"Xiao Fang, in the future, I will be your brother at your sister’s door." Lin Muxia raised her hand and pointed to me. She promised, "Be good, we will never let you suffer a little injustice and continue to love you for your sister."


"Sister Lin really doesn’t" whispered in tears. "I used to rely too much on my sister. She was so tired that she didn’t enjoy a day’s happiness … Alas, I think I can live alone, but Sister Lin, I beg you to promise me one thing."
"Well, after we respect your idea, don’t hold on to something. Remember to tell us." Lin Muxia bit his lip. "What do you want me to do?"
Wipe the tears with a small mouth. He said slowly, "Catch the real murderer hell to pay!"
"This is our bounden duty, but I feel more responsible now that you are here." Lin Muxia stared at the small mouth and she coaxed. "Well, you are a boy. Get up after crying and tidy up your mood. I’ll take you to see Xiao Fang now. Don’t show your sister the sad face of your brother, otherwise how can she leave at ease?"
"Uh-huh" Xiaokou got up and took a deep breath. He punched Xu Xu. "Sister Lin, I’m fine."
Lin Muxia hooked me up, and I understood what she meant. I turned to the technicians and said, "When there is progress, let me know and she will go out to do something first." It took me forty minutes to drive to the funeral center in the west of the city to reach the destination.
Our eyelids are like hanging a lead pendant, which is human nature. No matter why we go to the funeral home, our mood can always get out of control and get heavier.
When Xiao Fang lay quietly in the frozen coffin and strangled her eyes, the sense of panic and bulging disappeared. Her appearance was restored to normal by the corpse beautician. Instead, she was gentle and quiet. She wanted to cry before the coffin, but she remembered that Lin Muxia had put up with it for a long time and finally didn’t cry. After about five minutes, he proposed to cover the coffin. We asked why Xiaokou said that she wanted to pick half a string of beads from her sister’s wrist and reunite it with his own, so it was as if her sister had never been away from him forever.
Lin Muxia came to the workers’ face through the air conditioning of the coffin lid, and we couldn’t help shivering.
Xiaokou helped Xiao Fang’s body tidy up her messy hair, and then carefully removed her wrist beads. Soon, the coffin lid was closed again. It took him ten minutes to string the half beads. He wore a wrist and looked at his eyes with satisfaction, and then kissed the coffin lid. I had the illusion that Xiaokou had matured from a boy to a man in an instant.
The trustee chose a cemetery with good feng shui. After completing the funeral formalities, we chose a beautiful urn and decided to cremate Xiao Fang and bury him the next day.
Unconsciously, after two hours, the technician called Lin Muxia and said that the man-machine core was about to be conquered.
Xiaokou insisted on staying at a hotel near the funeral center tonight. I, Lin Muxia, rushed back to the city bureau first and then came to accompany Xiaokou to handle the follow-up matters.
Rushing to push the intelligence department, the technicians and intelligence agents are high-fiving to celebrate. It’s better to watch this situation earlier. We just drove them to attack the core and decode the instructions |
Lin Muxia blinked at a senior technician and said, "Ant, you tell me."
"Mother bear, this micro-brain protection program has a variety of sequence combinations as dense as the sky." The ant cried. "I checked this pocket-sized man-machine machine. Although the code price parameters and information can be seen everywhere, there are very few channels that can really buy it in a valuable market! The controlling party behind the scenes is by no means as simple as a local tyrant. The effective distance of 1 km is extremely long and controllable. The other party is less militarized. Maybe some local forces are dedicated to exploring. Fortunately, when we applied for the remote assistance of national defense engineers, we didn’t touch its self-destruction program. "
Lin Muxia mused, "Just say something that will boost others’ momentum and destroy yourself. Tell me what valuable information you got through the cracked instructions!"
"How can we highlight our bravery without making it difficult?" Ants sitting in front of his brain, he proudly said, "The first one is the return command. The initial point of man-machine is located in the area of San Pu Town, west of Tiannan City. The specific method is further narrowed, and we have tried to confirm the error by the reverse signal."
"San Pu Town?"
I was shocked that my heart was stuck in this place … because the recent case is almost familiar, I can’t be familiar with it any more. It is true that distance alone is in line with previous speculation! The vertical distance between San Pu Town and the urban area is 1 km, and it takes two hours to get there. Because the road is not straight, there are many bends to turn.
It seems that San Pu Town is not like the sanitary towel killer serial case, Tian Wen’s visit and hiding the controlling party behind the scenes …
Chapter five hundred and fifty-four School wall ghost hand!
