"What are you talking about? Now you are also a half master of the Institute, that is, if the former teacher is still a blue star, it is no problem to give you a one million research grant a year casually.


After that, I’ll get you that assistant researcher. That’s a salary. "
Speak AnXiaoXue handed xu back a card.
"This is my personal limited vice card. I still have a lot of discounts on this vice card to buy some things needed for practice, such as E-class energy supplements.
It should save you a lot of money, "said An Xiaoxue.
"Thank you, Teacher An"
Xu back without melodramatic pick up directly.
It’s a little saving to consume so much.
For several days in a row, Xu retired and thought about this problem besides practicing.
How did No.14 Institute get it to study and reduce the burden on An Xiaoxue?
In particular, there are still many directions for researching new achievements.
The key is to retreat from the illusory state and find the gene base point. How can other people reproduce it?
This is the difficulty in making research results.
But after a few days of thinking about returning it, I had a preliminary idea.
Besides, I’m constantly familiar with the control skills of this pocket flying sword these days.
In fact, the best attack distance of this pocket flying sword is ten meters away, and the power is the strongest from 3 meters to 100 meters.
A hundred meters can even penetrate a steel plate with a thickness of one centimeter.
Wei neng is very scary.
But in close quarters, Wei Wei is not so terrible.
Insufficient acceleration distance
However, the flying sword control skills are available at this time.
A circle or two or an arc attack can not only attack more changes, but also increase power
But after all, ten meters of power is almost there.
This reminds Xu of AnXiaoXue alloy silver pill.
If you really want to play the dragon and tiger list, then you must prepare a set of alloy silver pills.
Flying sword, this one will see blood when it comes out
Once the sword flies out of power, even Xu can’t control himself.
Of course, the power of close-range alloy silver pills is not that great, but relatively speaking, it is not as good as flying swords to see blood.
A few days later, Xu retired and worked out a set of tactics suitable for his current situation.
Close range, that is, the range of telepathy, alloy silver pills should be very strong with the power of spiritual whipping.
Long-range flying sword is a better choice.
And the flying sword should be more like a killer to some extent.
Of course, it is really necessary to make a retreat and not hesitate to urge the flying sword.
I don’t want to get this alloy silver pill from An Xiaoxue again.

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