"Just because you also want to set a trap to make me lose my head, it’s crazy."


The fire Niu Mowang immediately showed disdain after hearing Xu Ren’s words.
"You forget my front arrangement law feel like? It’s hard, isn’t it? I’m not afraid to tell you that I can arrange a bunch at will. What’s the point of arranging a trap here that can make you beheaded? "
Xu Ren looked at the fire Niu Mowang sneer at a way
"mystifying, even if there is a trap here today, I will break through."
If Xu Ren doesn’t talk about things before, it’s okay to talk about things before, but this fire Niu Mowang is relieved because he thinks that even if Xu Ren destroys those two laws, at best, it will make him stagnate a little, so it will blow up his skirts for a while and even hurt him. Now even if the other party sets a trap here, it will not pose a threat to him.
When the fire Niu Mowang spoke, he had already rushed towards Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin.
At this time, Xu Ren has once again proposed to create the stars on Sunday, and has also successfully isolated himself from the age of the day by using a virtual mask.
Seeing the fire, Niu Mowang rushed to himself, and Xu Ren refused to back down at all, and directly wielded a sword to cut out dozens of fusion swords.
See Xu Ren attack after the fire cow magic than more relieved Xu Ren attack or the first few things must also have no his tricks.
Fire Niu Mowang will hand three fork directly waved up and then more than a dozen Gang blade directly Xu Ren cut out the fusion sword Gang collided together.
After a series of rumbling, Xu Ren once again arranged the ice seven-line array and the seven-kill array.
Immediately after the formation of these two laws, they launched an attack on the fiery Niu Mowang.
The fire Niu Mowang felt boring, and the other side went back and forth only by that little means, and he was also ready to start work.
When he was ready to break through the two kill array and attack Xu Ren directly, he found many small black beads around him.
Those little round beads are dense and they all approach him quickly.
In the fire year, Niu Mowang did not dare to rush to wave his hand and hold the fork for three days to attack the small round beads around him.
The fire Niu Mowang attacked those little round beads and exploded quickly to make a series of muffled noises.
This series of flips will also make this fire Niu Mowang stunned. He didn’t think that the other party’s small round ball was so powerful. Fortunately, he didn’t neglect it. It seems that the other party said that there was an ambush, and it was not just a trick to him, but there were still some doorways. But Niu Mowang was not afraid of this doorway fire. He wouldn’t let Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Mo Lin go so easily.
Of course, in addition to feeling that the power of those small round beads is not weak, there is another place that surprised the fire Niu Mowang, and that is that there are too many small round beads on the other side.
Even if the quantity is large, the fire in Niu Mowang will not matter. After all, even if there are more such small round beads, it will not be lethal to him to attack him in close quarters.
However, with the passage of time, the fire Niu Mowang found that something seemed to be wrong. Not only did those small lightning explosions produce a lot of fog, but there was also a poisonous fog that could make him slow down.
That kind of toxic dose can’t be detected by the roots of the poisoned people when they are young, but it will have an impact when the toxic substances continue to accumulate to a certain amount.
The fire Niu Mowang body instantly appeared flames, and he didn’t want to be directly poisoned by the other party’s poisonous poison.
This fire, Niu Mowang’s flame, is also very special, with extremely strong destructive power, and it is also an overbearing flame that can ignite Xu Ren’s virulence.
By this time, Niu Mowang, the fire, had been afraid to put Xu Ren’s words at ease again. In fact, he has some regrets now, regretting that he did not attach importance to Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Mo Lin earlier.
Of course, that’s all, Niu Mowang. It seems that even if Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, are not weak, it is impossible to hurt his bones by this means alone, let alone hurt his life.
However, in this fire, Niu Mowang suddenly felt a palpitation when he felt that Xu Ren’s means would not appear new tricks again
So this fire Niu Mowang immediately became alert and released the spirit to find the source of palpitations.
However, when the fire Niu Mowang released the spirit, it was discovered that the spirit was greatly limited and the range could be detected less than two feet.
As a result, this fire Niu Mowang is a little panicked. Even if he reacts faster, he can’t guarantee that he won’t be injured.
But that’s not what makes this fire Niu Mowang most anxious. What makes him most anxious is that now he can hardly see those small round beads, and he can attack them with keen intuition and ask them not to come near him.
Of course, until now, Niu Mowang is still very confident in this fire. He doesn’t think Xu Renzhen can trap him.
The fire Niu Mowang gave off a strong fluctuation and then a sea of fire appeared around him.
Bang bang bang—
With the fire around Niu Mowang, the lightning that Xu Ren threw out also exploded one after another.
However, when those thunderbolts exploded, the fiery Niu Mowang felt that he was burnt.
This makes the fire Niu Mowang feel incredible. His cultivation achievement method is the fire attribute achievement method, and his mastery of demon fire is even more powerful. It is theoretically impossible for him to feel his body being burned.
Soon after the body felt burning, the fire Niu Mowang felt that the body was freezing cold
This makes the fire Niu Mowang feel even more incredible. His practice is the fire attribute achievement method. He has not felt cold for thousands of years, and what’s more, he is freezing cold.
By this time, the fire in Niu Mowang was really anxious
"Give me a break! 」
Fire Niu Mowang said, "The fire outside suddenly burst.
After an earth-shattering noise, Xu Ren arranged two laws, and those small round beads of lightning disappeared.
Of course, it’s not only Xu Ren’s arrangement of two arrays and those powerful thunder days, but also Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin are also traces
Xu Renshi didn’t think that the fire Niu Mowang would be so cruel, but his quick reaction directly drove the virtual spirit cover to break through and escape to more than ten miles away.
The distance of more than ten miles is still acceptable for Xu Ren, and now he has improved compared with the ancient battlefield
A dozen miles away from the incident, Molin, a small demon leopard, immediately released the flying boat, and then one person and one demon quickly fled.
In fact, this time, Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin achieved great success. They not only made the fire Niu Mowang consume a lot of strength, but also set two fires in Niu Mowang, namely, Xu Ren Skyfire and Xiao Yaobao Molin annihilated the inflammation.
Those two kinds of flames, even a raging fire, can’t be easily extinguished by Niu Mowang. If he carries the flame with him, the power will be continuously consumed unless the guy is ruthless enough to be ignited by the flame.
Of course, when Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, also come, they have to hurry. It will be even more sad if they are driven out of Niu Mowang by that fire again.
Fire Niu Mowang has been mad with anger by Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin. He didn’t expect the other party to be so insidious and come up with such tricks to deal with him. Thanks to his strong means, otherwise he would have to plant them in the hands of those two guys this time. Even now, he has suffered a lot. Two different flames need to consume a lot of demon power to suppress them, and once ignored, they will burn quickly.
Fire Niu Mowang drives Lingbao towards Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin to chase after him.
Fire Niu Mowang Lingbao is also a kind of human Lingbao, but it is more suitable for human beings to drive the demon king’s fire, Niu Mowang, so it is difficult to have some incompatibility problems when escaping from Tissot.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventeen To the middle of the lake
Fire Niu Mowang has a baby that can come to the road. The baby name is very similar to the small demon leopard Molin’s flying boat. However, the small demon leopard Molin’s flying boat theory can be used by both humans and demon families, but it is more suitable for human monks to escape Tissot.