Try your best to control the number of shadows, then guide the chaos of the dead shadow and try your best to support the shadow monster to suppress the dead shadow.


"Maybe the shadow management bureau has a stake in the dead shadow and interferes with the situation in the film industry through this hand."
Qin Mu Ye doesn’t know much about the expansion of the film industry and the film core to the world view, whether it’s the Black Hawk or the fact that it was captured by him and turned into an experiment. It’s not a high-level shadow, but it can be regarded as a middle-level one at most.
Therefore, it should also be common sense information, and no matter how much they say, they may not be able to know. After all, it involves too much.
"I can think of some way to get in touch with the shadow management bureau, but it can’t be the original."
Really want the original equivalent so Qin Mu Ye to adapt to the shadow, which is simply putting the cart before the horse.
He wants to be his own tool, not his own food.
The original is certainly can’t find a way to improve.
"In the end, we have to start with the shadow stone. This thing looks like bait thrown out by the film industry. If you want to be strong, you have to hold your nose and eat it."
Qin Mu Ye naturally knows where all the key points of the core keys lie in the shadow stone rather than the shadow.
Shadow is just a medium, not a core key.
"Is the film world a shell?" Qin Mu Ye doesn’t know what shadow stone will be called by this name, but this name must be meaningful.
On the contrary, the name Shadow Stone, which has been localized by the human world, seems a bit out of place.
"The first thing I need is a shadow stone to understand the origin and what this thing will be a shadow shell."
It’s not easy to deal with shadow stones, or there must be some big forces, but these forces are a little deep and need some time.
"Well, I think the shadow management bureau should also act. The next step is to go back to the joint and mix me into the shadow management bureau."
It is a very good opportunity to get in touch with such an official power as the Shadow Administration. His power may expand the entrance of the shadow industry, but the Shadow Administration will never maintain the stability of the official organization.
The opening of the entrance to the film industry is naturally a huge unstable event, and they will definitely come to solve it. Otherwise, how can it be an official organization
Chapter 241 People are wiped out, not just what I say.
"I found an ordinary person who seems to be in a coma at present." A man carrying a big sword attached to the shadow first discovered Qin Mu Ye and then said.
"Take people out first. It seems that this group of black hawks is dead in this area." The other one is dignified in tone.
"Captain, you also hurriedly retreat. The outside has been sealed." The big sword shadow finished with Qin Mu Ye.
Through a layer of black film, they separated from the film industry.
It is still covered by a thick shadow around, and a large number of people dressed in shadows carry out sealing work.
These originated from the ancient Yinshan army’s means of sealing the hell, but they have not been eliminated now. There are improvements, but they are also further changed according to the original basis
Soon’ coma’ Qin Mu Ye was assigned to the logistics staff. It is impossible for the other party to let Qin Mu Ye leave the follow-up so it is absolutely necessary to ask for details.
The staff of the Film Administration denied that Qin Mu Ye was the culprit. How could an ordinary person enter the film industry without awakening the film? It is more likely that he was trapped by the black hawk.
"Check whether there is shadow erosion?"
"The concentration is about 1%. Fortunately, just inject a low-level vanishing agent."
"What about him?"
"The physical indicators are normal and the shadow erosion is eliminated."
Question and answer gave Qin Mu Ye an injection of vanishing medicine and then observed it, as if waiting for Qin Mu Ye to wake up
It took about half an hour for Qin Mu Ye to wake up from a’ coma’.
"Where is this? Don’t I remember my Yinshan military site? " Qin Mu Ye woke up and looked at the roof of the car that was transformed into a temporary emergency room and asked some questions
"Do you remember what happened before you?" A man came.
Qin Mu Ye turned to look at the mouth and said that there was a middle-aged man and a young man next to him. They should be responsible for treating medical staff.
"I remember that black hawk said that he had found a Yinshan military site and was ready to send it. At that time, I knew that it was not good to prepare, but they could transform into shadows and then somehow entered the film industry."
"The film industry or the Black Hawk said that he would be killed by a group of armor people if he picked it up again."
He briefly summarized the truth and falsehood of September 19 and picked himself out.
Middle-aged people didn’t doubt Qin Mu Ye, but laughed. "It was the Black Hawk. No wonder this group of people disappeared. It turned out to be the rumor of Yinshan Army’s treasure house. But where is Yinshan Army’s treasure house?"
Yinshan army is the predecessor of their shadow management bureau. How can it be buried in a treasure house to suppress the shadow industry?
I don’t know where this rumor came from, but it must be malicious to say that it was just the Black Hawk and others who quit when they saw the seal. The Black Hawk foolishly untied the seal.
"Everything about the armored warriors is true?" Qin Mu Ye asked, "I told you, it is no wonder that there are so many things wrong in history. If you add all these armored warriors, everything will be much more reasonable."
"What?" It’s strange for Qin Mu Ye to jump out of the middle-aged people’s words.
However, it soon came over. According to the information they received, Li Yan is a history professor at Qingxia College. There is not much information, but his academic performance is still excellent.
The official institutions of the Shadow Administration are naturally not comparable to those of illegal organizations.
For Li Yan news nature is clear.
"What do the Black Hawks want with you?" Middle-aged people this just wise 1.
"Oh, they asked me to tell them that I would get 30% after the job is done. Of course, just listen to this. The main reason is that the other party threatened our site to change its meaning. Everyone knows what it is anyway, and then he said that he would take me in to find shadow stones for them."