Monthly ticket thank humbly everyone Chapter four hundred and thirty-five Rise again.


Sitting in the lush trees, Lin Dongpan is quite hidden here, and he is not worried about being noticed by other people or monsters with the help of mink hands to cover up his breath.
Gold pieces of fist-sized latosolic red demon crystal suspended in front of Lin Dong is still bright ruby. In that demon crystal, thick and vigorous nirvana gas surges quietly as if even the surrounding gas has become hot.
A half-step nirvana monster beast demon crystal contains nirvana spirit, and hundreds of nirvana Dan are fully obtained. Now these 20 demon crystals contain nirvana spirit, which is even more vigorous and moving.
In this ancient battlefield, everyone knows the importance of nirvana gas, so many people are quite coveted for this demon crystal containing nirvana gas, but after all, not everyone is bloody and wants to deal with a half-step nirvana monster beast. Even people in the same realm are not easy to slay it. Worse, Lin Dong has killed 20 half-step nirvana monsters in a few hours. I’m afraid I have to shock those guys inside.
The black hole with Lin Lin’s palm lightly grasping the circle is spreading in his palm, and then all the 20 Nirvana Dan are wrapped in it, and suddenly the swallowing power surges like a flood.
When the devouring power wraps these demon crystals, the demon crystals contain nirvana gas, which is also an amazing speed. It is finally refined and melted into hot energy and continuously infused into the forest body.
A vigorous nirvana gas is surging like a flood in Lin’s limbs, and all his bones are actually subtle and crisp at this moment. This vigorous nirvana gas should be regarded as the first time that Lin has enjoyed it since he entered the ancient battlefield. Although he lost tens of thousands of nirvana Dan at one time, this is not to cultivate a small nirvana golden body or to be in the blood spirit. It is not too big for him to grow physically.
The black hole rotates slowly, and the devouring force crushes the demon crystal in it like a millstone, devouring all the nirvana gas contained in them.
At this time, it shows that the swallowing of Zufu is severe. If you change the words of ordinary people, it will take a long time to just suck a demon crystal, but Lin Dong is living and shortening this process several times.
A powerful nirvana gas poured from the black hole and finally poured into Lin Lin’s body, and his surging breath gradually became more and more earth at this moment.
Small raccoon dog in the forest moving shoulders, purple and black light surging quietly and forming a barrier to wrap the forest moving in, which also shielded the outside world from interfering with him.
Lin Dong’s practice lasted for an hour or so, and when the dark night became more and more faded, his closed eyes slowly opened deep in the jungle.
Open your eyes instantly, and a fine mountain cuts through the darkness. It is quite sharp in Lin’s eye pupil.
A cloud of white gas vomited heavily from the moving mouth. At this time, there was a strong force fluctuation in its whole body, which was far stronger than before.
The peak of nature
With tonight’s 26 half-step nirvana monster beast demon crystal Lin dynamic strength is finally once again diligence really set foot on the peak of nature.
And Lin’s skin is surging with strange golden light, which is much richer than before. Obviously, the 25 pieces of half-step nirvana monster monster crystal don’t make Lin’s strength soar, but also make him practice small nirvana golden body is also enhanced.
Feeling the surging force of the body, the corners of the mouth are also slowly lifting a radian, but soon his brow is slightly wrinkled. With the improvement of strength, he is getting closer and closer to nirvana, but he needs nirvana Dan, but he is still far from it.
I hope this trip to Leiyan Valley can be won.
Lin murmured, then got up and looked deep in his eyes, but a new color passed by. This time, it is necessary to solve the problem of Jin Mu. He is not a good person to complain about this kind of goods.
Immediately after killing Yilin, his face flashed, his body moved to sweep the dense jungle, but when he was just about to go back, his face suddenly moved and he turned to look at a mountain in the distance.
Did you notice anything just now? Staring at the mountain peak that is blurred in the night, Lin suddenly said softly to the shoulder mink.
The sable looked at the mountain peak with close eyes, and immediately a purple-black light suddenly burst into his eyes, and this purple-black light passed through the night for a moment and then folded back, but this time it was strange in front of Lin Dong.
In that light curtain, it is a clear image of the mountain peak, and it is also a surprise for the sable to move by this means-then his eyes are fixed in the light curtain, because he actually saw a series of quietly sitting figures on the mountain peak.
These people sit quietly on the mountain peaks without any fluctuations and are detected by their movements.
It’s a pretty tough breath, and there’s at least a dozen nirvana in it.
These people are square horses, which are hidden in the eyes of Lin. They are from Yangcheng, and they are surrounded by demon tides today, but I didn’t expect there to be a mysterious horse behind them.
This should be a senior dynasty mink who was attracted by the ancient secret key.
It seems true that the senior dynasty Lin moved his heart. This time, the ancient secret key attracted the senior dynasty.
Since it is a senior dynasty, it should be really nirvana. Lin’s eyes suddenly look strange and look at the screen carefully. He really wants to see how powerful this demon-like figure is
Lin’s eyes swept through the screen for a moment, and then he finally froze in the screen. The central position was on that mountain, a bluestone and a black man sitting quietly. This person is the smallest breath in the screen, but it is not weak, but an obscure one.
With the extraordinary spirit, Lin can perceive the terrible power moving in that obscure breath.
It’s a good eye. The little mink smiled. Obviously, she was a little surprised that Lin Dong could find the nirvana hidden in it so quickly.
Lin’s eyes are fixed on the shadow of the man in black. He can’t see clearly, but he should not be too old to go there. I really don’t know if this is sacred.
Let’s go. This trip to Leiyan Valley is really interesting. Even the senior dynasty has come. I don’t know if there is a team of them in this vast mountain range.
Lin looked at it for a while, then smiled and stopped moving, but drifted away and quickly disappeared into the darkness.
And when the forest disappeared, the distant mountain peak was sitting in the shadow of a bluestone man in black. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, looked calm and sharp, and looked at the direction where the forest disappeared. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he immediately murmured the illusion.
Master elder brother, the demon tide has receded, and those Yangcheng people have lost a lot. Hehe, they helped us stop the demon tide, which saved us the trouble. When the black man opened his eyes, the people behind him respectfully said
Well, Yangcheng people, though, can’t fight each other. This time, our opponents are not their men in black. They nod slightly and then the sound is flat.
Tell the queen to speed up her trip before the night comes again.

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