Don’t marry Duanmu Yunji next to you if you are in trouble.


It’s no trouble at all. I want to meet my father-in-law. Yuan Ye immediately changed his smile.
Hum Duanmu Yunji looked at Yuan Ye with a sly face. Then I am my father’s most precious daughter. What are you going to kiss?
Well, the quasi-statue-level snow Kirin gave it to Xiaoxi, so I’ll give you the quasi-statue-level Qinglong Tianzhu and a dozen statues. Yuan Ye said, putting an arm around Duanmu Yunji, which is not enough to marry you. I wonder if the ice spirit bead will make your father move.
You are willing to give up Duanmu Yunji’s eyes.
Hey, I don’t want a beauty, but I don’t want a baby. Yuan Ye is serious. The tunnel is that the artifact is not a drop of blood. I can’t even send it if I want to, otherwise I will even give up the night shot.
Good lady married Duanmu Yunji and immediately felt full of happiness.
Yuan Ye also got up at once and laughed. The wedding procession must be luxurious. Ten elders should bear the responsibility of this wedding procession. Everyone should bring a statue to kiss with me.
The quasi-deity is not a high-ranking figure. Today, the two quasi-deities and sixteen deities should take on the wedding ceremony. This luxury array is really before the ancients, and the bride price is more precious than the average Chinese deity. Ten pieces of dzi beads are also before the ancients.
Perhaps this is also the way to deserve Duanmu Yunji. After all, seeing her beauty, intelligence, temperament, identity and temperament are perfect, you will believe that no one will make a man move more than her.
Ok, we Yuan Ye took a deep breath and got up.
Ye gege
At this moment, Rui Xi suddenly took Yuan Ye.
Well, what’s the matter, Yuan Ye gentle way
Rui Xi swallowed a mouthful of water. Then you won’t be a little jerk to play with me until you come back quickly. Now the little jerk is no longer. Xiaoxi is lonely alone.
Yuan Ye suddenly felt guilty and hugged Rui Xi, a fool. Brother Ye didn’t do this to Yunji, but also to marry you. I’ll be back soon. When the time comes, I’ll discuss who you married together as the big one.
Well, Rui Xi nodded and said nothing.
Yuan Ye kissed Rui Xi gently on the forehead and immediately went to Duanmu Yunji with ten elders to Duanmu Lie in the region.
The ten elders in the coastal waters have come back from the dead, and their form and spirit are all cold and dead. It’s colder than this. But now the ten elders are all wearing red, and the front of them is a gong and a drum. The gongs and drums are quarrelling and amplifying, and they can be heard in a sea area for a while.
Yuan Ye’s kiss this time is really high-profile, that is, ten elders are cold and four people are wearing red and green, which is neither fish nor fowl.
Mujima Duanmulie is as big as a small island in the island. The mountains of the six islands are steep and aura-threatening. The highest mountain at that altitude is the Zhun Zun Duanmulie’s Lieyun Hall.
Just arrived at the fierce cloud temple, suddenly a gust of wind blew and the petals fell, and the gongs and drums came over. In a short time, the place was covered with petals, just like an ocean of flowers.
Well Yuan Ye eyebrows a wrinkly turned to look at the past, only to see that another pair of wedding procession flew up, and that was Qi Yue, his adoptive father Tuoba Pi.
For self-protection, why are they here? Duanmu Yunji turned to look at Duanmu Yunji.
You and I have been together all the time. You don’t know how I know. Yuan Ye sneered that Qi Yue’s little boy had better not rob me, or I will make him regret it.
Haha, Brother Yuan, as soon as people inform me, I’m anxious to adopt my father. I’ll come with you. You know, I know Yunji earlier than you, and I’m very Yunji. I won’t give up. When Qi Yue came, I was full of smiles, but I was challenging Yuan Ye.
Yuan Ye’s anger comes today and it’s not good at Duanmulie’s house. Yuan Ye can hold down and let the ten elders tear up Qi Yue’s thoughts and laugh and hum. I have to admire Brother Qi. You have the nerve to do something like that to Yunji. Today, you dare to kiss her and wait for her to marry us.
Then Duanmu Lie came from the temple, so Duanmu Lie heard the news.
Yuan Ye, this scene is really big enough for you. Duanmulie looked at the ten elders and just made Duanmulie marvel. He turned and looked at TaBaXiong over there in Jiyue. Why are you here?
Hehe, Duanmu, I kissed you more than once. You always said that you would follow her advice when her daughter came. It’s different. I heard that Yunji’s girl went home. I just dragged me over and kissed Richie’s heart for your girl. You can see it, if you want me to say, it’s always my parents who match and marry you. It’s really Tuoba Pi pointing to Duanmu Lie with a smile.
Haha, Tuoba Xiong, don’t make fun of me. Fast forward. Duanmu Lie took Tuoba Pi’s hand with enthusiasm. He Tuoba Pi was a friend for more than 100 thousand years. At the beginning, Duanmu Lie called his friends to Bing Bo Da 6, but Tuoba Pi didn’t hesitate to help. Now Tuoba Pi has given up his face for three transgressions and five times to kiss a part-time job. Duanmu Lie has always been very impressed with Jiyue. Duanmu Lie has long been concerned about his daughter’s opinions. This has never been promised.
Duanmulie took two steps and felt wrong. Soon, he took Yuan Ye with his other hand and smiled. Yuan Ye, I am also very happy that you can come today.

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