At that moment, Korea dropped her body in alert, crouched slightly, stretched out her slender white fingers, picked up Cass, narrowed her body, gently caressed his mouth, and raised a happy smile.


Ya, you let me go
Cass struggled in protest, but Nai was eradicated by her at this time. Being played with is called hateful and lovely.
Is he fucking cute?
Dare to call him cute than handsome? This woman must be crazy to dare to play recklessly. He is scared to death of this idiot when he recovers his true identity.
Hehe, you are so small.
Your grandma
Cass was so angry that he bit her to death. This stupid woman said that he was so small that he was insulted by him. This was the first time in six months that he bit someone to death and struggled impulsively. He opened his mouth according to her sleeve and bit her hard, but she laughed in vain.
Do you want to bite me?
Han Waiwai asked with a smile
I don’t mind being bitten by you if you have teeth.
Her words came as a bolt from the blue and shook Cass’s head. Knowing his embarrassing virtue, she dared to ridicule him for having no teeth.
No, no, no, no, his teeth are good, which proves his innocence. He bites hard, but in her white lotus root arm, small teeth marks are reddish and swollen, but there is no blood. Han is not annoyed or angry, and he doesn’t feel that the more painful he laughs, the more brilliant he is. It’s funny that the little snake has exquisite teeth and bites people.
Hold him in the palm of your hand and observe carefully. I don’t know that he looks a little familiar. Maybe snakes look like this in general, but she is fond of him. Let me see how old you are and have no teeth.
Smell speech cass completely collapsed.
Watching her play with him is a pleasure. It’s better for him to want to kill and be trampled to death by her than to humiliate him mentally. Besides, everyone says that he is a demon, and at least he is hundreds of years old. She dares to ask him how old he is in that coaxing tone.
Damn it, I swear I’ll bite you to death
Cass hated staring at her.
Endure a list of insulting behavior but lie on her arm in humiliation and sigh in my heart. Pingyang is not a dog when it is bullied by dogs.
Snakes, you are both snakes. Do you know Cass?
Who calls this frustrating and disreputable? If you don’t know him, you don’t know Cass. He even has to brainstorm his name.
Hehe, actually, you and he look alike
But he’s not as cute as you. He’s as big as a scary snake. He’s been pestering her for so long. He says cute is the devil, but she still cares about the scary snake king.
Stop calling me cute.
He protested.
It’s a pity that he doesn’t really understand snake language, but he smiles at him and drags him into the palm of his hand and walks out of the hole, announcing that all right, I’ll raise you from now on. Although I’m down and out, I swear I won’t throw you into the pot and cook it.
I haven’t raised anything but scorpions. You are my special case. Oh, Han curled her eyes at him, and her face was ruddy. I don’t know how embarrassed she was, but she smiled so brightly that Cass could hardly blink as a rainbow stood in the cave.
Please forgive me for your disgusting mollusks.
Ear suddenly a bitter rebuke.
As if some woman were daring to scold him for being a disgusting mollusk.
Snakes are disgusting. Am I wrong that snakes secrete venom and body fluids are the dirtiest?
Ears are getting clearer and clearer.
Wan bang like an ancient clock, and the messy fragments are like gates in my mind, and occasionally drip.
Vaguely, it was him who was scolded.
And that woman who scold her is arrogant and unruly. When she touches Korea’s crooked body, she has a splitting headache.
What the hell is this woman wearing that makes him, an unusually cute little snake, move restlessly to take care of the situation outside the cave?
Outside the cave, firewood was piled up, and all of them were holding torch weapons to smoke. Han curled his lips and sneered, "You are really adamant that hungry wild boars fight in the forest."
Darling, I’ll let bygones be bygones when I return to ecstasy.
What if I don’t come back?
Korea’s crooked eyebrows seem to be frivolous, but her eyes are cold and half-ringing. Mammy the pimp clapped her hands with great affection. A group of bow-holding officers and soldiers are ready. Then you wait for the grave. I am ecstatic. I never do business at a loss. If Mammy Lin doesn’t get it, I won’t be able to get it. I’ll give you two ways to rob the business. I’ll go back. Second, we are outnumbered and armed. Even if you have wings, you can’t escape.
I didn’t expect you to collude with the government, haha
come over