Lu Li was furious, and there was a strong murder in his eyes. "Just a barrier wants to stop me!"


But although there is a big gap between those monsters, they are also monsters in their eyes, and they are fierce and violent. "You will die this time!"
Demon Dan suddenly appeared in vitro, and these monster bodies suddenly expanded. The narrow enchantment suddenly chose to burn the flesh to gain the strongest power and blow itself up!
Boom! These monsters are cultivated for 1,500 years, but they are different from ordinary monsters. They are cultivated in a magical cave, where there is a strong demon spirit. Although they have been cultivated for 1,500 years, they are better than those who have been hidden for 3,000 years in the human world!
The earth explosion was half-unfolded, and the narrow enchantment was broken. Although the enchantment was broken, it released some explosive force, but the shock wave enchantment shock power generated by the dramatic earthquake increased several times!
There was an explosion in the middle, and it was in the center. Qianxue just saw the land and wanted to come, but she witnessed this scene!
"no!" Thousands of snow and rain exclaimed softly that the latter had a hard time fighting our way out, but it happened that Lulu was swallowed up by the explosive force when she wanted to help Lulu.
In the illusory clouds and clouds, there is a secret hall in the sky, and several core elders of Taikoo Gate are opposite the Taikoo Gate Lord.
The mysterious elder looked indifferent and said, "I made a deduction in the battle of Yongzhou garrison. This separation will be a great variable. If it is not removed, it will probably lead to the collapse of Taikoo Gate."
When the word’ demise’ was uttered, the tone of the mysterious elder was also a little shaky. Taikoo Master was a ruthless and determined person. At the beginning, his competitors and outsiders were able to deeply feel that even the mysterious elder Xuanli was amazing and did not dare to make the door master angry.
The ruling elder grunted coldly, "I really believe in your deduction. Why is it so exaggerated this time that I can’t even take a few moves and think that I can shake Taikoon?"
The silence of the mysterious elder is no longer wordy, which seems that if you say more than half a minute, you will suffer terrible consequences.
The Lord of Taikoo Gate raised his hand to signal the elder to stop. At the same time, he said, "Kyushu League won’t help us, but we can’t be indifferent. Three mountains and twelve peaks will dispatch some uninjured and slightly injured people to support Yongzhou as soon as possible!"
Elder Yu Core was puzzled by the trial elders and asked, "Did the Master of the Door send his younger brother-"
Taikoo Master shook his head and made everyone’s heart sink.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Kill the land from the land
These core elders are mystery, ruling, trial, punishment and five elders, not because of their status, but because many other core elders are either injured or involved in important matters.
After a pause, the Taikoo Master added, "Don’t question that Yongzhou itself is hard to protect. Taikoo still needs to stick to it. If the core elders are sent, Taikoo’s defense will inevitably weaken. This is what I don’t want to see. Besides, my arrogance in Taikoo can solve the cloud cold around Yongzhou. After this battle, all kinds of methods can be honed."
You core elders nodded, only the mysterious elders looked ugly, but because of their scruples, the mysterious elders were awkward, and all this was seen by the Taikoo Master.
"Mystery is still worried about things?" The indifferent mouth of the Taikoo Master immediately attracted the attention of many core elders.
Mystery elder nodded slightly and still didn’t want to talk about many things involving deduction variables, which he could hardly say.
With a mysterious smile, the Taikoo Master once again said, "This time you will die if you leave home."
The mysterious elder wondered, "Master, I also worked out by deduction that there is a great disaster in this time, but it is very strange that every time I encounter a disaster, I seem to be able to avoid or resolve it. It is also the only thing I have seen in my life that if I can escape from the land alive-"
Before he finished, the Taikoo Master would interrupt, "Lu Li must die. There are some secrets that you don’t know yet. It is precisely because of this that my heart emperor can reach an agreement to jointly kill Lu Li. Therefore, my prestige in the Taikoo Gate path is greatly reduced, and the Kyushu Alliance is also greatly affected."
More than a few core elders are all important figures in Taikoo Gate. Even if the Presbyterian Court votes, the final result will be biased towards Taikoo Gate’s decision.
None of the five elders refuted that they knew that the Taikoo Master was determined to kill Lu Li once he decided to kill him, which was a certain death.
However, the mysterious elder still tried to say, "There are some talents that are not as good as-"
He didn’t want to help Lu Li, but felt that there were too many mysteries in the deduction. If he could return to Taikoon again, it might bring some changes in fate and make Taikoon continue to grow.
However, the Taikoo Gate Master shook his head and said, "It’s very deceitful for Lu Li to defend Yongzhou this time. He will definitely make a track against the enemy and see if he will lead the demon’s strong people to hunt down. If the demon moves away, he will die, even if the demon doesn’t kill Lu Li. This time, I will personally move to bury Yongzhou!"
The five elders were all surprised. The Taikoo Master kept his word. Almost no one escaped from the door this time. I don’t know if there is anything wrong with it. Is there something else hidden in it besides explaining something before? However, it is not wise for people to dare to ask and anger the Taikoo Master.
It’s only a flick of a finger for an overlord of Jin Xian to deal with Friar Du Jie’s threshold, and everything will be over. Even if this Jin Xian is strong enough to be far away from Wan Li, he can be locked and killed by Friar.
At present, the Taikoo Master is seriously injured, but even if he is seriously injured, he is definitely not able to cope with the distance, and even there is no hope of escaping.
Several elders were silent, especially the elders. He buried the sword, and the elders had some friendships. The burial of the sword was very important to the elders, and they knew it. But today, since the Lord said so, it was a human being who could save them. It seems that they will die if they are separated.
The demon domain will definitely want to kill the land and leave the land. If the situation is not good, the Taikoo Master will personally do it. What a horrible result!
Even the heart emperor of Kyushu League is likely to come forward to kill Lu Li or just send a legal person to die, which will be a narrow escape.
The five elders changed their minds and stopped thinking that they were separated from each other in their consciousness, and they were already like a dead man. Maybe the Taikoo Master will make moves soon, and then everything will end.
The tragic battle outside the main city of Yongzhou continues to be besieged by madness, and the land has been attacked by several monsters, Yuan Shen, and trapped in an explosive light cloud.
Many monks roared that their hearts were very admired for Lu Li, who was able to kill many people in Taishan turmoil and was the first person on the list of meritorious military service in Kyushu League. If Lu Li died physically, it would be a great blow to the morale of the defenders in Yongzhou.

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