Bear hand is a semi-transparent pill.


But anyone who has wandered around the black market will know at a glance that it is a CUI pill.
The color of the pill is semi-transparent and hazy, which is more delicate and compact than the pills circulating in the market. People familiar with this industry naturally know that the effect of this pill is to strengthen it, especially for those females who receive guests in the red light district.
Because the number of females is too small and the number of orcs is too large, the daily reception capacity of females in the red light district is extremely large. If there is no medicine to physically aphrodisiac, I am afraid that many females can’t afford the daily traffic.
Now the bear beast actually took out the aphrodisiac in front of everyone, and even they threatened to let the woman eat it.
Night Jinze breath this moment completely gloomy to a pair of blood in the pupil of murder made no secret.
On the other side, Si Yunling is still sitting quietly in a wheelchair. Although his handsome face has not changed at all, the temperature in his blue eyes is horribly cold.
"Brother Xiong, this medicine will kill people!" Long Zuo Mo is out of sight, and the pill in the hand of Boss Xiong looks ugly to the extreme.
He worked as a thug in the red light district for a long time for a living, and he was in charge of the female animal shelter. He knew exactly what the pill was in Xiong’s hand at the moment
As far as he knows, that little pill can make the female take care of the guests for a whole day and night, and finally she is almost collapsed and carried to the clinic for treatment, and then she takes care of them again the next day.
He has seen this medicine, and the female animal bed was dried alive by the orcs. He doesn’t know how many times he handled the body alone.
Because of the hallucination caused by drugs, the excited female can’t realize how strong the load is on her body, so the better female will die directly and the man will exercise vigorously.
If it’s true, it’s possible to save those females, but those orcs who want to vent their desires have always been controlled by animals. They prefer females to beg for mercy and cry, and their faces are in pain. Many orcs continue to vent their desires for a long time even after discovering that females are dead, so they leave the red light district of Xiong Laoda for a long time.
At that time, when Boss Xiong was in charge of the red light district, there were all kinds of ING hobby guests. He could hear the female animal scream SHEN· Yin in pain almost all the time.
Even females who are hard-working often find that their physical damage is beyond their imagination after the drug effect has passed, and some females are desperate to commit suicide because of the pain caused by the law and the lack of money to buy medicine to treat the disease.
Chapter 14 Dead Place (3)
Memories are like purgatory suffering, which lingers in the sea of his left brain for a long time. His left heart is oppressed and almost suffocated. It is because he can’t stand such despair that he will live in the end. When the adult asks for him, he does not hesitate to come.
He knows it’s wrong to lie, but if he doesn’t do it, someone else will do it, so why not him?
He really needs a sum of money to get out of here!
He really doesn’t want to live like a pool of mud anymore. Every day in hell here, he looks at those female animals with dead hearts and listens to those painful groans.
Him! Really! ! Suffer! Enough! Yes!
Fortunately, what comforted him was that the adult didn’t have a bad idea about Miss Yinyin. Today, the bureau didn’t want to win the closeness of Miss Yinyin, which made him feel better after all.
This suddenly appeared, but Boss Xiong just made this game, which really made him very difficult to enlarge the stone and hung it high.
What should I do if I take it?
Long Zuo couldn’t help looking at Jinze at the side night behind him. At that time, his heart was very uncertain.
Long left words let bear boss smell speech lightly glanced at to stay for a while after long left this just suddenly cold before a "that was you? What, you really wash your hands of it and have a heart here? Don’t forget that your hands are no less broken than mine. "
Long Zuo Wen’s face turned white as soon as he swished, and his mouth was always embarrassed
Seeing that Long Zuo was silenced by himself, the bear beast was in a happy mood and looked at the woman in front of him. "How about the little beauty to eat or not to eat?"
I can’t see the mood in the eyes of the bear’s palm. "Will I follow you after eating?"
"Of course! Eat it, you are my person. I always take you to eat spicy food and enjoy endless wealth. "Bear beast replied with a face of course.
After a pause, the bear beast glanced at the cartoon clothes behind the woman. The man’s eyes were sarcastic. "Do you still want to follow that ugly red-eyed monster?"
Before his voice fell, the bear beast glanced at the door again. The wheelchair man looked contemptuous and laughed directly. "… or do you want to follow that paralyzed grass widow?"
Red-eyed ugly?
Bear beast words a night out of the house JinZe and Siyunling eyes emerge with a strange sneer at the same time.
And aside light eyes color is as cold as nine feet of ice.
Jade-like stone white fingers can not be observed. When the girl looks up again, her eyes are already cool again.
"how about it? Eat or not? " Bear beast waved the pill face in his hand again. insidious smile was more filled with a few minutes’ sight. The white skin at the female neck and the throat unconsciously swallowed saliva.
He has a way to make the person in front of him swallow the pills in his hand, but it would be great if he could let the other person take the pills himself.
At the moment, the person in front of him looks demure and dignified, but at the thought of taking medicine, the person in front of him will take the initiative to undress and stick to him and throw himself at him, so that he will feel his heart surging and his whole blood will boil.
People in front of us are so beautiful, and the waves must be particularly fascinating!