Little jerk into five meters huge Warcraft carrying Yuan Ye two people don’t bump.


Xiaoxi, we escaped to Yuan Ye’s weak sound.
Brother Ye, are you awake? Rui Xi jumped up as soon as he heard Yuan Ye’s voice. It was a little jerk who saved us.
Hehe, this son of a bitch has something to do. Where are we going? Yuan Ye laughed, but his strength turned pale than he was terminally ill.
I didn’t know that the little bastard took us this way as soon as he arrived. I asked him, but he didn’t tell me that Rui Xi pointed at the little bastard with a wronged face.
Hehe, stupid little bastard can’t talk. Yuan Ye smiled and bowed his head and said, Brother Ball, let’s go. Now I’m going to hang out with you after I’m useless.
I’m afraid the little bastard knows where to take Yuan Ye when he turns his head and smiles proudly.
After a few days’ walk, Yuan Ye and his party came to a mountain around which Yuan Ye was surprised to see that a powerful Warcraft was born. The lowest level of Warcraft was Wu Jun’s realm, and many Wu Di-level Warcraft was a higher ground tree. Sometimes they didn’t look at Yuan Yerui fearfully, but these Warcraft saw little bastards and made way respectfully. No one dared to stop them.
Walking into the depths of the mountains, Yuan Ye saw a huge mountain running through the mountains. This mountain was shaped like a prehistoric beast crawling in the heavens and the earth. As soon as he walked into the mountains, the rich aura came to his face, and the richness of the aura actually produced fog. It was a fairyland.
But what makes Yuan Ye wonder is that this fairyland is generally the best training ground for both people and Warcraft, but there is no Warcraft here, but this mountain range is surrounded by powerful Warcraft.
Walking into the depths of the mountains, the aura becomes more and more intense, and rare flowers and weeds spread all over the mountains. With the ups and downs of the peaks, the strange peaks, rocks and pine hot springs appear one by one.
Brother Ye, it’s so beautiful here. Rui Xixin looks at this fairyland with eyes full of spirits.
Yuan Ye took a deep breath and couldn’t help but shout that he was so fresh and comfortable.
Just then Yuan Ye saw a red Warcraft coming from behind a huge rock. The appearance of a small jerk about the size of an adult lion of Warcraft was generally the same as that of a lion’s head, horse’s body, deer’s hoof and a pair of cute horns on his forehead. The only difference was that the fur of the little jerk was much smoother and softer than that of Warcraft, but it was not hairy.
Roar little jerk growled at the Warcraft, and the Warcraft bowed its head and suddenly jumped high.
If you don’t have wings, you can fly directly. It’s less like an emperor of Warcraft. Yuan Ye was dumbfounded when he saw this scene.
Brother Qiu, I’m not dreaming, am I? What is this place?
Roar, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl, growl.
Didn’t walk for a few minutes to see dozens of small Warcraft long like two peas in a pod. Before flying away, Warcraft led directly to fly up, and the black Warcraft was as big as a horse.
The five elders who welcome Shao Hao are waiting for your huge black low road of Warcraft.
Really? Talking Yuan Ye was so surprised that she almost fell off her back as a little jerk. If Rui Xi hadn’t held Yuan Ye, she would have fallen off. After all, Yuan Ye is weak now.
The little jerk nodded decently and walked directly to the depths of the mountains. Now Yuan Ye is finally white. Why can the little jerk always understand him? His companion can talk.
Soon Yuan Yerui, led by this group of Warcraft, came to a valley or grassland dotted with clusters of wild chrysanthemums, which looked gorgeous but not demon, or a piece of bamboo, which was fresh and quiet, or even a hot spring was located in the valley, steaming and misty, and slowly trickled out of the valley.
Five human-looking middle-aged humans saw the little jerk coming and flew up immediately. Yuan Ye saw that the five men, three men and two women were all in their thirties, but Yuan Ye knew that the strong force could not be inferred from the appearance. The peerless master practiced for thousands of years, and his appearance was more attractive than that of the five people now. Although their appearance was different, their foreheads gave people an illusion of melting into heaven and earth, which seemed to fluctuate in strength. However, the forces of heaven and earth around them moved with them, and their foreheads were as long as two little jerks, which meant that they were not ordinary human beings.
Shao Hao, you hurt your leg. One of the fair-skinned baby girls remembered it softly. At the same time, the jade hand waved a soft white light and covered the little jerk’s front leg injured by Cheng Hui.
The skin of the little bastard’s front leg is healing to the naked eye, even his fur is growing rapidly, and his injury will be fine after a while.
