The prison god heard from the underworld that the death domain there is also a place to receive souls and grievances, but thousands of years ago, the underworld declined inexplicably and finally disappeared.


Power, death, death, nine deep and remote, one pulse, and the ghost force are all different and belong to a different evil force.
It is said that when the prison gods and demons defeated the demons in World War I, the name of the underworld was shocked to cultivate immortals.
Although the eyes hurt this person, it is no longer meaningful to know that you are not the enemy and fight again.
Although burned to death and captured, it is not wise to find a way to liquidate tomorrow, even if it is to die today.
The figure flashed away from the ground and resisted the pain all over.
"Hum evil want to escape? Where to go! " Half the evil and ferocious man suddenly waved his hand after a binge drinking. Jin Xian’s law condensed again and directly solidified Fiona Fang for miles.
When the figure is stagnant, it is a sly smile, and the body vibrates, and the silver light flashes and then leaves.
"What’s the matter?" The strong one leng immediately is angry roar a flash is gone.
After three breaths, I came to a barren valley dozens of miles away with a flash of glory.
"Hum, want to escape from the hand of God?" When the sky breaks, the strong man will face evil again and wave his hand to lock the world.
Lu Li’s face changed, and the other party’s tracking power was so tough. It seems that he almost looked down upon this person, but it takes more effort to escape from this trapped world.
The evil mans eyes flashed away and cold snorted, "Why do you still want to be exterminated when you capture me?"
The strong smell speech ferocious face flush with a sneer, "the dead don’t need such nonsense"
Words fall on the international light hum a palm evil mans flash a huge copper coffin with emerge.
The eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and the eyes are slightly narrowed. Immediately, I feel an evil atmosphere. This time, I can’t go wrong.
He has been guilty of evil, but this bronze coffin exudes evil spirit, which makes Lu Li feel shocked. What evil thing is this?
Sneer at the moment, the copper coffin suddenly trembled, accompanied by this instant, a strong dead body crashing out of two figures
The two men stepped out for a moment, and the whole body was instantly dead and dissipated, as if they had never been called Lu Li secretly surprised.
If he got such a move, he should be able to do it, but it takes some effort and can only be done with the help of extermination, but the other party is the overlord of Jin Xian, waving his hand, and all this looks like a natural place without any loopholes.
However, Lu Li also saw a message from such a move, that is, this statue of Jin Xian overlord doesn’t like to make moves himself!
Or the body is bound to make him unwilling to make too many moves for some reason, perhaps because he has just been born and his strength has not yet recovered to prosperity, perhaps.
Those two people are a pair of men and women, and their breath is a little secretive, which makes people unable to see through the realm of cultivating immortality. They look sane and have no puppet intention in wearing old robes.
The strong in the sky simply smiled without saying a word, looking at Lu Li as if looking at his prey, leaving only ponder in his eyes.
"This person likes hunting monks very much, especially if he is a little strong, he can turn up some waves in his eyes. If he is so strong, he will be killed by heat." Lu Li will make another inference
At this time, the bronze coffin came out of the female way, "Let’s go out and kill the friar on the ground."
Men also nodded contemptuously tunnel "now such a monk one by one hypocritical is bad, this person is also a loser"
"Waste wood?" Lu Li heard a tingle in her heart, and she was called talented when she debuted. This loser said it was the first time I heard it.
Chapter ninety Rotten skeleton death prison
"It’s very good to kill Yuan God’s flesh. No, it’s really very good. God comes to sacrifice." The ferocious Jin Xian strong man suddenly said.
Lu Li also figured out that this statue of Jin Xian overlord doesn’t know if he likes to make moves in person, so did he leave himself a chance?
But on the other hand, the bad news is that this statue of Jin Xian’s strong man seems to have peeped into his own body and wants to snatch it. Once his own Yuan God obliterates the mark of life and dissipates, his own body is naturally the best thing to forge a puppet.
It’s a bit odd to feel that this man and a woman can’t see through the situation. This is Jin Xian’s hegemonic means, which has not yet reached the realm, and he can see through it at will.
"Trapped lock heaven and earth release this like a puppet repair although performance such as this with independent consciousness can be afraid of behind or like a puppet war slave-"Lu Li mind calculation instantaneous will hide away.
This kind of trapped heaven and earth consumes a lot of real yuan. If the other party is a half-step Jin Xian, it will definitely choose a war of attrition, but the other party is a statue of Jin Xian overlord. Compared with the other party, the real yuan spirit force is almost exhausted, and it is far from being able to compare with the other side. It is the policy to compete positively.
Eyes flashing and flying directly to the north.