"And then what? Is there anything left?" Lin Muxia looked forward to it
"The second way is based on the first command of continuous tracking and monitoring before triggering, and we have recovered such an image." An ant hits the desktop and a picture shows a dynamic picture of a 36-degree dead corner of the sky. He laughs. "The micro infrared detector thermal energy sensor is marked and then accurately follows the target."
The ant quickly drank saliva to moisten his voice. He went on to say, "The third command is a bit strange, a bit like the return command, but it is more advanced than the first command to return to San Pu Town, and the encryption degree is doubled. It took us a long time to decipher it, and only one English letter was solved. Then, before we could continue to attack, it suddenly triggered and the micro-brain deleted itself by popping up a self-destruct program."
I asked doubtfully, "Which English letter?"
"abdd" ants don’t talk.
Lin Muxia realized that something was wrong. She speculated, "The third way is that the highest-level return command is better than the ants in San Pu Town. The letter D they cracked is only the tip of the iceberg of command information. Is it that the second return location of this man-machine plane is Tiannan D organization’s lair?"
"It’s too possible."
I can’t help but regret that if the technical means are higher and the third instruction is successfully cracked, maybe the long-hidden D organization can be found out! Passed by … But it can’t be blamed on technicians and intelligence agents. Who could have predicted that a self-destruction program would suddenly appear at all times? It’s impossible to prevent!
Although the contraction of D tissue surface gradually faded out of our sight, we didn’t take it lightly, and we didn’t completely get rid of D one day. It was like a cancer, hiding a healthy part of the body and recuperating until the fire broke out suddenly enough, which would make you unprepared!
"There is no way for ants to repair the third instruction?" Lin Muxia tightened his brow.
"It seems impossible," the ant shook his head and sighed. "We cracked it and couldn’t simulate it at all."
"Forget it. Leave it to fate."
Lin Muxia shrugged her shoulders and thanked her, "Thank you for your hard work today. I’ll invite you to have a big meal later."
The ant licked his mouth and expected, "Twenty-six dishes are missing! Hey, I heard that there is a new Jiazun Hotel in the east of the city. The main theme is Zun 36 plans. As the name suggests, there are 36 delicious dishes. Why don’t you consider this one? "
"Be careful that I pack tetramine!" Lin Muxia rolled her eyes. She put the bee tail and camera into the evidence bag. "Ling Yu, let’s go home."
The ant whistled in an ostentatious manner. He took the lead in booing. "Yo, you … go home ~? Murphy … Hey hey low-key low-key rest assured that I will never blather "
Many technicians and intelligence agents echoed and teased me and Lin Muxia. The atmosphere was extremely relaxed.
Can I explain this situation? I praise the ants for misunderstanding in my heart!
"Hum! Dare to pick my tongue! " Lin Muxia was worried that it would get worse and worse. She didn’t say much. She rushed forward and grabbed the ant’s ear and said, "If you talk nonsense again, I’ll pull out your tentacles and see how you communicate with the same kind!"
The ant begged for mercy, "Don’t ~! I can’t explain to my daughter-in-law when I’m swollen. "
"Spare your life" Lin Muxia let go and rubbed her fingers in disgust. "You haven’t taken a shower for hundreds of days? Pinched a handful of ash. "
The ant raised his index finger against his mouth and said, "Shh …"
When Lin Muxia and I left the city bureau to send her home first, I stopped the car and looked at her and said, "What is the controlling party behind San Pu Town going to do?"
"Put aside for the time being, after all, it’s too deep to be traced." Lin Muxia took off her headrope and said while combing her hair, "To my surprise, organization D actually moved, so that the sanitary towel killer in San Pu Town may have a source. Let’s talk about the second command of man-machine to track and monitor Tian Wen. From this, it can be inferred that Tian Wen has not joined organization D at present, but D noticed that there are two possibilities for him. The first organization D is interested in Tian Wen and is a little hesitant to pull him in, so he sent a moving machine to observe it; Second, organization D reached some kind of agreement with Tian Wen, and then organization D didn’t trust real-time tracking and supervision. "After analyzing, she smiled and said," Anyway, at the moment you called the man-machine with a gun, we had already stirred up the other side and lost a high-end reconnaissance equipment. I’m afraid I’ll be distressed to death if I press D today. "
I gloated, "then I’m really happy. Fortunately, the man-machine was out of control at that time. Otherwise, D people saw that I knocked it off and couldn’t come to settle accounts with me?"
