Immediately, he continued with a smile on his face, "It’s really good that I hand-picked the top scholar. Wang Lun, you replied that I have great confidence in him for a long time. He Chen Xuance is my great hero!"


The other party is optimistic about the treacherous court official. Many times, it is necessary to show preference.
Is does not smell speech immediately after one leng.
Do you really believe that Chen Xuance can bring Wei and Tiandu back to the right track?
At the moment, he can’t help but want to say something, but he’d better not say it if he thinks about it.
After all, Chen Xuance has now reached Tiandu Country.
the wood is already made into a boat—what is done cannot be undone
Anyway, let the other party try first.
And Chen Xuance’s envoy to the Great Wei Kingdom will have some trouble, but his life will never be in danger.
After all, he relies on the whole Wei behind him. Even if King Ali is as tyrannical as ever, there is no such killer unless he wants to start a real war between the two countries.
Although Tiandu is a powerful country in the eastern continent, it is still weaker than Da Wei.
King Ali really wants the disputed area back.
But it doesn’t mean that you dare to really start a war.
All the people in the field
Neither Wei Yun Yi nor others will worry about each other.
Especially Song Guanwen and Zhang Zheng glance at each other at this time because they both know what Chen Xuance’s purpose is to go to Tiandu.
It’s no harm to Wei whether he succeeds or not.
And does not report back.
At last, there is nothing else for all the college students.
Wei Yun Yi knew it was time to speak for himself!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Hundreds of Diming somehow!
"Are you all right?"
Wei Yun looked at the crowd with a smile. "I just have some here to announce."
This sentence makes the college students look like they are turning their heads to listen.
We have been on strike for a month, and some things are achieved through memorials.
Very not easy to wait for the command meeting to meet.
Now I have an announcement to make.
They naturally dare not neglect.
Especially Zhang Zheng, the official document of Song Dynasty.
In their hearts, the present position is the true eternal sage.
Every decision is made, which will have a great impact on the whole country
Just like Weizhi Road, the Grand Canal was built before.
It seems to waste people and money.
In fact, it is beneficial to generations to come.
Therefore, they are very much looking forward to what they will announce again.
Wei Yun Yi didn’t know that their idea was direct. "You love Qing should know that I called the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Little Tianshi to come to the palace for alchemy some time ago, and now it has achieved initial results. I have designed to seal the Buddhist."
"At the same time, I decided to allocate a batch of silver from the Ministry to repair the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Taoist Temple. What do you think?"
Everyone was a little confused when he appeared.
Longhushan Little Tianshi was granted the title of National Teacher.
They have heard of this.
The court ministers have no different opinions about this.
After all, Buddhist is not an important official position, and the court has nothing to seal it.
It’s completely different to repair the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Taoist Temple, because it costs a lot of money.
Although this may be nothing for a country, the problem is that there is a huge hole because two major projects of canal straightness are under way.
If we hadn’t raided the property of the gentry in the south of the Yangtze River, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have any money to continue now.
Now we have found a place where we need to spend money …
This makes people some don’t understand.
In particular, the official documents in charge of the Song Dynasty are even more bitter.
Because the bank pay was directly given to the two projects because of the previous investigation and compliance with the orders, which is redundant now?
Immediately, he hesitated for a moment or came out and said, "It’s a great honor to report that Longhushan is a foreign gate and has never joined the WTO."
"I still don’t think it’s necessary to praise it by decree."
This sentence made his college students nod in succession.
Did the Longhushan court have it?
Nor does it belong to any Jianghu forces.