However, los ice Xian can guess the secret of engagement from the clues, which shows that she is thorough and meticulous.


It was not Li Xuandao’s original intention to break off an engagement, nor did he come to Taibai Jianzong to break off an engagement, but los ice Xian dared to disrespect Li Xuandao. Of course, he would not be polite, and now Taibai Jianzong has fallen into his hands, and the engagement has become dispensable.
"Even if you don’t agree, can you and I really tear up the engagement?" Li Xuandao eyebrows a young made no secret of their confidence.
"Of course not"
Los ice fairy took a deep breath and looked cool. "Li Xuandao, I know that your means of engagement is not bound to your roots, but I have something I want to talk to you alone."
Said los ice fairy intentionally swept Taibai patriarch.
Lin Tianfeng immediately understood the meaning of los ice Fairy. Although he wanted to know what Li Xuandao and los ice Fairy had to talk about, he was not good at asking for information. Two people * * could leave Taibai Moral Palace with Li Xuandao for a long time.
Wait until Lin Tianfeng’s figure has completely disappeared. los ice Fairy just spat out a sigh of relief.
At this moment, this cold-faced girl finally took off her disguise, and her face became soft. It was like the first meeting in the wild mountains. Although she did not have that noble temperament of Leng Yan, she had a small jasper charm.
"Li Xuandao, is it true that you haven’t thought about me?"
Los ice Xianlian steps lightly and sits opposite Li Xuandao. She smiles and holds her hands in the clouds, making people shine.
However, Li Xuandao’s face is plain and his eyes are clear, just like looking at a stranger with no idea and laughing. "I told you that even if it is as cold as a fairy and doesn’t provoke mortal dust, you and I will always have ants in our eyes. Do you think a god will be tempted by ants?"
Los ice looked straight at Li Xuandao as if judging his authenticity, but to her disappointment, Li Xuandao’s expression was very dull from beginning to end as if he had not lied.
"It seems that … you are different from those ordinary people. You really have never been tempted by me."
Los ice fairy laughed at the laugh and immediately called it up. "You didn’t take advantage of the situation in the wild mountains at the beginning, and now I’m defeated by you. How can you respect me?" But this just says that you are not a dragon! "
Said the los ice fairy to restore that from the temperament, "dragon y I look if you are a dragon will never be indifferent, even if you can turn into a real dragon, you are by no means a real dragon."
"Of course, I am a serious human being."
Li Xuandao was secretly surprised to have to admire los ice Xian Bingxue Cong. His mouth slightly raised and revealed a faint smile. "But I don’t know if I should call you los ice Xian or Tan Zhiruo?"
"los ice Fairy, of course!"
Los ice Fairy’s face turned reddish and explained, "I was afraid to scare you, which made the pseudonym Tan Zhiruo, but now it seems that I am worried that it is redundant. Even if I really know that I am los ice Fairy, I am afraid I will not be surprised."
Li Xuandao smiled indifferently and did not explain.
Because los ice fairy said yes, let alone los ice fairy, he wouldn’t be surprised if he appeared before the old king. Now his mood is getting more and more stable, and he has a concise omen.
"Well, let’s get down to business!"
Los ice fairy cough suddenly straightened posture, "Li Xuandao bloodline thing what’s going on? How do you know that I am the awakening blood of the wild mountains? And can your last palm stimulate the remaining blood vessels in my body? "
Los ice fairy breath will be at the bottom of the heart doubts are asked to come out, can’t help some asthma.
Li Xuandao waved a hand to los ice fairy not to worry and said with a smile, "It’s very simple, because you and I have skin relatives to heal you. I knew that you have phoenix blood, but this blood is very unique and can only be stimulated under very special circumstances."
"What do you mean by special circumstances?" Los ice fairy eyes slightly bright, she has guessed something, but not sure.
"That’s right!"
Li Xuandao nodded and said, "Only when you are injured and stimulated by the dragon breath can your blood be stimulated. However, because the dragon and tiger beast is the Yalong beast, your blood is stimulated, but it is not over. This endless blood will not bring you benefits, but will form your shackles. That is why you finally break through the realm of refining the gods."
Paused, Li Xuandao continued, "It’s easier in my palm. I took the dragon breath into your body. Your remaining blood vessels were completely stimulated, but because your blood vessels were too strong, you reached a state of suspended animation and you didn’t come back to life until the blood vessels were completely released."
"It is the truth that the phoenix is reborn from the fire!"
"But the phoenix can be reborn nine times in a lifetime, so you should cherish it!"
Listening to Li Xuandao’s story about los ice Xianbingfeng’s strong blood, she was secretly shocked, and she also deeply admired Li Xuandao’s erudition.
"Well, have you asked all the questions?"
Li Xuandao smiled freely and took out the engagement from her bosom again and handed it to los ice Xian, saying, "If there is no problem for him to sign your name, let’s break off the engagement quickly!"
