Captain "…"


Chapter one hundred and twelve Long word generation
The ghost sea is high!
"Crazy!" This is the only thought in the captain’s heart. He has just been scared out in a white sweat!
This kind of high-speed flight human nerve reflex speed has been completely impossible to respond to things in sight, and just now the other person himself is still close to contact! Even the turbulence shock wave caused by gas made his fighter aircraft shake obviously.
It is conceivable that a little deviation is needed, and the two planes are the thrilling scene of Mars hitting the earth!
"I can’t see it! The other side is an optical stealth fighter! It should be’ the ghost’. Yes! Small size, speed exceeding Mach 5, the initial judgment should be man-machine!
All aircraft cover me! I’ll take the lead! Wait until it enters the combat speed and slows down before the missile attacks!
You cover me and pay attention to the surrounding movements. According to the information, there should be two of them! "Captain rapid command while maneuvering fighter for a large angle roll off the head to NieYunYuan direction.
"It’s the captain!" Reply in the communication
Of course, before starting a battle, it was the other side who wanted to fight with them. The speed of the fighter plane can’t be compared with this kind of fighter plane. You should know that the maximum design flight speed of F35A is Mach 16!
If the other person is bent on running, then it is absolutely impossible for him to chase after four people!
At the moment, there are two doubts in the captain’s heart.
Isn’t the other aircraft radar stealth? What can be detected by your own radar?
In addition, your fighter is also a radar stealth opponent. How can you clearly know your flight path and go straight to yourself? It can’t be a coincidence, can it
Four F35A rhombic battle formations headed by the captain’s plane chased Yun Nie.
Yun Nie nature also won’t let these four prey! However, if Yinsuo has the ability to start the department, it will be too bullying. The other party has no chance!
He also wants to let Yinsuo search more war data through actual combat! For Yinsuo smart chip, combat data is equal to combat experience!
Want to train an ace pilot? It’s so simple! Let it fight!
In order to get more combat data, Yun Nie once again turned the Silver Shuttle into another camouflage template.
Then the neon pilots found from the radar that the speed of the ghost in that plane suddenly dropped by Mach 4 … Mach 3 … Mach 2 … The other side quit the supersonic speed! Then the small angle loop completes the turn and rushes to four fighters again, moving quickly and smoothly!
As the distance between the two sides narrowed, four pilots looked along the radar positioning direction and then they froze!
It’s not that there is a strange group in front of everything in the imagination-mosaic? !
Everyone’s eyes suddenly twitched! Isn’t this painting style a little strange?
Yes, this is another camouflage template designed by Yun Nie-mosaic template!
As the name implies, although you can see the silver shuttle, it looks like a mosaic of various colors. The camouflage of non-stealth state can not only hide the details of the silver shuttle body, but also be very spicy!
Fighting a mosaic is definitely the only experience in the life of these four fighter pilots!
Although it is a mosaic, the captain is still very excited about observing the specific shape of the ghost for the first time. Immediately, the ghost image data in the high-definition camera equipment will be taken and then synchronized back to the neon headquarters!
Then the captain will focus on the immediate battle!
It would be foolish if they don’t know what the other party wants now! Close radar stealth, close optical stealth! The other side is properly fighting!
Yun Nie this time also very coquettish to do a few roller maneuvers and rapid flashing to tease each other’s meaning is obvious!
Four pilots saw this scene but their eyelids jumped!
Man-machine combat steering and acceleration and deceleration are really frightening and enviable, because they have caused amazing large-angle steering and acceleration and deceleration to the human body!
The average fighter pilot can withstand 9g at most! Root can’t move like that to the other party just now!
If it exceeds the maximum endurance of the pilot, the brain will either not get enough blood supplement or be excessively congested, which will cause problems such as black vision. If it continues, it may eventually lead to the pilot’s coma!
Therefore, it must be a military development trend to replace the human fighter in the future!
More and more facts prove that the physical quality of human beings has been unable to keep up with the rapid development of science and technology!
Just as scientists predict that in the future, human beings will either rely on artificial intelligence or help computer chips to assist the human brain, otherwise they will be eliminated by the development of the world.
From the battle between the two brothers today, it can be seen that with the help of computer chips, "new mankind" has the advantage of crushing natural people.
At this moment, the fighter plane and the fighter plane are about to show up at 30 thousand feet above the ground!
"well! Confirm that the other side has the intention to fight, spread the distance and keep the siege situation. B-machine and I will cover the flank! Machine c and machine d outflank each other and launch an AIM9 missile to test each other! I will make special missiles when I find the opportunity! " Captain tight tight joystick ordered
"Roger that!"
Although Nie Yunxian was suspected of releasing water, the captain still decided not to give the other party a chance!
Hum! You will pay for your arrogance and arrogance! Captain corners of the mouth evoked a sneer!
Neon DYZ
Team leader DYZ has had a headache recently. The gardener’s intelligence search failed and the spy was captured! Even his right-hand man, Maori, can’t evaporate! DYZ ability is questioned by all walks of life in China!