"Don’t understand is right!" Xu Xuan picked up a stone and looked at the chickens nearby. Some old cats were stirring. They threw the stone in the past and didn’t find the target. Naturally, they didn’t hit the cat, but they still got such a fright that "Meow" once ran away.
After doing this, Xu Xuan clapped his hands, and then Li touched his head. To be honest, the child has not changed his impression of him much, but he has been able to treat some things more calmly. He is not clamoring for him to leave this aspect because he has not finished what happened in the Bao family until now. Although the child is young, he is already sensible, and many people around him have commented that these things are somewhat severe.
In addition, Xu Xuan took the initiative to invest a large sum of money in the Xianlin Building recently. Although he was surprised that such an ordinary student could come up with such a sum of money, it was also because of this that Lu dispelled the last concern. Anyway, women’s folk don’t understand these things, although it is not white, but this name is Xu Xuan, who looks terrible, so he entrusted him with the Xianlin Building for the time being, and he never made fun of his own money.
"These’re a foreshadowing, but it’s not very meaningful. Everything depends on whether things can be done well enough." Xu Xuan said and stretched out his hand and pointed to the Xianlin Building not far away
Zhao Dazong’s eyes in the restaurant are in full swing. From time to time, Zhao Dazong’s figure will be exposed from the half-closed window over there. He will look at the paper in his hand at any time, and occasionally his face will show an expression. He will scratch his head and talk to an old carpenter next to him. He will also come over to ask the old man for advice from time to time.
The wood was sawed off, and the sound of landing made a sound. The hammer knocked the nails into the wood according to a certain rhythm, and the layers of wooden clothes were picked up from the wood.
"One, two, one, two, one, two, three!" The craftsmen worked together to make the wooden beams sound like they were motivated. It is no wonder that this time, the owner not only paid the wages in advance, but also appointed everyone to make records. If he did it well enough, there would be another reward.
At first, there were a lot of things that Linxian Building had to do, and it took a month to complete the project. At first, they were hesitant, but then things were extremely detailed. Everyone had to do things clearly according to one, two, three and four points. So, to everyone’s surprise, things appeared, and no one thought it was so difficult to complete.
It’s the same thing in a different way, but everyone is more sympathetic when they do it than usual. It’s clear that every progress will be rewarded. These craftsmen seem to have inexhaustible strength these days.
Zhao Dazong looked out of the window and saw Xu Xuan and smiled at him. Later, the old man also came to hand over Xu Xuan’s arch. Although the old man was old, he occasionally showed his veins stood out and knew that he was tough.
The old man was Xu Xuan who had previously searched the door but never met Zhao Dazong’s father Zhao Si. This time, Xu Xuan went to invite the other party to the old man’s wooden industry and commerce to immerse himself in many years’ skills. He was already interested in some advanced ideas made by Xu Xuan. In addition, Xu Xuan kept a secret for the other party because of those who were involved in the journey. He was so sympathetic to the Li family’s affairs that he decided to come and help with little thought.
"Xu Gong, my father and I have come up with ideas. It’s wonderful. I never thought that the house would not collapse if it was built like this … reading people is amazing!"
After talking for a while, I went to work cheerfully.
Xu Xuanchao nodded over there and turned to Li An around him and said, "Those who get’re’ will probably have a surprise, so they may have more expectations after the surprise, but those who don’t have’re’ will probably be envious … and so on and so forth …"
Xu Xuan casually said that these many places were not specifically explained, so the meaning probably didn’t come to him. After thinking about it for a long time, Li found that he was not white.
"So, will those nonsense make people envy?"
"Uh, nonsense?" Xu Xuan leng leng then pie pie, "Don’t talk nonsense if children are not sensible, or your mother will call you home for dinner. That’s because the bird’s voice is not good. It was very painful to learn before …" Then he said to himself in a small voice, "I’m in a hurry to set up a new oriental or a new western …" Then many memories will surface. He closed his eyes and forced these emotions that are about to rise, and then smiled gently.
In this era, he went with the flow at first, and then made a decision for various reasons to formally integrate into this era. He used to take the right path by himself, but he didn’t realize that he was still too slow until the Li family tragedy happened, especially when Li Xiaoyan died in front of him because of him.
He is so weak that he hardly has the ability to protect himself when he meets something. He has an indescribable guilt about the straight girl named Li Xiaoyan, who is resolute and courageous. Although he has never shed tears, he has locked his room and tortured his heart for seven days. Yuan Fu, Huang Yusheng and Xu Anqi have been here many times. Even that girl named Fan Yangsheng has come to visit him, but he has never seen him.
For seven days and nights, his eyes were staring at the ceiling. If his eyes were like the essence, the ceiling would have been pierced for hundreds of times.
When he knocked on the door again, many things changed, but even he didn’t clearly realize that this time was different from the past.
If we look from the back to the front, people will suddenly find that history turned out to be a cold autumn day and the sun rumbled forward.
"Xu Gong someone looking for you to come and say it’s Hu Ling …"
There was a small two-tone sound, and Xu Xuan withdrew his thoughts and then smiled faintly.