"It suddenly occurred to me that Xiao Kou’s mobile phone was still stuck in the tree seam." Lin Muxia patted her thigh and she wondered, "I remember correctly after the Zhongtian Wen pinched the sand in the video. He picked up Xiao Kou’s mobile phone and pressed it for a moment with Xiao Fang’s mobile phone. After this move, he smashed Xiao Fang’s mobile phone and felt that Tian Wen would never do it for a reason … Can we go to Tiannan University again in Ling Yu?"
"Well, you’re the boss." I said to myself, although I’m very tired, how dare I refuse? If I say "no", she must go to Tiannan University alone. What if something happens? Let’s go there. Besides, the move before Tian Wen hit the phone really tickles our hearts.
She sneered, "Little poverty!"
I forget how long I haven’t been able to drive around quietly with Lin Muxia. I especially enjoy this moment. At night, there are few people and vehicles in the streets. When I am comfortable steering the wheel, I talk to her. She doesn’t respond. The only thing that can make some progress is that she occasionally smiles.
Half an hour’s drive was delayed by me to 45 minutes.
Lin Muxia joked, "If I hadn’t taken the bus, it would have been true that you were deliberately detouring the black-hearted driver!"
"The road is unfamiliar." I stopped the car and motioned for her to wait in the car for Tiannan University. It’s 10: 30 and the school gate is about to be closed, leaving only a small gap for one person to pass. After I communicated with the security guard, he reluctantly opened the school gate, and then I drove to the east school wall of the crime scene in the evening.
After stopping the car, I pushed the door. Lin Muxia recalled the video scene for five minutes and then shook his hand to search for Tian Wen to touch the tree.
"It seems like maybe it seems like maybe it’s this tree." I’m a little unsure, pointing to the thick tree in front of me.
"It’s definitely not this row to hide the mobile phone tree according to the man-machine perspective." Lin Muxia shook her head and she smiled. "You don’t believe me."
I don’t believe in evil spirits, but there is really no gap when I touch the bark. "You can’t turn it over one by one, can you?" Which tree do you think … "
Lin Muxia is going to climb to the top by grabbing the wall, but the wall is quite slippery. Her calf has been pushed several times and failed. She shouted "Ling Yu, come and help me" in a low voice.
Hehe ~ ~ ~ I noticed the sentence of waiting for her!
As soon as Lin Muxia’s voice fell, I rushed to the front of the school wall and held her soft buttocks in my hands to push. When I saw her back to me, I didn’t know anything. I wanted to flirt in my heart. During the impulsive period, I deliberately made my hands shake. Her body dropped by half and shouted, "Did you eat tonight?"
Holding my hand in the soft zone again, I enjoyed the saying, "Calm down, calm down, happiness arrival is suddenly too uneasy."
Lin Muxia was alert to my motivation. She took a deep breath and stood on the wall with her knees. At the same time, she slammed her feet on my chest and climbed the wall with her help!
That’s fine …
It’ s a thousand calculations, and it’ s omitted here.
She got out of my clutches as she wished, but I, her stepping stone, was a disaster! I covered my chest with severe pain and stepped back a few steps. The back of my head hit a big tree. My left hand rubbed my chest and my right hand covered my head and moaned, "We are the same kind. Can’t we move lightly?"
Lin Muxia kept her arms balanced and walked around the wall. She muttered, "Do I dare to rub my ass? Someone simply owes a kick. "
"Cough!" I coughed and smoked in front of the tree.
Lin Muxia finally overlapped with the man-machine perspective at that time by the light of the hand barrel. She reached out and said to the third tree in front of me on the right, "Ling Yu is suspected of this tree, don’t you see it?"
I moved to the target tree and touched a piece of soft bark with my hand in a circle. I pinched it and peeled it and touched the hard mobile phone case. I walked over and said, "Yes, Tian Wen’s disguise is good enough. He picked up a piece of withered bark instead of leaves in the video."
"Hurry up and see what’s fishy" Lin Muxia squatted on the wall.
I pressed a small mouth to show that my mobile phone had a password. No wonder Tian Wen gave up after several times. I noticed that there were missed and unread text messages on the top of the screen. The former should have been typed when we came to Tiannan University in the afternoon. I think about Tian Wen’s action and guess that he may send a message to Xiao Kou’s mobile phone with Xiao Fang’s mobile phone and smash it!
"password" I shake the phone way