I am excited by the authenticity of Yuan Ye. I’m sorry that you didn’t show up, beautiful sister. In fact, my injury is worse than it.
Well, the white woman looked at Yuan Ye with a slight frown.
Roar little jerk growled at the same time, a white beam little jerk’s head shot at the five humans, and the five human puzzled expressions instantly relieved. The white woman did not hesitate to wave a bigger white light to directly cover Yuan Ye, who felt itchy all over. The sword wound was healing rapidly and even his injured tendons were repaired at the same time.
Ah Shu, Yuan Ye couldn’t help moaning.
In ten minutes, Yuan Ye felt better than ever, even though her leg was broken by Cheng Huizhen, as if she had gained new energy.
I’m sorry that your strength has dried up and your muscles have shrunk. I can cure your physical injury, but your strength can restore your fair-skinned woman and bow down.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Yuan Ye immediately thanked me.
Shao Hao, another dashing ex-boyfriend, wants us to take you into the pool. I think you are already a very important friend, but the pool is too significant, that is, Shao Hao suggested that the five of us have to consider it carefully.
What’s in Guihaochi that is awesome? Yuan Ye asked in an idiotic way.
Guihaochi is the lifeblood of our Kirin clan, that is, Shao Hao wants you to go in, and we should also consider one thing.
You are a god beast Kirin Yuan Ye asked in disbelief that he didn’t know Kirin, but he also heard that Kirin was a god beast and the most powerful one.
The man nodded and said, this is the habitat of our Kirin clan. Except for you two humans, everyone else is my clan.
Demon monster for a long time Yuan Ye finally suppressed a word. The monster of Journey to the West was touched today, not just one, but five.
When the man listened to his head and laughed, he said, "Demon is not demon. Warcraft cultivates to the sacred realm. However, human beings can be transformed into human beings. We can realize that the heaven of Warcraft is thorough in ancient and modern times. In Kirin clan, the big elder’s wood is also a ghost god. Mo Qilin, then this handsome man points to the former white woman. This is the five elders’ light Kirin spirit. That is the two elders’ fire Kirin red anger. Three elders’ wind Kirin ancestors and four elders’ ice Kirin prestige pivot. Our five strengths range from the sacred to the ghost god. Kirin clan can also be transformed
Uncle, what is a divine god? Rui Xi opened his eyes wide and asked 46 Hao Chi curiously.
Hehe, I forgot that you don’t know the division of Emperor Wu’s strength in these weaknesses. I tell you that in the eyes of ordinary people, Emperor Wu may be a symbol of being superior to the enemy, but in front of real masters, Emperor Wu is just getting started. Emperor Wu is called fighting for souls and fighting for souls. The queen is a saint, and after that, it is an ancient fairy. The breakthrough of the ghost god is that the quasi-respect realm is stronger than the quasi-respect. It is a pity that no one can reach it and don’t know what it is called.
Soul-fighting, soul-fighting, soul-repairing, war emperor, saint, ancient fairy, ghost, god, quasi-respecting Tao, and god-respecting, respecting and being strong. Thanks to so many titles, Cheng Hui’s old son is so awesome that even Emperor Wu is not even an ant in the eyes of these old monsters. Yuan Ye’s eyes suddenly lit up, and his predecessors’ flame fighters were there.
Flame fighter, hehe, that’s a name, just like a city Lord is a title to represent his own identity. Flame fighter and the other seven elements of quarrelling can’t represent a realm, but it seems to me that this flame fighter is also classified as strong, maybe the ghost god is weak and afraid of shura realm.
The fact that Yuan Ye nodded in this way really made him gain a lot, especially to let him know that Yuan Zun is stronger. This world is a big sight-these ultimate strong roots are short-sighted.
At this time, the little jerk took Yuan Ye’s skirts and walked towards the depths of the valley. The elder brother Shao Hao, the three elders of Kirin clan, seemed to be very dissatisfied with our hesitation.
Elder Zhu Mu glanced at Yuan Yerui, the sunrise sighed, "Do you know what a Haochi is, human?"
Yuan Ye looked up gloomily. Do I feel like I know?
The wood looks dignified, and the five elders are not qualified to go in. It’s the place where the patriarchs of all previous dynasties qualified to become patriarchs, and the people practiced death. Every beast in this world will stay in Zhiqiang. The giant treasure dragon, dragon ball, white tiger, tiger pattern, suzaku clan, feather and basalt armor, while the body of the five beasts will stay in Kirin horn, which is the noblest snow unicorn. It is called Kirin horn after the death of Kirin.