Hearing this, Lin’s face became more and more smiling. Soon, he glanced at the far north and sent a whistle in his mouth.


make a din
Whistle fell a latosolic red figure suddenly swept wings flapping in the mountain range and walked directly now. Next to Lin’s departure was Xiaoyan. At this time, this guy’s food was also quite good. Lin moved and killed some half-step nirvana monster monsters and crystals, which were almost swallowed by it, but this appetite obviously brought it a lot of benefits. Now Xiaoyan is not a big circle, which looks more magnificent and powerful, and that disappearing breath is also a faint sign of being comparable to half-step nirvana.
For the small inflammation changes, Lin’s heart is obviously quite pleased with ru’s big head, and then his wings flapped and a red S flashed at the distance and swept away.
When flying by, Lin’s eyes glanced at the rear, and he was ready to wait for the fish to arrive.
Magic Rock Dynasty Since you want to arrest me, let you taste the price first.
And when the forest moved again, ten shadows of a mountain peak in its far rear flashed away like ghosts.
These ten dark shadows are extremely strong. One person in front is impressively the face of yn Lichen’s tomb. He looked up and looked at the front with cold light surging in his eyes.
The little one has gone away again.
Behind Chen’s tomb, there are some laughs. This guy is really a SangGuQuan who runs so often.
Chen’s tomb is slightly wrinkled. I don’t know that he always feels something is wrong. Although the blood mark is difficult to erase, it is only right to erase it slowly when Lin moved for a long time, but he didn’t move at all. Doesn’t he know that if he doesn’t get rid of it, he will eventually get rid of them?
Let’s hurry up. We’ve had enough lng. When Chen’s tomb frowned, a hoarse sound suddenly sounded behind it.
Hearing this sound, the corner of Chen’s tomb slightly hu turned his head. Behind him was a thin man with an ordinary appearance, but his eyes were like snakes, giving a person a cold feeling of yn.
In the face of this person, even the cold face of Chen’s tomb is slightly less. In the magic rock dynasty, the nirvana people are not low in status, but in front of them, this person is a shameful third person except the big brother and the second brother, even if he is lower.
Seems to know that Chen’s tomb is looking at the third man’s slightly raised arm in the sleeve robe, but it was covered with black S scales, which is very strange.
Why don’t you go? My official really wants to see whether Lin Dong has superhuman powers and dares to touch us. The magic rock dynasty man smiles, but the white teeth smile is full of amazing rage.
Chen’s tomb is slightly cold in his heart, and then he dare not neglect it again. Turning around is a violent plunder, while the rest of the people behind him are following closely.
In the next day, they didn’t stop at the tomb of Chen, but they put their speed to the extreme and swept over the mountains according to the subtle induction.
On that day, the scorching sun gradually set in the west, and when the crimson brilliance enveloped the mountain peaks, it swept across the sky. At last, ten figures slowly stopped in a beautiful forest, and at the same time, their eyes were also turned to the front, where a figure quietly sat in the breeze and blew Nan, and dng took up his robe and black hair fluttered.
Stop running
Chen’s grave looks extreme. yn Sen looks at that figure. yn’s cold voice makes people feel heartfelt chill.
However, in the face of him, the figure in front of him was a slight smile and a stretch. The flashing in his eyes was not Chen’s tomb, but a strange smile.
Your speed is too slow, and I may be impatient if you go like this again.
Hear this Chen tomb eye pupil immediately a chapter four hundred and sixty-two hand.
Lin Hai’s lush colors spread to the end of the line of sight, and the breeze hit, and the green wave swept away, and the eyes everywhere were spectacular.
At this time, in the beautiful atmosphere, ten figures are quietly solidified. In the beautiful scenery, the eyes are slightly cold, and the eyes of a figure in front are like a cat fighting a mouse.
Hehe, you seem to be waiting for us on purpose.
One of the ten figures suddenly laughed and stared at Lin’s previous and subsequent remarks, which made them unable to help but laugh. It seems that something is wrong with the spirit of this unfortunate guy when he was chased during this period.
Lin smiled and his eyes slowly swept through the ten figures, and then he stayed at Chen’s tomb. A figure behind it was perceived by his keen spirit that he could detect a looming danger feeling, which was more intense than Chen’s tomb.
This magic rock dynasty is really not weak. Lin’s eyes are slightly narrowed and there is no panic. Obviously, this situation is also expected.
Lin Dong, I have long told you to be an important person. Today, you are to blame for this ending. Looking at Chen’s tomb with cold eyes, Lin Dong’s eyes are unable to conceal his murder.
Come with the ancient secret key and leave your body. No one has ever been able to live a peaceful life after killing me, and you are no exception. Chen’s tomb reached out and said lightly that there is no room for his words to be slowed down. Obviously, this arrival has already killed Lin’s mind
Lin smiled at the tomb of Chen and suddenly said, how many nirvana Dan do you have with you?
I have to say that Lin’s thinking jump radian for this question is too great, even Chen’s tomb is leng leng, but he seems to be Bai Lin’s move, which is not necessarily a good word. Immediately, his eyes are gloomy.
I’m about to hit nirvana, and I need a lot of Huangpan Danlin to chuckle. He didn’t say anything, but the faces of Chen’s tomb and others are getting weird, so I know that they already understand the meaning.
Hehe, it’s a real talent, but you are doomed to live long. I have 150,000 wet dishes with me. You can take this talk. It’s the man with a triangular eye behind Chen’s tomb. His pupil shrinks slightly and stares at Lin’s face, refusing to Gherardini. It’s also the first time I’ve met someone who dares to hit their head.
One hundred and fifty thousand is a fat sheep. Lin smiled, but he laughed so hard that Wang Chaoqiang, the magic rock, shook his head and wanted to recognize that this guy was probably crazy.
Chen’s tomb, get rid of the trouble you left behind. The rest of you lock it here. Today, I don’t want to see an accident. The pupil of the triangular eye glanced at Lin Dong and seemed to feel some interest in this unusual conversation. He immediately waved his hand and said lightly.
It’s brother Razer