Meng Fei shook his head slowly, no matter what happened, but one thing was true, that is, you must never enter the designated place according to the requirements of the military.


Although I don’t know what the secret is, it shouldn’t make people feel interesting.
For the time being, evacuate to the rear for 3,000 miles, March invisibly, and then send scouts to explore before making a decision. Meng Feida ordered that although the military command was disobeyed, the five commanders obviously did not refuse to carry out the consciousness. At this moment, they disguised themselves and hurried back to the brigade of 10,000 people.
But at this moment, Meng Fei suddenly looked up and his face was transient, which was worse than the ugly mouth.
Sound in the true qi and crashing exploding all over the army
The defensive enemy array is in the shape of a rectangular dragon with five claws, which can be bitten with one’s mouth or hit the main defensive battle with one’s tail.
Although I don’t know that the commander-in-chief suddenly reached an order, the awe in his bones made hundreds of soldiers not hesitate.
The army turned like water, but it didn’t take long to form a knot.
Hundreds of soldiers crawled for more than a dozen miles and were really in the deep with the hidden dragon. Although the defender was still unable to hide his ferocious war intention.
Meng Fei’s eyes were cold and his eyes looked at the front, where a familiar smell was looming. If his hands were not familiar with this smell for many times, I’m afraid he would also find it in the noisy battlefield.
Dark legion axe fights the emperor
But then Meng Fei’s eyes became more cold and ugly to the extreme.
Four flavors
It’s obviously waiting for him from all sides, waiting for them to come in here.
The military command of the bloodline dynasty
Meng Fei secretly clenched his fist, his eyes were full of pitfalls.
Soon, the soldiers were aware of the strong dangers from all directions and firmly blocked them.
The army was irreversibly plunged into a brief chaos, but when they looked at the still calm mountain commander, the chaos quickly dissipated.
At the head of the adults no matter how dangerous it is, there is absolutely no way to keep them.
They are convinced of this.
The 400,000-strong army of the Dark Legion of the Quartet was led by the giant axe and the emperor who broke the pale.
Four hundred thousand troops of Chihuo Legion, Li Shu, the Emperor of War, refined the sky and the Emperor of War, occupied the west first.
One hundred thousand troops are slowly surrounded by four directions: east, west, north and south.
Mopan battle array
Turn slowly like a millstone, and the powerful force will crush all obstacles, and the Lord will kill everyone.
Meng Fei eyes deep and remote cold swept in the surrounding heart suddenly white something, but he figured it out in this matter, and the blood imperial army played a role.
The lives of 100,000 soldiers, is it too high for him to be buried together?
It’s not the first time for Meng Fei, the four war emperors of the Dark Legion, to see Meng Fei suffer a lot in the war before him, and this is the first time for the axe to fight the emperor.
The Xinghe defense line was stationed in Meng Fei for many times, and the soldiers who did not lose the defense line were also losing more than half of the troops.
Although Meng Fei’s ability to fight against the sky is still difficult to hide his defeat.
Therefore, things have greatly reduced the position of the axe war emperor in the military of the Red Dragon Dynasty, and there are many more doubts.
However, the axe war emperor hated Meng Fei’s guts, and he wanted to wipe his bones and raise his ashes in order to wash away his shame and reduce his hatred.
However, it is absolutely impossible for Meng Fei, who led a group of soldiers, to take revenge because of his fierce strength.
Can be in the axe war emperor nai resentment when a secret call directly from the red dragon dynasty army sent to his hand Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-seven morale.
It is because of this transfer that today’s situation has been achieved.
When I saw that it was Meng Fei’s probable warrior, the axe, and the emperor’s heart roared, and his eyes were red and he wanted to be a horse hand.
But fortunately, he has been fighting for a long time and is not impulsive. He will force his eyes to be cold and hide in the dark, waiting for Meng Fei to enter the final place of death.
There, they have made all the preparations, and if Meng Fei enters it, he will die.
However, the axe war emperor was obviously very depressed. Seeing that the plan could be perfectly put to use, Meng Fei suddenly realized that he wanted to evacuate, which made them have to appear before.
Although it didn’t reach the perfect level, the strength of the four emperors and hundreds of soldiers was superimposed, and their hearts were still full of confidence. Today, this blood fly will die.
No, maybe his name isn’t blood fly.
The axe war emperor looked at Meng Fei with a sneer at his mouth, and he wanted to see panic and fear from his opponent’s face, but it was obvious that he had finished this wish
Surrounded by four war emperors and hundreds of soldiers, a legion fell into a dead silence, so it was of the earth that even at the head of the adults, no matter how severe it was, I’m afraid it could not withstand it.
At that time, Meng Fei probably soldiers are now a little confused again.