Bai Jing took one look at Xu Le at the back of the bus. This guy looks like nothing. It’s really


"All right, get ready to go."
When passing through the wasteland in front, the ground was covered with pieces of black ash, which attracted many people’s attention.
"It looks like there are a lot of bodies of ground boring insects. Is there a fire here?"
"Fart wasteland how fire? Will stones and sand burn by themselves? "
"Then why are they all burnt?"
"Maybe it’s too dry?"
When several people discussed nature, Bai Jing suddenly remembered the ground worm meat that Xu Le brought back last night.
That kind of burnt …
"He incredibly still have flame ability? What occupation is it? "
No one can give her an answer
When the repaired old car traveled for nearly an hour, Xu Le suddenly came to the spirit.
"This … this is!"
A city full of tall building!
This is a truly modern city and looks more advanced than previous big cities.
Few previous demons did it, and almost all the tall buildings were connected to the overpass.
But here it is.
Although some overpasses were broken, they did not collapse.
It’s because the building is full of turquoise plants, moss and creepers for a long time
"I can’t believe what the architectural style used to be like in the wild?"
Seeing this, Xu Le is already certain.
The dark blue star must have experienced the glorious age before the dark age.
It may be extraordinary, but it is definitely not simply extraordinary, and it is not like the Red Crescent Temple as a city organization that defeats other cities by force.
"Beautiful? It is said that the empire in the second era was two times earlier than ours. It is said that they were far earlier than the birth of the Red Crescent.
It is hard to imagine that their buildings can last for thousands of years, and the times still stand today. "
"Once the empire? The second era … "
Xu Le knew that there was a gap of about four years between the Third Era and the present.
In the third and second eras, he was not sure about the specific time gap.
Could buildings have reached this level thousands of years ago?
Xu Le has seen some traces of ancient empire in the ancient ruins outside Zion.
What was the ancient empire like in his mind?
Old stone castles, horsemen, old buildings, windmills, water towers, and runaway princesses …
But what is the ancient empire like?
Advanced is hard to imagine advanced.
Judging from the fact that the building walls still retain color, this should be a dynamic era, a very dynamic era.
"People must be very happy in this era of life," said a mercenary who is also a newcomer like Xu Le.
"Maybe people who used to live here can eat beef every day? What a luxurious life. "
"Don’t be so worthless. The Red Crescent Temple and Zionists just eat beef every day, read more and forget less."
"Depend …"
Like Xu Le, he is not the only one who regrets.
But he is more emotional than these people.
Because I have seen the past world, I know that it used to be prosperous.
And he actually saw the projection screen of a large shopping mall here. Of course, it has been damaged for so many years, but all the signs indicate that this is an era of science and technology.
"It’s really desirable."
Xu Le touched the plants at hand and felt a little happy.
Bai Jinggang wanted to wake Xu Le up and not touch anything here casually, but after thinking about it, he gave up.
Maybe he didn’t care about this touch at all.
"Well, our current destination has reached No.133, and the diameter of the responsible area is about 4 kilometers. If we go deeper, it will be No.134.
Well, having his team carry out our work is to eliminate the danger in area 133
The team is divided into groups of one person. You can combine freely. I’ll bring new people here as before.
Expand from the outside world! "
Xu Le, who has been away from the team, wondered if this interpretation was missing something.
"Well, I interrupted for a minute, so I didn’t hear from him after the queue?"
"What more information?"
"Like when?"
"Let’s meet again when it’s finished." Bai Jing is a little strange. Xu Le is really new.
"Is there no requirement when it is completed?" Xu Le eyes flashing here.
It seems that it is incredible for him to have no specific requirements.
"This kind of Rio Tinto can have what requirements? If it doesn’t take more than two months, wouldn’t it be a death if you were still in the wild in case of Kuroshio? "