Hear Sunday say so Xu Le slightly consider for a moment.


"I bought something in the dark alley yesterday."
"I know a pocket watch."
Xu Le nodded. It seems that he had been thoroughly investigated before Sunday came to see him.
"I’m looking for the owner of this pocket watch. His name is Wang Beichuan. He may be a watchmaker."
"I will do my best in this matter."
"Thank you"
Out of the door Sunday is immediately surrounded.
"Boss, are we now?"
"Go to the hospital"
"Then I’ll arrange it now."
On Sunday, I suddenly stopped and glanced at this old six who followed me for many years.
It seems that I haven’t called his name for many years
He thought of Xu Le’s words, and all his doubts were correct.
Think about it carefully. I don’t think I ever doubted that the six institutes should be trustworthy.
It’s really ridiculous that there are few credible people in Sunday’s ups and downs.
"I’m anxious to take me to the night watchman’s health clinic in front."
"ah? Do you really want to go to the public places? "
When they came to the night watchman’s health clinic, they found that it was no ordinary break …
When the old walls are pulled up, there are 20,000 to 50,000 doormen, and there is a parking aunt. There is no one who does not pull.
Six was pushed by the car-watching aunt before she was stable.
"Don’t stop and get out of my way."
Six nunu mouth finally didn’t mouth he looked at Sunday slightly wronged asked.
"Boss, it’s so broken here and people here are more arrogant than us, okay?"
"They are vigils, and eating public meals will naturally cross the facilities here … it’s a little broken, but I heard that the doctors here are of high level."
On Sunday, I comforted Yiliu and comforted myself by the way.
Honestly line up for the number to see a doctor.
When I saw the doctor, I was flustered again on Sunday.
The doctor who treated him didn’t hang any expert plaque or a bunch of thank-you banners at the door
There is always a word disorder.
The room is a mess, the environment is a mess, and the doctors are a mess.
The doctor’s leg is long and short, one is broken and the other is broken, and all of them have artificial limbs.
But one of them broke to the calf and the other to the thigh.
The doctor’s hair is half left, and it is not natural baldness. It looks like it has been burned by chemicals.
A lot of scars ran down the scalp to his face, which made the doctor look very ugly.
It’s Sunday’s turn for the doctor to shout
Chapter 3 Red Crescent Warlock Power
Although Sunday is over 6 years old, this appearance is somewhat exaggerated, and the doctor can be as honest as a good baby.
The main reason is that this man looks like a murderer, and he felt that the doctor was murderous on Sunday.
He killed people, and many, many people!
"Sunday is 62 years old? Hey, you look like it! "
The doctor laughed a little horribly, which also attracted six hostility.
"What did you say?"
Six was angry, but Sunday stopped him.
"The doctor said it was right. I look like I’m old now."
Sunday glanced at the doctor’s name tag.
[Doctor-Wang Feng]
"Dr. Wang, can you see if I can be saved?"
The ugly broken leg doctor Wang laughed again.
"I’m good at this. Open your mouth first."
Wang Feng took out a stick with something sticky on it. Sunday and Liuhe wondered if it had been cleaned.