"What a coincidence!"


Xia Bing coldly scolded, "Since they all did it, call all the remaining bodyguards in the bodyguard department for me!"
There was a sudden burst of shouting from the loudspeaker.
The second boss suddenly called for bodyguards so anxiously. The second boss must have met something very quickly. More importantly, these honest and frank guys not only informed the members of the company left by the bodyguard department, but also informed the company security department
Although the bodyguard department is elite, the number is small. Although the security department is mediocre, it wins a lot.
So for a moment, the whole world security company moved.
The whole security company from the first floor to the twenty-third floor, from the twenty-third floor to the first floor, immediately fell into a noise.
All the people turned their attention to what happened in the company department of Lou Bubai.
No one knows that Tiandi security company suddenly went to war.
At the moment, three people who know the ins and outs of things are staring at each other in the chairman’s office.
The little girl winked at Xia Bingqing and said, "Is it a little illegal for Second Sister to call all the bodyguards to test a new person?"
Xia Bingqing snorted, "You don’t care about this matter, I will not break the rules."
"Said Xia Bingqing look at xu cold tunnel" you come here to apply for bodyguards is not to make money? Good. I’ll give you a chance to make a lot of money! "
Xu raised his eyebrows.
Xia Bingqing continued, "There are three bosses in Tiandi Security Company. You should know that one of them is me, the second one is my sister, and you can see here that there is another elder sister. The three of us now live in the same apartment. For some special reasons, we are short of a very powerful bodyguard. If you can beat all the remaining bodyguards in the bodyguard department, just say that you are stronger than one bodyguard in the bodyguard department, and we will hire you. You must believe that hiring bodyguards in our apartment is definitely the highest salary in the whole security company, with a monthly salary of 200,000 yuan and a year in advance."
Obviously, Lan Yuyu made it clear that Xu’s family conditions were all clear, Xia Bingqing. This was for fear that Xu would not dare to fight for the money to lure him with a salary of 200,000 a month, that is, 2.4 million in advance.
This theory is definitely not a small sum for anyone.
But Xia Bingqing is still worried that Xu can’t promise.
Every bodyguard in the bodyguard department of Tiandi Security Company is a battle-hardened strong man. Although many bodyguards have gone out to perform, there are at least more than 20 bodyguards left.
Even the most powerful blood maniac in the bodyguard department has fled when facing more than 20 peers.
Xia Bingqing absolutely doesn’t believe that Xu can beat them.
Therefore, she can make Xu be tempted by money and jump into the routine, and finally be beaten like a dead pig by more than 20 bodyguards and thrown out of the security company like a dead dog.
This is what Xia Bingqing wants.
Unexpectedly, Xia Bingqing has not continued to increase the conditions, and Xu has already been full of eyes.
In order to give my mother and sister a better life, what is most lacking now is money.
Don’t say that you can advance 2.4 million, even if you can advance 240 thousand, you will definitely accept the challenge from Xia Bingqing.
Isn’t it just dozens of bodyguards?
Who are you always afraid of?
Xu Xin wanted to restrict Xia Bingqing, but he was afraid lest he refused. "I know people will be afraid when they encounter such a thing, but you must know that it is by no means so easy to find a job with a monthly salary of 200,000, and you can apply for my new red Audi R8. You can trot at will!"
Wow, is there such a good thing in the world?
Xu didn’t expect to gain such benefits by hesitating so much.
At this time, the little girl jumped up and said, "Brother Xu, you must promise her. The second sister said that it is absolutely right. Recently, we did recruit bodyguards for some special reasons. You must promise. I especially want you to be our bodyguard. I almost forgot to tell you that when our bodyguards live in the same apartment with us."
Wow, shit!
If it weren’t for a beautiful woman, Xu would almost have left a nosebleed
On whether Xia Bingqing or the little girl are the same thing in ten thousand, then Zhang Jiejie must also be a great beauty.
How many romantic plots do these three women have to go through to live together day and night?
Xu Qing cleared his throat and said, "This condition really appeals to me. I have been short of money recently … Well, then I will reluctantly accept this challenge."
"Don’t go back on your word!"
Xia Bingqing’s eyes lit up, but I miss you now, waiting for you to cry!
The little girl kept clapping her hands and laughing as if she could be very worried about what happened, which made people wonder whether she was eager to get along with each other or whether she was about to be beaten into a pig’s head.
Just at this time, there were already bodyguards in special forces outside.
The bodyguard looked around only to find that the second boss was quietly holding his head and raised his eyebrows. "Are you all right, second boss and third boss?"
Xia Bing coldly said, "Do I look like someone?"
The bodyguard cried and forced, "So … who are you?"
Xia Bingqing shouted at Xu Nu and made signal with the lips. "I want people from your body’s bodyguard department to besiege him together. But if he wants to apply for bodyguards in our apartment, it’s always impossible for talented people."
Rao is the bodyguard who has experienced big waves and retired special forces, and there are some stupid forces at the moment.
"Second boss … there are still 23 personal teams in the bodyguard department. If Nuoda playground is engaged in long-distance fighting, others may break us one by one, but say siege … I am afraid that even my old captain can’t do it. And even if the top three people in the bodyguard department are bloody crazy, fierce monkeys and silver killers, together, they can’t resist our attack."
Xia Bingqing’s happy face is cold. "You can do whatever I want you to do."
The bodyguard took a pity look at Xu, and his eyes seemed to say, Xiao, although I don’t know how you offended the second boss, don’t blame us for being impolite now that you have offended him. You can wait for death.
No one wants to wait to be beaten to death, and certainly not Xu.
Although Xu can easily beat more than a dozen gangsters, these specially trained bodyguards are not the same level.
Xu Jin doesn’t know where his strength limit is, and he thinks that he should still install a force before fighting.
Is to pretend to be a force.
Knowing one’s own shame limit, restraint limit and loading limit can all increase experience value, and these three options are obviously the easiest to realize.