"I dare not what?" Kunsha 7 turned around.


"You dare not play another game because you win occasionally and you will lose again," Zhang Lan calmly analyzed.
"lose? Boss, I was born to run Anle Pavilion to deal with such a disloyal bastard as you. I am Wang Yongyuan here and I won’t lose, "Kunsha 7 stressed.
"But you just don’t dare to play again because you are afraid." Zhang Lan further dared.
"You know what? Probability 999% I shouldn’t have promised you the conditions, but that 1% made you lose your heart. I took it. "Kunsha turned back to sit at the gambling table and gently fiddled with the dice." Boss "
72% probability of operation result is higher than 21% probability, and the probability of other numbers appearing is lower.
"Buy and leave. This is the last game of your life. The probability is 72% high and the probability is 21% low. Do you want me to write a blackboard for you with a pen?" Kunsha 7′ s tender smiling face is full of ferocity.
Zhang Lan lowered his forehead and suddenly waved his hand, giving himself a slap in the face and spitting. The stars were mixed with teeth and blood spilled out.
"Hey, don’t break my retina, that’s to sell money".
"It seems that I can’t do it again." Zhang Lan’s backhand is another slap in the face, and the other side of her face is also red with nosebleeds.
"Are you out of your mind?" Kunsha 7 had a premonition that something was wrong.
"It’s really sick and you dyed it." Zhang Lan waved his hand and wiped the blood from his face. "What nonsense prodigy plan IQ 24 monsters are all you making up? What you are best at is not logical analysis, but psychological fraud, gambling and hypnosis. "
"From the moment we met, you gave me psychological hints, which paralyzed my nerves and passed the wrong information to my head through psychological hints."
"You want to lose deadbeat again? Mr. Zhang Lan, you can’t bet so badly, can you? " Kunsha 7 despise way
"Don’t default, if I lose, I’ll show you." Zhang Lan casually threw the last two chips out and just fell into the box.
"Zhang Lan? !” Next to the nightingale is also surprised, because it is impossible to have this result in the probability analysis.
"Are you serious?" Kunsha 7 serious way
"Of course, my life is my decision." Zhang Lan took the left glass cup and washed it with cold water to remove the blood from his mouth.
The scene became silent. Kunsha 7 didn’t move. Just now, his arrogance and arrogance disappeared. There was doubt. He stared at Zhang Lan for a long time before he revealed the dice cup. It was indeed … the amount of respect.
"The amount of honour? ! It’s Zun! We won! The boss won! " Brother Xin shouted and pushed the bodyguard up and cheered
"My hypnosis is flawless. How can I find it?" Kunsha 7 roots are not interested in winning or losing.
"It’s true that there is no flaw in hypnosis. Hypnosis can be completed in such a noisy environment without abnormal symbolic language. You have kept my brain’s thinking ability. It should be shallow hypnosis, but it’s also your mistake. You call yourself an operator with an IQ as high as 24. People like this can do everything. We will never use words like’ how much’ and’ a lot’ as quantifiers. How ridiculous is it that you can’t calculate the value of our internal organs in an instant?"
"Let me tell you something. We refer to natural wear and tear and the latest quotation. The total price is 6.65 million yuan, including tax, and my head is the price." Zhang Lan got up. "Let’s finish the gambling."
Chapter sixty-four Bow to the bosses
There are a group of armed bodyguards and a group of members of the besieged Central Lan Night Team left in the huge casino.
They will die themselves, and the bodies in an unknown corner of Moro mining area will become some unknown beasts for dinner, but now it seems that they may die here if they can’t get out of the city.
What about the wolf camp? So what if you have an official position?
If you want to enter Anle Pavilion, your life and death will be decided by Kunsha 7. He said that it is no problem for your family to pay your debts after you die of gambling default.
Who dares not give the happy pavilion a face from the whole happy city to the free and unfettered king heaven to the gatekeeper guards?
In particular, the financial situation is tight. In recent years, the tax revenue of Anlege has been completed, and 25% of the GDP of Xiaoyao City is Kunsha 7. I don’t worry that someone will come to trouble me if I kill such a few pawns.
"At present, the score is 1:1. It’s good to see through my hypnosis, so let’s decide the game of life and death." Kunsha 7 took the magnetic pulse gun from Qiqi next to him and needed a chip pad to aim it at the opposite Zhang Lan’s head. "Tired of playing with dice, do you bet that I will kill you? You win and let you live. "
"I bet you don’t dare to shoot." Facing the gun, Zhang Lan was calm.
"What? In my eyes, you are a worm. "Kunsha 7 smiled.
"I saved Illidan’s life so that I can get into the position of commander as soon as I enter the army. You should know that Illiane will become a princess. She owes me her life and I will die before I have a chance to pay it back. Are you used to wearing princess shoes?"
Zhang Lan puts facts and makes sense, constantly adding weight to Kunsha 7 trigger and letting him pull it. "Is the current chairman of Anle Pavilion still an elderly person? In fact, when the agreement was signed, he always wanted me to join me. Today, he took the initiative to come and seek cooperation, but you killed me. Are you used to wearing little shoes from your boss? "
"You and I will be afraid? Take it. Who do you want to talk about? Is the Jade Emperor your uncle Jesus Christ or your sworn brother? " Kunsha 7 sneer at a way
"Besides, do you want to do something bigger together?" Zhang LAN asked with his hands in his trouser pockets.
"bigger? How big can it be? "
"In two months, I have to rush to the position of commander-in-chief of the Wolf-greedy, Pojun and Seven Killers to become a man in charge of the military force in Xiaoyao City. I have a backer, and you have the funds. Once it is done, you can get benefits far more than funding a deputy general manager to compete for the regional president. Otherwise, there is no regulatory violence." Zhang Lan pulled up the sponsorship.
"2 months? Commander-in-chief? Are you kidding? " Kunsha 7 really laughed. "Do you know how many centurions are in the whole happy city like you? Now the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces-the scorching sun fought in the battlefield for three battles and played hundreds of murders. What makes you superimposed on the mountain? "
"With your brain, you can choose not to believe or gun. The only result is that I have to kill you and then it is more difficult to execute it, just as you think killing us is so-called. It’s nothing for us to kill you. I’m familiar with the old man. Maybe I can take your place?" Zhang Lan’s confident expression really made Kunsha 7 fingers bend.
It is clear to his boss, Kunsha 7, an elderly man in Anle, that he is a master who cherishes materials, and spends a lot of money to dig management talents in 7 regimental headquarters every year.
Zhang Lan obtained the qualification to let the elderly in Anle personally sign the agreement as early as 16 years ago, which shows that his boss takes this small thing seriously.