength of the six of them is not as good as that of the film institute, so they will be sent to assist. Now chaos clock is in charge of the film and these efforts are of course in vain.
Two overreached guys can’t control chaos clock, but they bite JingXie and the momentum is weak.
When! When!
Two rings and two small chaos clock folded to cover the two men in the middle.
Dangdang Dangdang!
After a moment, several rings will cover up the other six people.
There is another rhythmic fluctuation in the sky, and the chaotic gas dissipates and the cloud gas is collected.
Expose the Tian Xiang carriage near Ben Leisanbao and maid Juwei standing on both sides.
Shadow hand a recruit will chaos clock hand figure a flash to bow down in front of the Tian Xiang carriage.
"The shadow visits the master!"
Ding ding ding!
In a sweet wind chime, the curtain of the carriage door was lifted out, and the handsome face of Nine Babies was still shocked by the water waves, as if just killing Johnson was nothing like him.
"Terrans have been lurking for hundreds of thousands of years."
"Master!" Nine baby words audio-visual immediately choked up.
Nine baby stretched out his hand and took the chaos clock a cold hum.
"Just a few godsworn with a bite of chaos clock actually want to deal with the statue? It’s wishful thinking. Now that the Terran high-ranking monks have been caught in the net, there will be no obstacles to help you break through the defense line of Maiji Town and enter the Terran feast! "
"It’s the master!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four The prelude to the darkest age
Maiji town
Delicate and beautiful hands, a pinch, a flash of light will cut the monster beast in front of the first seven in two segments.
A successful blow, a beautiful face, but no excitement, looked up at the surging grayish-yellow clouds in the sky, but a heavy face.
She is the host of Maiji Town’s defense line. Naturally, she knows the Terran high-level plan-of course, she is also the only monk in Maiji Town who knows this plan. After the plan is successful, Jiuying can lead the Terran monk to launch a counterattack at the first time.
Or in case of failure, lead the Terran elite monks to retreat, and the Terran will fight back to protect their strength.
Next to a roar, another monster beast suddenly jumped up from the ground and rushed towards beautiful beauty.
Next to the blue light flash will be the monster beast head cut off.
"The battlefield is still distracted. Is it difficult for no one to kill you if you practice half a step?" A mocking Luo Fei beside.
"giggle! Thanks to sister Luo Fei for helping! " Jiao Meimei gave a little giggle. She knew about Lofi’s sex very well, so she didn’t mind anything.
"This kind of coercion in the sky should be an artifact if I didn’t guess wrong," Luo Fei suddenly said
Beautiful beautiful one leng sigh.
"yes! At this time, there is no need to hide you. It is not us wannabe who really decide the outcome of the battlefield, but … "Jiao Meimei pointed to the sky with her finger.
The seriousness of the natural white problem is that Luo Fei is snow-covered and comes from a well-known family.
Artifacts are generally sent to sects by famous schools and big schools. Almost all sects who own artifacts will not let them leave the sects’ headquarters.
But now there is an artifact here, so it can be said that the Terran has deployed its strongest combat power. If it fails, I am afraid it will be difficult to turn over.
The sky is muffled with thunder.
All the animals on the ground are roaring
The chaotic air in the sky and the rolling need on the ground … make the whole world yellow.
At this time, not only many high-ranking monks in the Lofi Terran have vaguely guessed what everyone’s face is nervous than expression.
And this kind of emotion is constantly infecting people around you.
Suddenly, the chaotic air in the sky was closed.
Lost the suppression of the ground, there was a need to rise to the sky.