Chapter 144 Vortex (5)
Hen came and went with chicks in the courtyard, and the cat poked its head out at the foot of the wall, that is, it was noon sun. Xu Xuan once again saw the girl named Linghu Chu, a security guard, and went to meet each other several times. The other party just played around there, with a weed in its mouth that was pulled from nowhere, and it might be more appropriate to say that it was full of Jianghu flavor or piqueness. Of course, it was also rare in different places to meet him this time. Xu Xuan had already made preparations in his heart. At this time, Xiao Er in the courtyard, together with Li An, was supported by everyone who knew
A moment later, there were two people left in the courtyard. Linghu Chu looked around the courtyard and grabbed the weeds in his mouth with his right hand and casually said, "Are you really going to do business?"
Xu Xuanchao shrugged his shoulders and he shook his head and said, "What a pity!"
"You probably don’t know that my real identity is a reader," said Ling Huchu, stuffing the weeds in her hand back into her mouth and chewing them at random.
"I can see it."
Sunlight made Hu Chu leng leng. Obviously, some people didn’t expect this statement, and even the weeds and leaves he chewed stopped moving. The hen laid an egg and giggled happily. It took him a moment to come to his senses. "Uh, how do you know this?"
"Guess!" Xu Xuan said with some bachelors, "What did you read?"
"What’s the Romance of the Three Kingdoms? The Journey to the West’s The West Chamber …"
"Well, it’s all classic required reading." Xu Xuan dryly commented that there was no sincere feeling in his tone, and there was some condescension in The West Chamber. Gee …
This kind of gag scene is an episode in which two people sit on a stone bench in the courtyard and say something, which makes Hu Chu’s attitude much better than before. It is probably because Xu Xuan showed some fierceness that night in Linxian Building and Fang Yuanfu joined his side smoothly. Of course, the most important thing is that he and Xu Xuanyan have some similar business partners.
Sunlight projected the two figures. According to the eyes of this era, Xu Xuan’s figure is still high, but the gap is still very obvious compared with Linghu Chu. Because of his perennial martial arts, he looks a little burly. Sunlight faithfully shows these things through the shadows on the ground.
"Wen is weak ~ ~ ~" At one moment, Hu Chu sighed with emotion, and then the topic turned to "Things are almost enough. Recently, the Bao family is tired of sending things to my place every day."
Xu Xuanwen speech was slightly confused "is there such a thing? Can they find you? "
"Don’t just walk first Liu Shouyi Road … Bao’s family has been charged with leaving a lot of activities. Liu Shouyi wants to be bored and scared these days. He wants me to help share a good abacus."
"Then what do you do?"
"Of course, I lost my leg at a discount and made a joke. Will I be short of that money?" Linghu Chu’s pie pie seemed very disdainful of some things.
"Uh …" Linghu Chu answered naturally, perhaps unexpectedly. He touched his nose and thought that the Bao family’s gift giver was carried back and felt a little pitiful.
"Cough is really cheating you. I naturally collected it, but it didn’t work." Linghu Chu looked a little satisfied when he saw Xu Xuan. "According to what you mean, you have to strip the Bao family of a layer of skin."
Linghu Chu often behaves casually, but strictly speaking, it is not that difficult to get along with his appetite. In addition, Xu Xuan is not too afraid of everyone in this era because of the differences of the times. They talk very much and have some feelings of talking happily.
After some strange scenes were terminated, the atmosphere became more serious when they talked about him.
"I personally went over to Huashan to check the thirteen bodies you mentioned, and I have found them. The identity class has been determined by law, but judging from your box of property, I think it is a breakthrough." Linghu Chu frowned and said what she found about some things.
"In that case, what did you come to me for?" Xu Xuan smiled at him.
"Because I didn’t find anything else. Although you said this to me, I always feel that you still have reservations," Ling Huchu said here, slightly lowering his body and narrowing his eyes, and staring at Xu Xuan’s eyes. "If the terrain in those places is so steep and complicated, it is impossible to say that it is so specific. Why don’t you want Zhao Dazong to go there? It is impossible to pass by my places once in a while as detailed as you said." Ling Huchu said here with a cold voice. "Tell me if you know anything else?"
Xu Xuan some koo stand stand hand toward him "this is really not"
Linghu Chu stared at Xu Xuan’s eyes and looked at him in silence for a moment. Xu Xuan was still laughing, and I didn’t know it anyway. The atmosphere was a little quiet.
"It is said that people’s pupils dilate when they lie," Xu Xuan said with a smile. "Look carefully."
"Ha-ha" Ling Huchu looked back and smiled a little meaningfully, then said, "I don’t believe you if you don’t have anything to hide, but you are clever in doing things. You told me these things as well as Liu Shouyi … For the time being, I just want to discuss with you that there are some things that I can do more conveniently than Liu Shouyi … So if you change your mind and want to say something, how about telling me first?"
Xu Xuanwang Linghu Chu’s eyes were slightly condensed. Although Linghu Chu’s expression was smiling, there was no smile in his eyes, saying that he was discussing something rather than some kind of command.
"This ….." Wanted to think, Xu Xuan spoke, and Linghu Chu sat upright and looked forward to listening.