The whip was covered with barbs and even more poisonous. When it pulled out, it immediately tore the clothes and brought a piece of flesh to make Shangluo scream and cry to the ground.


It seems that Niu Yan Gherardini.
"Do you know them?"
Luo Xiuying body Yishan grind way
"I dare not deceive the general. Right people really know them."
"There is a martial arts school in Caomin Street. These people often beg for water when they live nearby, and they will know each other after a while."
"But Cao Min Zhengqi Hall never did it!"
She looked up and said
"These people deliberately leaked the whereabouts of the right-hand man and attracted the thief to come forward to rescue him so that the right-hand man could be grateful."
"But this is something that Uncle Zhou taught me before, and the right people have never followed."
Luo Xiuying!’ Zhao prison was covered in blood and glared at Luo Xiuying.
"I was so blind that I thought you were just like us. Is that how you treat your friends?"
"It’s a fact that we saved you?"
He roared, growled and questioned.
Luo Xiuying was pale and gritted his teeth.
"I don’t have this bullet without you! Do you dare to say that you didn’t secretly leak my shipment? "
"You …"
Shangluo several people face big change have denounced is cursing.
"Interesting and interesting" Niu Yan smiled strangely on the back of the beast.
"Whether it’s true or not, it’s a good play, but it’s better to kill the wrong one and don’t let me go. I’m not interested in watching you play here."
"All killed!"
Say gently waved.
Soldiers should be approaching several people with knives.
Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and stopped
"Huh?" Niuyan face a heavy.
"What do you want?"
"General" Zhou Jia surrendered.
"I really deserve this junior."
"Don’t push your luck, Zhou Jia." Niu Yanyan was cold.
"I don’t pursue your question on this matter, but it’s already given to Xiao Lang Island. What evidence did you say about her koo? Who can testify? "
If there is no witness, there will be a mistake in killing!
Zhou Jia’s face showed thoughtfully and then gently waved his sleeve and threw a bloody sword in front of Luo Xiuying light way
"The general wants evidence."
"Zhou Shu" Luo Xiuying charming body Yishan looked up at Zhou Jia.
Zhou Jia looked cold as usual.
Trembling, she picked up the residual sword and got up to look back and forth at Zhou Jia’s beautiful eyes again.