Chapter 569 The mind has decided to leave Taibai Jianzong.
Chapter 569 The mind has decided to leave Taibai Jianzong.
"Break off an engagement?"
Los ice fairy startled to see the engagement heart throbbing in front of her.
Recall that she regarded the engagement as a shame and thought about breaking off an engagement with Li Xuandao all the time. However, when the engagement was really handed to her and asked her to sign it, she suddenly hesitated.
Even Luo Bingxian didn’t know what she would suddenly hesitate, but she felt heavy-hearted when she recalled what Lin Tianfeng had said and the scene of Lin Tianfeng’s request on her knees.
"If I break off my marriage, will you leave Taibai Jianzong?" Los ice fairy thirsty consciousness mouth asked.
"Of course!"
Li Xuandao nodded and made no secret of his intention to say, "Now it is meaningless for me to cultivate a saint’s seven-story horse to break through the realm of refining gods and leave Taibai Jianzong."
Said Li Xuandao smiled and laughed. "It’s not just me. You should also feel that South Manchuria is too small. If you stay here, it won’t help the practice. Tianda should go out for a walk more to gain something, and it’s hard for us to simply practice."
Los ice Fairy knows that Li Xuandao is right to practice in the realm of refining the gods. Her practice speed has slowed down, and if she wants to upgrade, she needs to break through with the help of external forces besides absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth.
It’s really meaningless to stay in Taibai Jianzong again.
But both she and Li Xuandao left Taibai Jianzong, which was a devastating blow to a sect.
"What are you hesitating about?"
Li Xuandao suddenly came to the front of los ice Fairy. He stared at los ice Fairy’s eyes, and his eyes were very clear. It was like going straight to the bottom of my heart, which made los ice Fairy slightly shocked.
"The rise and fall of a sect can’t be decided by one person. Even if the two of us can support it for some time, Taibai Jianzong will inevitably decline without other people!"
"A sect has to go through many hardships to really grow up, and flowers in the greenhouse will never become great."
"Besides, I have left several promises to Taibai Jianzong and there are young talents like Lin Tianchen and Bai Lixuan. What are you worried about?"
Li Xuandao sounds like thunder broke the heavy fog. los ice Fairy instantly woke up. She looked at the engagement in front of her and bit her lip gently.
"How have you decided?" Li Xuandao corners of the mouth with a faint smile.
"I’ve decided"
Los ice fairy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Soon she opened her eyes and looked firm. "I decided not to break off my engagement for the time being. I want to travel around the world with you and see who your fiancee are."
Li Xuandao smile a stiff face suddenly cold voice also mixed with three points cold way "los ice fairy you this is forcing me to tear up the engagement? If so, I’m afraid it’s not good for both of us? "
"No, Li Xuandao, I’m not forcing you!"
Looking at Li Xuandao’s stiff face and smiling, los ice’s immortal heart has never been happy. It is a very interesting act to make plain Li Xuandao angry. "Marriage is not a child’s play. I want to see how much gap there is between your Li Xuandao sweetheart and my los ice immortal!"
"My heart?"
Li Xuandao is as angry as being angered.
Since he was betrayed by Guan Yaoguang, he no longer believes in love and women. The only thing that can be reassured by him in the whole world of Xuan Huang is that he never left him alone.
Los ice Fairy wants to photograph Li Moyan?
"Hum, if you really want to, you will lose miserably!"
Li Xuandao snorted heavily. Even though Li Moyan’s strength is far from that of los ice Fairy, Li Xuandao’s bottom of my heart can be compared with Li Moyan’s, and Li Moyan’s history is unpredictable and hidden. The real strength may not be poor in los ice Fairy.
Los ice Xiankou evoked a smile and his eyes lit up. "Well, if your heart is true, I am los ice Xianqiang, and I will definitely not hesitate to break off my marriage with you. On the contrary, if your heart is not me, you will never get rid of me in this life!"
In the end, los ice fairy cleverly negotiated that Li Xuandao finally left Taibai Jianzong.
However, Li Xuandao resigned his first identity and gave it to Bai Lixuan, the right arm. Taibai Jianzong left a name in the name of the elders. At the same time, he also refused los ice Xian’s request to travel together.
What joke?
Li Xuandao is so far away from the future that even he is not sure of winning, and this is his personal vendetta, and he doesn’t want los ice Xian involved.
"Boss, do you really want to go?"
"No, what’s so sudden?"
"It’s not because the Taibai patriarch expelled you from the sect. Are you serious?"
Those practitioners who were close to Li Xuandao were surprised to learn that Li Xuandao was leaving Taibai Jianzong, even though a few people said they would follow the ends of the earth in Li Xuandao at the expense of Taibai Jianzong.
However, Li Xuandao smiled and waved his hand and refused with a cool face. "Your strength is too low. Even if you follow me, it can become a burden. Instead, it is not too late for Taibai Jianzong to practice well and then help me when you practice successfully."