It seems that the ice mark on the moon has almost reached the limit of the immortal master.


Ordinary immortal masters can keep 12 points of truth even if they absorb the most power, but they also consume 12 points of truth.
However, Lu Li’s constitution is extremely special. Now his injury is severe, but Zhenyuan is still abundant!
Land evasion seems to be full of loopholes, but it is actually a hidden mystery!
After three or five rounds, every time I dodge, I will fight back with a sword, but all of them are swords. Ordinary swords recruit people, but they contain Tai Chi, wonderful mind, flexibility and strength to resolve the ice marks on the moon.
In this regard, the Taikoo Master praised that "Lu Litai tried his best to cultivate quite subtly"
Guang Cheng Xuan Zun is, after all, a school of masters. He no longer delves into the jade Qing sword tactic. At the same time, he said, "Your brothers are far apart, but there are some mysteries."
Chapter one hundred and fifty Yin and Yang method sword
Patriarch Wan Yuzong added, "This land separation potential is amazing. It really is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Taikoo Gate."
When the three giants communicate, they see that the ice mark on the moon is getting more and more vicious and sharp, and the pair has already forced the land to hide in a dead corner.
Lu Li, although the blood vessels are sealed by Zhenyuan, many wounds no longer bleed, but there are still new wounds that have caused a lot of blood loss.
"Lu Li, are you going to be so deadlocked?"
The moon ice mark brandished his sword again, but he still didn’t show a little respect, seeing that the defeat from the distance was getting closer and closer.
At this time, it is suddenly a leap and a half, and the green light flashes and the blue light is big!
Taikoo door master suddenly surprised, "this is-"
The ice mark on the moon is still escaping by mistake, and the silver sword awn still leaps across the sky like the night moon!
Lu Li’s whole body was green until it was in full bloom. Lu Li’s red shadow, red sword and crimson sword were suddenly extinguished. Actually, Lu Li turned to infuse Yin and Yang, and suddenly the green light and silver light shone in the sky.
"Moon Ice Mark, you were not angry in World War I, but today I will beat you with this sword!"
Lu Li’s eyes spread all over the place with a decisive sound.
There is a powerful force in the air all around, and the virtual sword with red and green colors is flashing one by one. Just like that, it suddenly bursts into dazzling brilliance and is good at it in the wind. The sword has soared by more than ten feet.
The sword is flashing with several spells, and the clear ratio is dancing with the red and green light.
"Extremely chaotic Taiji conjures up two instruments of Yin and Yang, which are the three realms and five elements of heaven and earth, but I order the sword of Yin and Yang to destroy the ghost and cut the fairy! Residual, cracked, broken and destroyed! The moon ice mark will pick up my sword of Yin and Yang and fight it out! "
Lu Li’s hands are printed with a tactic, and the red shadow fairy sword is suspended for half a moment, which shows real power!
Lu Li’s counterattack against the moon ice mark is not expected.
The ice mark on the sword of Yin and Yang may not be able to take advantage of even the force. At this time, she also consumed a lot of real yuan.
When Lu Liling pointed to the huge sword, he immediately cut down a few simple symbols. With the emergence of red and green swords and awns, he launched a final attack on the moon ice mark!
"Is this a sword tactic?"
The moon’s ice mark force cast a rude sword, and the firm but gentle shots were shattered by the sword, which gave her a sense of fear.
The Buddha, who stayed away from the venue, was also greatly surprised and sighed, "This seems to be a tactic of yin and yang, but the tactic of yin and yang does not include a sword tactic. Where did you learn this method?"
Chu Yun said with a hearty smile, "This is a very overbearing attack sword in the Yin and Yang method. The four tactics of residual, crack, break and destroy are coherent enough to kill ghosts and cut immortals. That female heartless sword is wonderful but it is really bad!"
Hugh stayed at the Buddha’s smell speech and shocked this "Yunshan". It seems that he doesn’t know everything, so he must pay close attention to this person.
This time, it was unexpected for Chu Yun to cast the sword of Yin and Yang, but he couldn’t think that the sword of Yin and Yang had been practiced so well in such a short time.
Seven times in a row, all the hard work came back, but the ice marks on the moon were fragrant and sweaty, so we had to take evasive action.
However, the figure is moving from the Yin and Yang sword to the green and red light flashing, but it will not give her an escape opportunity after the ice mark on the moon has been shaken off several times.
Knowing that this is a competition that cannot be retreated, Lu Li no longer retains the true elements to bless the residual, crack, break and destroy. After that, it broke out with due power and hit the ice mark on the moon repeatedly.
When the moon ice mark parries, it is forced to constantly push to offset the invasion of the Yin and Yang sword. For several rounds, the moon ice mark is pale in all directions, and even the moon ice mark is several times trying to resist the wind.

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