The magic dragon mouth calls "Apollo transformation". A tire has become a thick elephant leg-it has never eaten an elephant, but it is enough to simulate the appearance.


Chen Yili tore up the rotten branches and leaves of his legs and feet and then turned them into tires. M977 claims to be able to wade 15 meters deep, but the height of the western continent is really not enough.
It took only two kilometers to walk for two hours, and when I saw some hard roads, let alone Chen Yi’s lizard, she choked up. "If I become a dragon, I will definitely roast all the mud ponds here into hard roads."
Chen Yi gave up hope at all. "You might as well eat a bulldozer and a roller for five years to fight for this …"
Five years in a world without metal? The magic dragon thanked you and said with a smile, "I still want to wait on your master."
Chen Yi "hummed" and stepped on the accelerator and steering wheel to the road.
Because the road surface is a big footprint trodden by animals, these 30-ton monsters will trample the soil deeply into the ground like a roller until the soil on both sides is turned over and then stepped in. These treaded roads naturally form a shape of middle and low sides and high sides.
Compared with the animal truck, the height is much lower. It is not good to walk in the middle of the field of vision, but it is much more comfortable than struggling in the mire.
The truck roared all the way to Yuncun first.
Today, after a lapse of more than a month, Yuncun is already a prosperous scene. First of all, the stone high Dazhai wall is replacing the log wall, and about forty or fifty people are directing unknown behemoths to move slowly.
Outside the village, four villagers armed with swords and soldiers are dressed in costumes. They are checking pedestrians and shuttling people. People are also queuing into the village according to the rules. Some non-Malacheng villagers have to pay something at the door before they can enter their gates. There are many kinds of taxes, from food to meat, leather, oil and shells. It’s strange to see that if only one person came to Yuncun every day a few months ago, it would be happy.
His truck also attracted villagers’ attention. There are strong giant monsters in the western continent, but it also attracted people’s discussion. They were curious about transporting animals, leaned over from the corral and sniffed through the truck with a 1 meter long neck.
It seems that it is difficult to understand why such a small thing can weigh so many things.
Or did Chen Yi take the bus to attract a villager from Yuncun?
"Chen Hangshang, you are here."
"I’m Yun 13th". Men and women in Yun Village are still used to wearing similar clothes, with hides in front and camouflage now. At first glance, it seems that they have arrived in South America or East Asian military camps.
However, compared with Yun Wuyun, some villagers are familiar with Yun Thirteen, who is a skinny boy. He is excited to look at Chen Yi. Unlike those who are strong and weak at the same time, it is difficult for them to live on their own. They can’t go hunting and pick wild fruits. It is equally dangerous-there are animals living in trees at a height of 40 to 50 meters, which are completely different from other places. Those agile creatures with strong limbs or strong limbs patrol their respective sites in groups, just like holding temporary workers’ licenses. Once the urban management finds someone invading the territory, they will immediately grin and pounce, ignoring each other’s interests
However, although a skinny teenager doesn’t have a strong body language talent, he is good. Most adults can’t fully express their semantics, but he can bargain with market people. This is quite difficult. There are many people who have poor speech and few people who can master words and various semantics skillfully.
It is this skill that makes the teenager barely live to this day, and at the same time, thanks to the fact that the forest has enough food in recent years, otherwise it will be the priority species to be eliminated by natural selection.
However, after the rise of Yuncun’s business, Yun13th made a living, and he was also the first professional businessman in the village-the merchant was completely different.
Chen Yi didn’t know that these were nodded and went in.
There have also been great changes in the village, not only new houses have been built, but also two new floors have been built, which are similar to bamboo core materials, long poles and green branches and leaves, and their freshness has been described
Many different faces appeared on the stone bench in the middle of the village. When Chen Yi was there, everyone’s expressions changed.
Nervous? Excited? Xiyi? Worried?
"This is the village merchant’s office": a proud introduction to the thirteenth round of the chase.
"Hong Shang firm?"
"There is a row of commercial houses behind the place where the merchants stay." The thirteen-word box can’t stop playing. He chattered, "There is a commercial house in the village where there is a shipment. I have been there once. They take the merchants to the village every time they deliver goods, and they are willing to go for another trip … We are amazing. The merchants all take the initiative to come and some villagers in other places live in familiar people’s homes."
In this era, the most expensive achievement of hong merchants should also be logistics. Unlike single travelers, they have a lot of expensive or heavy goods, and they often demand three or five times of profits to meet the needs of hard work and risk.
It will naturally attract many merchants to transport the village except the biggest head.
Yuncun is different. I’m afraid they attract merchants with cheap goods.
Chen Yi looks around and sees that there are both sellers and buyers, or that each dealer is in the process of receiving and selling goods, and most of all, they are willing to pay for it with money and similar money shells … It is normal for other places to barter and can come to pay for the acquisition, which means that the main purpose of the dealers to come here is to buy and be prepared in advance.
This is good news for everyone.
Chen Yi smiled slightly.
"Pa pa" two from behind.
Chen Yi hurriedly turned to look at it, but he came in a hurry. The village chief made a sudden snatch and gave Yun Shisanliang a slap.
See his angry tone scold a way "what are you doing here with Chen Hangshang? You fucking traitor … "
He didn’t scold, but he hesitated. The Bank of China all knew that Chen Yi, that is to say, the Chinese and Chen Hong merchants could not sit there, and they all surrounded their mouths and made all kinds of sounds.
"I have cash!"
"Chen Hangshang buys swords at twice the price"
"Three times the price to buy a sword …"
"I’m twice as dressed."
"I have packed all your things!" This is particularly striking because it is the dealer who used to take shells.
People around you are getting quiet, and they can see that strange animal with such a high quantity of goods. I wonder how much it costs to package it?
"Why don’t you go to Yu Weichao to buy goods?" Chen Yi looked at him curiously.
"I’m a businessman from La Nilmara City". The other party revealed his name according to the rules before saying, "You said it was Shuizhai fish, right?"
It’s hard for Chen Yi to understand this statement after eating konjac. After thinking for a while, he laughed and said, "It’s fish."
"He has too few things. We want a lot of them." Lanier took out a shell and said, "I’ll pay you a snail shell for each sword."
Chen Yi thought it was only one? But when he receive that shell, his hand sank sharply.
It carries weight!
It’s good to have weight
He covered his fingers with a layer of quarrelling and then carefully rubbed them-not gold.
so much the better
The earth is more valuable than gold, and the metal is much more precious than gold.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine The elimination of the western continent
The earth is more valuable than gold, and the metal is much more precious than gold.
At that time, Chen Yi was still excited and asked, "How much do you want for a shell per sword?"
Lanier laughed. "How much do you have?"
"That depends on how many of these you have …" Chen Yi held up the shell.
"snail shells?" Lanier shook his head and said, "I can’t tell you the number, but I can definitely buy your sword."
In his eyes, Chen Yi is just a good businessman.
"Well, after three days, we will trade a sword in a nearby water village." Chen Yi’s answer is also very simple