Quietly moving across the huge body gap of the stone statue, I made a sign at Moling, and then I saw that my face was also changing. Lin moved, which was to let them play it by ear and leave as soon as things went wrong.


Bitten to grind, Mo Ling can nod his head with a little hesitation. Even if they stay, there is no help to Lin Dong, but it will become a burden to him.
Looking at Moling, they slowly retreated from the forest and turned to look at this situation. In some critical halls, the hall has been firmly surrounded by these stone statues, which is really a feeling of getting into the ground.
Of course, at this time, the other people in the hall were not good-looking, even the tomb of Danchen, who claimed to have consumed 500,000 Nirvana when he entered Nirvana, was a little livid at this time. His white face was facing 15 stone statues comparable to Nirvana. Don’t say that he meant 500,000 Nirvana Danqiang, even if it was 1 million, I’m afraid he had to be hammered into a paste with random fists.
Brother Lin, I’m afraid it would be better if we huddled together at this time.
At this time, Ling Zhiliu Yuan and others are also very clever, leading people to flee to the side of Lin’s departure, which makes him angry and funny. These guys obviously want to use his spirit to protect him, but at this time, I’m afraid it is difficult for him to achieve too much success. After all, these stone statues are all comparable to nirvana.
Now the base of the hall is divided into three parties, one is Lin Dong, the other is Dawu Dynasty of Xuan Bing Dynasty, and the last is Magic Rock Dynasty.
However, it is not the reputation of several parties. Now what they need most to defend is the stone statues around them that are eyeing Nirvana.
Knock, knock
The solidified atmosphere of the hall didn’t last long, and the stone statues were violently shaken up and rushed at the hall with thunderous steps.
And perhaps because of Lin’s least threat on their side, two nirvana statues rushed at them, but even this is enough to make Lexus and others look solemn.
I stopped a building and another one for you two. The others have looked back at the aggressive stone statue. Lin moved his head to Lexus and low drink a way.
When I saw Lin Donggui stop a stone statue, Lexus also gave a hard bite. The two of them were quasi-nirvana, and if they joined forces, they could barely compete against nirvana. Their only prayer now is not to rush at other stone statues, otherwise they may really be wiped out.
make a din
Lin Dong didn’t say any more nonsense, because the stone statue with powerful oppression was already rushing. Immediately, his body moved violently and his feet were too clear to walk, and a wisp of smoke led him.
At the same time, Ling Zhiliu Yuan also forced the body force to the extreme, and the other nirvana stone statue was hard to regret together.
Bang bang.
The stone statue danced with a huge stone fist and waved it hard at Lin Dong, and it was compressed in its fist to form a strong wind and enveloped Lin Dong hard.
At this time, Lin’s complexion is also extremely dignified, and the golden light of his skin is surging rapidly, but the terrible strong breeze is still hurting his skin. I want to think that if I change the half step nirvana light, this strong breeze will be able to shock it to death.
Lin Dong didn’t intend to play hardball with this stone statue. He kept dodging the stone statue’s sharp offensive with the help of Taiqing Youtianbu. Although the oppressive strong breeze made his skin ache, he was able to feel that the golden light of his skin was becoming more and more solid under this strong oppression.
It can’t be a dead end here, and the ancient secret key hasn’t been found. The key to the dead end must have been in this hall, and the sable sound sounded in his heart when Lin moved away from the Nirvana stone offensive.
Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly narrowed before listening to Xiao Diao’s words, and his experience was very old and his knowledge was far from that of him. For Xiao Diao, Lin Dong always kept the letter, and immediately his eyes wandered in the hall.
There are chaos fronts everywhere in this hall. Most of the Nirvana statues are attacking them and facing such an offensive. Even the tomb of Chen was forced to be extremely embarrassed by three Nirvana statues, but for the mysterious posture, I’m afraid it would have been an injury.
People seem to be so entangled that they can’t even tell the slightest bit of their minds. According to this situation, I’m afraid it will be the worst. After all, they will be tired when they are human, but these stone statues will not be in this state. They will tirelessly launch an offensive before they are all killed.
Lin’s tiptoe was a little bit smooth, but he evaded the nirvana statue with a fierce fist wind, and then his eyes suddenly solidified.
The solidification direction of Lin’s sight is the central wall of the main hall, where there is also a stone statue inlaid with this stone statue. Other stone statues are slightly different because this is the only stone statue overlooking the main hall, while other stone statues emerge from various sides.
These stone statues all seem to be the same person.
Staring at all kinds of stone statues that show anger, surprise and so on, I wonder if these stone statues are printed according to a mannequin.
Lin looked at the stone statue again, and this stone statue didn’t wake up like other stone statues to attack them. It still sat quietly and looked at the hall to fight for life and death.
Lin’s eyes flashed in his heart, and his thoughts turned like flint. Suddenly, he clenched his teeth and his body suddenly accelerated, directly facing the stone statue and plundered it.
Knock, knock
Behind him, the stone statue that attacked him suddenly realized what it was, and it thundered hard at Lin.
make a din
Lin moved like an arrow across the hall at an amazing speed, and now the stone statue jerked its teeth back and forth without the slightest hesitation, and blasted it with a punch.
The golden light surged in the forest and punched him fiercely. The stone statue was immediately covered with cracks and then slammed directly.